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  1. Cigar Ash Queen

    Smoked A Special Dunhill Today...

    Hello fellas, today I smoked this very special Dunhill. I have it on good authority that this pipe belonged to Richard Dunhill. It was presented to him on his 50th anniversary with the company. It is a TRH grade, it has a gold band with the dates 1948 to 1998 engraved on it. It also comes in the...
  2. Cigar Ash Queen

    My Former Pipe 🐅

    Hi all! Today I smoked this beauty from Denmark, my Former pipe which I like to call my tiger pipe because it reminds me of tiger stripes🐅 smokes amazing I couldn't get enough of it! And I got ahead of the weekend and had treats today too! 😋 I think that the last picture I have a smoke heart 🧡 😊
  3. Cigar Ash Queen

    Geiger Pipe In Niagara-On-The-Lake 🇨🇦

    Hello fellow pipesmokers! Today I went to Niagara-On-The-Lake I really love it there and I smoked my Geiger pipe. I love this pipe because of the shape and it's so well made, it smokes wonderfully and it's made by a husband and wife so I always love to support women pipemakers.. of course after...
  4. Cigar Ash Queen

    First Cigar Post

    Hi all, funny thing is that my profile name is Cigar Ash Queen and I never posted a thing about cigars here 😂 I mainly joined for pipe discussions because eventhough I have been smoking cigars for 25 years, my main interest shifted to pipes about 8 years ago. Nonetheless, I do know a thing or...
  5. Cigar Ash Queen

    Baldo Baldi Pipe

    Hello, after a heavy workout at the gym I smoke a pipe to relax 😅💨💨💨 this is my Baldo Baldi Pipe, it is very beautiful too and smoked wonderfully, it has a really nice swede pouch... I find that this is the perfect way for me to relax after working all day and after the gym.. 😊
  6. Cigar Ash Queen

    Castellos Again... Collection Fiammata And Collection Occhio Di Pernice & Treats! 🍨🍩🌻

    Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today is treats day for the Queen and her Princess but of course that all goes well with pipes too! I show you today a few more of my Castellos. I smoked outside of one of my local cigar shops and you may notice a "No Smoking" sign right above my...
  7. Cigar Ash Queen

    Today It's Manduela Pipe 😈💜🍇

    Hello everyone! I sure hope you are having a wonderful smokey weekend... I certainly am! Today I'm smoking another pipe made by a talented lady pipemaker, it's a Manduela.. it's got a very beautiful bright lavender stem, with sort of like a tie-die design.. it's very light and smokes...
  8. Cigar Ash Queen

    Today I Am Smoking My Tokutomi Pipe 🍎

    Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you my Tokutomi Pipe from Japan which I like to call my Apple pipe 🍎 this pipe is absolutely gorgeous and amazing! It balances perfectly on its own, it's perfectly light for my clenching, it's smokes so smoothly, it comes in a beautiful soft leather...
  9. Cigar Ash Queen

    Castello OAKK BIL On Vacation

    Hello everyone! This weekend I'm taking a little vacation at a place called Tobermory Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 it's approximately 4hrs away from Toronto, there's lots of nature, boats, beaches, hiking, beautiful sunsets and at night you can see the stars and milky way! All whilst enjoying a pipe...
  10. Cigar Ash Queen

    My Chris Asteriou Strawberry Pipe 🍓

    Hi all! I'm still on a fruit binge😂 this time with strawberries 🍓🍓 this Chris Asteriou starberry pipe is also very nice and can hang out with the castellos cherry and grape pipes! Have a great labor day smoke !
  11. Cigar Ash Queen

    My Grape & Cherry Castellos 🍇🍒

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd share the pipes I'm smoking this weekend and I hope you are all having a wonderful and smokey long weekend! Today I share what I like to call my grape and cherry Castellos because of the beautiful colors on the stems! Check these out and I hope you like them as much...
  12. Cigar Ash Queen

    It's A Castello Today, Great Line Fiammata, Pezzo Unico Collection

    Happy Sunday all! Well... Back to Castello today 😂 this one is big, heavier but I can still clench 😂💨💨 and look at the box that it comes in! It's absolutely gorgeous!!
  13. Cigar Ash Queen

    Today I Show My Anne Julie Pipe

    Happy weekend everyone! Today I have to show you my Anne Julie pipe it's called Lady and footstool... Perfect for me since I'm the Queen 😉😂 This pipe is a masterpiece! A work of art, very erotic too with the shape of a woman's legs, it's feminine, perfect for the ladies in case there are any...
  14. Cigar Ash Queen

    Danish Estate Jess Chonowitsch Smooth Pot With Mammoth

    Hi all! I know I usually show Castellos but today I wanted to show you my Danish Estate Jess Chonowitsch smooth pot with mammoth.. I love it! It's very comfortable, smokes amazing and very light / good for travel... On another note, I don't know if it's just because I'm Canadian, you can tell me...
  15. Cigar Ash Queen

    Castello KKKK Old Antiquari - Here Is Another One In My Collection

    Hi all, hope you are having a great day! Just showing another one of my Castellos which I'm enjoying today! This one I love because it's all black, so sleek, so smooth, it reminds me of a little 8-ball! Did I mention I love Castellos? 😹😹😹 Just kidding.. have a great smokey weekend!
  16. Cigar Ash Queen

    This Castello Is The Color Of My Skin Or The Color Of My Cat's Fur...

    Hello all, I wanted to show you another one of my Castellos... This one I find the color of the bowl so special! It's like my skin color and close to one of my cat's fur color too.. Also what I love about this one is that if you look closely, it has a subtle purple cast to the stem.. I love...
  17. Cigar Ash Queen

    White Stem Castello.. Sea Rock KK Model

    Hello again, wanted to show another one of my Castello pipes, this one has a white stem. I just have to watch my lipstick with this one! 😅. It's very beautiful and like all my other Castellos, it smokes amazingly.. I hope everyone is having a smokey weekend!
  18. Cigar Ash Queen

    Two Canucks Smoking again 🇨🇦 Queen has two other Red Pipes, Castello with Diamond & Dunhill

    I can't remember which pipe @bassbug was smoking but he can tell us here! Sorry bad memory 😔 but we sure keep it smokey at the parks in Toronto! I thought of smoking these today because of my other discussion about red pipes in which they were brought up... Happy smokes everybody! Oh and btw, I...
  19. Cigar Ash Queen

    Queen Has Another Castello 🤭

    Queen can't get enough of these Castellos... Hope you don't mind if I post more of my collection but I do like to say they are quite magnificent! Can't go wrong with a beautiful scenery, great weather and a Castello after lunch if I do say so myself...
  20. Cigar Ash Queen

    Queen & Bassbug Tie & Pipes - Smoking Castello Collection Great Line Fiammata Bent Dublin With Silver (1982)

    Here we are again in Toronto 🇨🇦 smoking away at the park. @bassbug is enjoying his Peterson Pre-Republic 307 and Queen enjoying her other Castello and we have a blue tie theme going today... Happy smokes everyone!