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  1. unkleyoda

    Horrible Gurgling Pipes

    I acquired a beautiful pipe set and stand the other day, but the gurgle horribly. I'll probably just use as a display piece.
  2. unkleyoda

    Holy Gift In The Mail!! (From A Forum Member)

    The other day, I got a private message from a forum member saying he had a Peterson 03 Silver Capped that he wanted me to have. I asked if I could send him some tobacco or something else, he replied "no thanks". I was speechless. I open the box that arrived yesterday and was totally blown away...
  3. unkleyoda

    Completed Peterson Twain Collection

    Well, with today's mail call, I was able to complete my Twain collection. When I got my first Mark Twain Peterson, I knew i had to have all the finishes that they offered the bent pipes in. The pokers are just a bonus, I have no plans to search for those. So here it is: 2 smooth boxed (1...
  4. unkleyoda

    Bengal Slices

    I really enjoy Bengal Slices. I smoke them periodically, but not all the time because they are very rich. Are there other blends out there that are English mixtures with an anise/licorice top note? I know about Fusilier's Ration, already. I'm not looking for a full on aromatic, but something...
  5. unkleyoda

    Peterson Pipes Has A New Owner.....

    Top story on Smoking Pipes Europe Facebook page.
  6. unkleyoda

    Peterson Irish Flake

    I was enjoying a few bowls of Irish Flake last night and was wondering which is more similar to IF, HH Bold Kentucky or HH Old Dark Fired? I realize that Irish Flake is its own beast, but in your estimations, which one is the closest? Actually, any others similar? I know K&K are making the...
  7. unkleyoda

    Bengal Slices In Stock....

    If anyone cares, Bengal Slices are in stock at P&C.
  8. unkleyoda

    Frog Morton In Stock

    Frog Morton is in stock at SPC. Limit 25 tins.
  9. unkleyoda

    Anybody Still Make Painted Tins?

    Are there any companies still making tobacco tins that are painted or printed right on the tin, rather than the stickers used for labeling now?
  10. unkleyoda

    Bengal Slices In Stock....

    At tobacco pipes dot com.
  11. unkleyoda

    Tobacco Storage Question

    I just bought a one pound tin of Mac Baren The Solent Mixture. It came a 'tube' like the one in the picture. I don't know the age on it. Should I open it and store the tobacco in jars, or leave it in the tube? Realistically I would be popping it anyway, to smoke it, in 12-18 months. Should I...
  12. unkleyoda

    Rattray's Exotic Orange....

    Is in stock at Smoking Pipes! I just snagged 2, I hope they live up to the hype.
  13. unkleyoda

    A Touching Japanese Short Film.

    A touching Japanese short film, that actually involves pipe smoking. Link
  14. unkleyoda

    I Just Got a Tin of Bengal Slices

    I was browsing a retailer the other day, and it popped up on their page that they had Bengal Slices in stock. So, I had to get some. It just showed up today. I probably won't smoke them for a bit, as it's sooooo cold here. It's been below 0F for weeks. I want to give it a relaxed try. But I can...
  15. unkleyoda

    Flake Tobacco in Square Tins

    What flakes are still in square/rectangle tins? I know Samuel Gawith and GH are. I think Mac Baren is, but not sure. I know STG/Orlik is not (Dunhill, Orlik, Peterson) I just bought a tin of Silem's Commodore Flake, it is not. Rattray's? Any other square tins left? I like them more than...
  16. unkleyoda

    Issues With P&C......Again

    So, I figured I'd take advantage of P&C's cyber monday sale. Well, the code doesn't work. It just comes back "Promo code CYBER17 is invalid or has expired". Yes, I'm using it correctly, the FIRESIDE code works. The site states that the code is valid until Monday, November 27th and 11:59pm ET...
  17. unkleyoda

    Peterson Hinged Lid

    I just got a Peterson Hinged Lid 106. It's been lightly smoked, and in beautiful shape, barely broken in. My question is this: what is the best way to clean the char and soot on the underside of the lid? Silver polish? Water? I know that cleaning normal tarnish on silver, car wax or silver...
  18. unkleyoda

    SG Squadron Leader With Perique

    Well, I took some Squadron Leader and added some perique, and it is amazing. I know that a few years back, SG did 2000 tins of SL with perique, apparently the original recipe, well I wasn't smoking pipe then, and have not tried it. I've always thought SL was good, but sometimes it leaves me a...
  19. unkleyoda

    Meerschaum Bowl Replacement Question

    I bought an old gourd calabash pipe at an estate sell earlier this spring. The meerschaum bowl has a crack that runs from the rim all the way to the draft hole. It stays together okay, but is very fragile. So I figured I'll replace the bowl. I took it out and measured it, and it is 38.3mm at the...
  20. unkleyoda

    Flavor from my pipe seems dull

    I got an estate pipe thrown in on a purchase I made. It's a briar, bent billiard. The stamp says "Benton" on it. It smokes very well, dry, and really just ash at the end. But the 2 bowls I had out of it were blah, not bad, just kind of muted in flavor. Why? I tried two different tobaccos I know...