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  1. jerry

    Show Off Your Meerschaum Pipes Here!

    An Arne Urup in the foreground. A Bekler in the background.
  2. jerry

    What Are You Listening To? ~ Nov. 2021

    Zappa - Absolutely Free
  3. jerry

    Happy Thanksgiving And Safe Travels To All!

    May your day be happy and meaningful.
  4. jerry

    What Time of Day do you Enjoy your Pipe the Most?

    6:00 AM and 4:00 PM most days.
  5. jerry

    Which Blend Do You Wish You Bought More Of Before It Disappeared?

    Steven Books’ “House of Calabash” blends, especially “For Meerschaums Only“ - very pricey, but oh so good!
  6. jerry

    What Blend did your Grandfather Smoke?

    My paternal grandfather smoked cheap cigars. I never knew my maternal grandfather, but my mom smoked cigarettes (I’m not sure of the brand). I started smoking pipes around 16/17 years old, and my parents did not object.
  7. jerry

    How Many Bowls a Day?

    Most days two, one with morning coffee, the other with afternoon coffee. When traveling, zero.
  8. jerry

    How Many Pipes do you Have?

    24 meerschaums and one briar.
  9. jerry

    AKB Meerschaum: Someone School Me

    Yes, me! I have, or have had, meers from many different carvers, over almost 50 years of collecting. Every meerschaum pipe is unique, with many factors that determine whether it’s a keeper, or not. In my own experience, there are some Beklers that are stellar, and other Beklers that aren’t so...
  10. jerry

    A Good Word for a Musical Instrument Source

    Sweetwater is excellent. So is Elderly Instruments in MI.
  11. jerry

    Greetings from TheMerryPipester

    Hello and welcome from Western Mass. I also fancy Meerschaums, especially those crafted by F. Baki.
  12. jerry

    Peretti's Thanksgiving Day is Available

    Every November 1, Peretti's Thanksgiving Day becomes available. I like it ... you might too!
  13. jerry

    Your Favorite 4 Wilke Blends

    I'm going to say: 1. 8th Street (a nostalgic experience for me, I used to smoke it in the 1960's). 2. Surbrug Crystal Palace. 3. Number 191. And 4. The latest entry: Peanut Butter and Chocolate!
  14. jerry

    Your Favorite 4 Wilke Blends

    I’ve been smoking them for years, and there are just too many that I would recommend. Perhaps give John a call, and have a discussion.
  15. jerry

    Meerschaum Colouring Unusually

    Every meerschaum colors in its own way. That, to me, is part of the fun of smoking them! It's like Mr. Gump's box of chocolates.
  16. jerry

    Storing Ken Byron Blends

    I have a bunch of them. I leave them in the bags. I have not noticed any problems with those I’ve had over a year or two.
  17. jerry

    What to Look For in a Meerschaum.

    I have never been disappointed with meerschaums crafted by F. Baki.
  18. jerry

    First Tobacco You Bought?

    It was a pouch of Borkum Riff. 1969. Teaneck, NJ. No, I do not smoke it now.
  19. jerry

    Watch City 4-Q

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it!
  20. jerry

    Finally .... Changes for in October 2021

    I'd like to add my gratitude and appreciation for your work, Kevin.