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  1. jfred

    Dan Tobacco Salty Dogs/Castello 55

    Thanks for that excellent and entertaining review. I have a fair stash of Salty Dogs and more than a handful of 55s, but until now, I never paired them. I'm going to remedy that for my next smoke. For me there is absolutely nothing wrong with the aesthetics of a 55, and they fit so well in the...
  2. jfred

    Hi from Denmark

    Velkommen fra København :D This is a great forum to learn and find inspiration.
  3. jfred

    Another Italian Pipe Shipment Hit With Customs and Duties Charges.

    Going the other way across the pond, my experience is that 90% of all packages get inspected and taxed. Only the odd package escapes, so I just add a mental 25% to any purchases from US sellers (100% if content is tobacco... sigh).
  4. jfred

    Let's See Your Magnum/House Pipes

    I sure hope so, otherwise I'm doing it all wrong :D
  5. jfred


    Well not quite. But here in Copenhagen I do see someone smoking a pipe in public once or twice per month.
  6. jfred

    Let's See Your Magnum/House Pipes

    Beautiful Morettis, and that Barling is just stunning. Here's my biggest one. A Castello dublin in le dune finish. The last picture is next to a standard size model 55 for size comparison.
  7. jfred

    This Ever Happen to You? USPS

    I had a package going from the US to Copenhagen, Denmark (where I live), after arriving in Denmark it was forwarded to Tokyo (!) where apparantly it was rejected by japanese customs and returned to sender in the US... Second round went just fine :)
  8. jfred

    Castello 55

    That is interesting. I now checked the stamping on a shape 16, I just received from Bolito, and it also has the same stamp. With a closer look it seems more like B15 to me though.
  9. jfred

    What Is So Great About Castellos

    @lukasstrifeson; that's a great looking pair! I have the same shape in a fume top sea rock finish. A wonderful smoker.
  10. jfred

    Castello 55

    Congratulations with the 55, they are great smokers. The letter is usually a stamp for the shop from where it was originally sold. There is a good list here (it has the "B" though not the "45"):
  11. jfred

    Another Long and Lean BBB Silver grain

    Very nice, classy looking pipe. Congratulations.
  12. jfred

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (July 2019)

    Fayyum Kake in a Mastro Beraldi lumberman.
  13. jfred Forum is Just Plain Fun!

    Me? 100% unabashed Showoff.
  14. jfred

    My First "Nice" Pipe

    That really is a good looking pipe. Congratulations.
  15. jfred

    The NPod Castello Opera 44 Collection

    I'm lost for words. That is a mind blowing collection. In fact, I think I will stop calling mine a collection for now… 8O :worship:
  16. jfred

    New member from Sweden

    Välkommen from neighbouring Denmark. If you like 'heavier stuff', I would also recommend trying Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired, which should be easy to find in Sweden. I really enjoyed that (and still do) as one of the first stronger blends I tried.
  17. jfred

    What Is So Great About Castellos

    My goodness, sablebrush, that Occhio di Pernice is out of this world! Does it have a "k" grading? If so I'm guessing it must be 4k. I own 4 Occhios, 1 "k" and 3 "kk", and they are beautiful, but the birdseye on this one is just on another level.
  18. jfred

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (June 2019)

    Peterson Irish Flake in a Becker & Musico silver spigot sandblasted bulldog.
  19. jfred

    What Is So Great About Castellos

    What got me into Castellos in the first place, was the great reviews they mostly receive and a good availability in my local B&M. I had my first Castello early in my pipe smoking journey, so the open draw feels natural to me. I also really like most of their shapes and finishes, and I just love...
  20. jfred

    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?

    Here's mine. A Briarworks that I'm very happy with. I do mostly hold it in my hand when smoking, which I guess defeats the purpose of the shape a bit.