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  1. jerry

    Peretti's Thanksgiving Day is Available

    Every November 1, Peretti's Thanksgiving Day becomes available. I like it ... you might too!
  2. jerry

    What Do You Think About Ken Byron Blends?

    I am working my way through a bunch of Ken Byron ‘s blends. I really like ‘em. I also like how they’re packaged. Opinions? PS: I smoke them all in Meerschaums. Like my friend, the late Fred Bass, I’m a “Meerschaum Man.”
  3. jerry

    House of Calabash, Back in Business

    I just read a post from Eva Books (daughter of the late Steve Books) on Facebook (under “House of Calabash”) that she will be producing and selling a selection of tobacco blends that her father had created. This is good news for me - I was very fond of Grandfathers Own and For Meerschaums Only...
  4. jerry

    Baki Meerschaums Distributor

    I am not endorsing this business, but I sure do endorse Baki Meerschaums. Deniz Ural, who was the distributor for many years, no longer sells them. Which, in my opinion, is too bad - I always had very positive experiences buying Baki pipes from Deniz. Now, Baki hooked up with a Chinese...
  5. jerry

    House of Calabash/Steven Books, still in business?

    Anyone been in touch recently with House of Calabash - Steven Books? I know the store was closed some time ago.
  6. jerry

    Peretti's No Name, any fans?

    I generally love Peretti's blends, and I've tried many of them. I'm smoking No Name now, and I pretty much like it. I find that its floral, perfumey taste lingers long after the pipe is finished ... and I mean hours after. Is this unusual?
  7. jerry

    Any Steven Books "Match Blends" Suggestions?

    For anyone familiar with Steven Books' FOR MEERSCHAUMS ONLY blend - is there something that is similar to it?
  8. jerry

    House of Calabash, Still In Business?

    I just called the House of Calabash to order some tobacco from Steven Books, and their phone number is no longer in service. Does anyone know what's happening there? I know Mr. Books has many fans of his fine blends. I hope all is well.
  9. jerry

    Halcyon II Experiences?

    Hi. Have you had any experiences with Halcyon II wax on Meerschaums or otherwise?
  10. jerry

    Big Ben Pipe Question - Meerschaum Bowl

    Hi - I've always liked those Big Ben pipes, briar with a meerschaum bowl insert, like a small calabash. Does anyone know if the meerschaum used in these pipes is block, or pressed? Thanks!