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  1. fadingdaylight

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2017)

    ODF in Pony Express on lunch
  2. fadingdaylight

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2017)

    Getting this hazy Tuesday started off right with Gaslight in a Royal Soveriegn billiard, very strong coffee and some more Horrible Crowes...
  3. fadingdaylight

    First Attempt at a Cutty Pic Heavy

    Outstanding. Nice work!
  4. fadingdaylight

    Aristocob and Smoking Pipes Review From the Noob

    Indeed. A favorite of mine. Those golf tees are great, they cost almost nothing, and come in a bag big enough to scatter them to all of the places I smoke, and still have a few left in the drawer for back up.
  5. fadingdaylight

    How Long Is Long Enough?

    Well, this was fun.
  6. fadingdaylight

    Do You Recommend a 15 Minutes Pipe Smoking Session? :D

    While I agree that it is not the preferred way to enjoy a pipe, there are times when there isn't time. I keep a Missouri Meerschaum Pony Express with me for when I want a short smoke.
  7. fadingdaylight

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2017)

    Starting the work week off with Warhorse in an MM Diplomat, strong coffee on the side and The Horrible Crowes on the radio.
  8. fadingdaylight

    Why Did You Quit Drinking?

    Ah but the concept of addiction goes deeper than the actual consumption. Just because the alcoholic chooses not to drink does not change the fact that they are an addict. Meetings and sobriety do not remove the addiction (the alcoholism), they simply remove the drink. And addiction is...
  9. fadingdaylight

    Why Did You Quit Drinking?

    A started noticing a trend of bad things happening while I was drunk. Not so much my doing, but happening around me. I would wake up the next morning and wonder how all the damage occurred. It all culminated in a long night in jail, and a very nearly ruined military career. After that, I...
  10. fadingdaylight

    STP War Horse, A Review

    Early last week I was working on a rather dull paper for college when my wife asked me to run to the store. As I was walking to my truck I decided to take a peek in the mail, and sure enough there was a box of rather large STP samples from Dan (woodsroad). I decided that, based on other...
  11. fadingdaylight

    Spectre Pipe Blend

    Not long ago I was fortunate enough to try out the Spectre pipe blend. Darin (cobguy) sent me a tin, as well as a tin of Orlick Dark Strong Kentucky, which I will be reviewing soon. Before I get ahead of myself here, I want to mention that I realize my reviews are often lacking when it comes...
  12. fadingdaylight

    Why do you prefer a squat bowl?

    Typically I prefer a larger one, as I like to sit without anything dangling in the water. Those Iraqi squatting bowls are rather uncomfortable...
  13. fadingdaylight

    What's Your Unicorn Blend That Isn't a Unicorn Blend?

    ODF and Gaslight. I don't think I could survive without my ODF.
  14. fadingdaylight

    Favourite First Smoke Of The Day

    Typically, I reach for ODF first. Good vitamin N level to Kickstart the day. Lately though, I find myself going for FVF or Spectre first, depending on what I am drinking that morning.
  15. fadingdaylight

    G.L. Pease Sixpence, A Review

    elbert- you are correct, I ordered some right around the time you posted your review, and man am I glad that I did, this one is definitely getting reordered.
  16. fadingdaylight

    Cast away with one choice.Only one!!

    Another vote for FVF here. If I could only have one. Perhaps ODF.
  17. fadingdaylight

    Strang. What....

    I for one would like to try a blend that tastes like poontang. I wish they would make pointing breathe mints and air fresheners as well, while we're on the subject.
  18. fadingdaylight

    G.L. Pease Sixpence, A Review

    So I have had this tin for about a month now, and it is nearly gone, I guess it is time to share my thoughts on it. First off, I am a fan of the Old London series so far, Gaslight was phenomenal and Sixpence is right up there as well in my book. I still have a tin of Quiet Nights waiting to be...