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  1. Cappy

    Famous Pipe Smoker Died on this Day in 1963

    His name was CS Lewis. Aldous Huxley died on the same day. There was another famous man who died that day but his name slips my mind. ;)
  2. Cappy

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2021?***

    Boston 1776 in Smio Satou. Sweet smoke.
  3. Cappy

    WTB: Robert McConnell Scottish Flake 11/19/21

    Anyone have some Scottish Flake you’re willing to offload?
  4. Cappy

    Dilemma of Piping Decisions: Tobacco vs Pipe

    False dichotomy on which I refuse cogitation.
  5. Cappy

    New (Cheap) Lighter Day

    I have it both ways. I have two premium lighters, SD DuPont and Kiribi. Love them both. I have some Djeep ones in the drawer in the unlikely event that both of my other lighters are no functioning.
  6. Cappy

    How Many Bowls a Day?

    4-6 a week.
  7. Cappy

    An AHA Moment

    My aha moment is to make sure it’s dry enough, pack it, and touch fire to it. Smoking it without lighting it is like smoking bubblegum cigarettes. No offense intended.
  8. Cappy


    Always been great service for me.
  9. Cappy

    What Blend did your Grandfather Smoke?

    Not sure but loved the aroma.
  10. Cappy

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2021?***

    ’03 vintage Best Brown Flake in Ingo Garbe and AWESOME DuPont Lighter purchased from our own Lighter F. Absolutely magical! My first ever bowl to which I could apply that adjective. Just delicious from first light to bottom of the bowl.
  11. Cappy

    Smells Like Perfume!

    You oughta get a whiff of Ennerdale. It‘s like walking into the perfume area of a Dillards.
  12. Cappy

    Bengal Slices White—Tin Note of Dung?

    When the fda outlaws all pipe tobacco, at least we now know we can rub out cow sh!t.
  13. Cappy

    Pet Peeves?

    When the last of the tobacco is burned up in the bottom of the bowl. I just hate that. 😉
  14. Cappy

    First Tobacco You Bought?

    B&M rebranded 1Q. Never bought it again.
  15. Cappy

    [FS/ConUS]: (8) New & Estate Pipes 50% MSRP - Bullfrog, Moretti, Tom Eltang, Scottie Piersel, Meerschaums (11/13/21)

    I’m currently waiting on a bullfrog gumnut commission. Takes about 6 months. Here is one you can get this week.
  16. Cappy

    Learned a Couple of Techniques today. What are some of yours?

    The most important “technique“ I’ve discovered is drying the tobacco. Dry it more than you think it needs and it’s probably just dry enough.
  17. Cappy

    Tasty aromatics

    I’ve never found an Aro that satisfied. Gave up on them.
  18. Cappy

    My New Arctic Novel Contains Much Pipe-Smoking

    Finished the book. Great read. Some are good writers, others good storytellers, while a rare few are both. Odobenus is both. And what’s not to like about a novel with a dog named Sixten?
  19. Cappy

    How Many Pipes do you Have?

    Fewer than I want and more than I need.