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  1. tuold

    Pipe By Levon Asikyan.

    It's been awhile since I've bought any new pipes so I didn't feel guilty picking up this big beautiful bent egg by Levon Asikyan. I've been smoking it for a week now and I'm addicted! Feels good, look, good and smokes fantastic. Does anyone else have a pipe from this workshop?
  2. tuold

    Gunfire and Theft at Cigar's Intl?

    I lived in Japan for three years where everyone would wear a mask if they had a cold and had to go out. I had no problem doing the same. I've worked most of my adult life manufacturing sterile products wearing masks and also wore masks entering surgical areas at the hospitals I worked for. The...
  3. tuold

    Phillip Trypis Skater

    This is the newest addition to my collection, an unsmoked rusticated skater by the Canadian pipe maker, Phillip Trypis. I just started breaking it in today. I can already tell it's going to be a favorite.
  4. tuold

    UFOs, the Pentagon, and Tin Foil Hats

    My sister-in-law called me one morning after a strange experience she had one night. She had been awoken by people in her room who could walk through walls. She was unable to speak or move as she watched them. While she was on the phone telling me this her daughter came in the room and asked her...
  5. tuold

    Fire And Explosion On The Bonhomme Richard

    Don't fail me again Admiral.
  6. tuold

    Show Us Your First Pipe

    It's an acrylic stem. Yes, my girlfriend was a gem! That's why I married her two years later =) It's been 43 years now.
  7. tuold

    Show Us Your Ugliest Pipes!!!!

    It's a motet by Peter Philips (1575 - 1735) that I've arranged for recorders, "Ne Reminiscaris Domine" I do have some music for organ there =)
  8. tuold

    Show Us Your First Pipe

    This is my first pipe, a Tinder Box "Verona". My girlfriend bought it for me after our high school graduation in 1973. A lot of Captain Black was burned in that pipe! It still smokes fine.
  9. tuold

    US Court of Appeals Unanimously Strikes Down Warning Labels

    Right about the cover up of health effects of smoking but it's not so much the nicotine that is the problem as inhaling the tars and other carcinogenic chemicals in the smoke. You can buy nicotine patches and lozenges online without any warnings or age limitations attached.
  10. tuold

    No Smoking VA Medical Facilities

    I agree that the standards are ridiculous. If I followed the rules at the hospital I worked at I'd be smoking in the middle of the street. Surprisingly, I don't think it's the facilities themselves that are making the rules. They are implementing someone else's. I found a requirement for...
  11. tuold

    No Smoking VA Medical Facilities

    Sure. I'm sure that hospitals get extra federal funding and lower insurance costs by having no smoking policies. That's why there are no longer smoking areas in hospitals. It's all about the bottom line. I'll admit that I really don't have much at stake in this issue. I've never smoked...
  12. tuold

    No Smoking VA Medical Facilities

    I think from a risk management viewpoint you just cannot have people smoke cigarettes in some settings. There's just too much at stake. Smoking is something that is supposed to be a relaxing and pleasurable experience. If it becomes something that is necessary to do at the expense of more...
  13. tuold

    No Smoking VA Medical Facilities

    The addictive properties of nicotine can be a problem in a professional medical setting. I knew an anesthesiologist who frequently stepped out of a case for a smoke break. It was commonplace to see him out on the sidewalk still in scrubs puffing away. Patients were caught sneaking cigarettes...
  14. tuold

    Pipers Who Play

    Recorders and viola da gamba. I'm in a group that meets every Monday morning for a Renaissance jam session.
  15. tuold

    How Do You Reconcile With Pipe Smoking's Health Risks?

    To quote Mark Twain, "...and you never try to find out how much solid comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment a man derives from smoking in the course of a lifetime". Is it worth it? Every individual needs to make that decision.
  16. tuold

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    Whenever I think I'm winning a 45 minute carefully planned battle only to have a giant kraken appear and one shot my entire party can I understand why some wouldn't care for this game. It's just that the story writing, superior voice acting and sometimes truly bizarre situations the player is...
  17. tuold

    Show Us Your Ugliest Pipes!!!!

    Okay, this possibly my ugliest pipe. There are other contenders =) This is an Ebay find I picked up for less than ten bucks. Despite it looking like something scooped off my front lawn, it's a fine smoker. It actually has a fairly good pedigree too, being from Pipe Lon, a well known pipe store...
  18. tuold

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    I'm engrossed in Railroad Empire at the moment. I also enjoy Classic RPGs such as Divinity OS 2, and Pillers of Eternity II. Back in the day, I was all into combat flight simulators but I haven't been able to keep up with the hardware requirements.
  19. tuold

    A Pretty Good Day At The Antique Store

    I hadn't been to my favorite antique store in quite a while, but yesterday I found a large basket there full of pipes! Choosing was difficult but I bought these four as they seemed to be in the best condition. From the top: A pre 1955 Yello Bole A Kirsten A Weber "Wind Pruf" (Don't know when...
  20. tuold

    What Muzak Instrument Do You Play While Piping ?

    My other pipes. Can't really play at the same time as the other pipes!