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  1. briarfriar

    News Story About New Pipe Factory

    Musician Pete Provost now makes pipes in Tennessee. Read all about it here.
  2. briarfriar

    Evelyn Waugh: One of Literature's Great Smokers

    "Smoke Signals, or the Biography of a Smoker" is a nicely written essay with plenty of photos of Evelyn Waugh with his pipes and cigars. Read all about it here. Jay
  3. briarfriar

    Smoking Coltsfoot?

    More Masonic history involving pipes records the smoking of coltsfoot. Two hundred years ago, there was a Freemason who proved to be vital to the success of the new United Grand Lodge of England. A book I’ve come across says Peter Gilkes “was a great smoker, and averaged thirty pipes of tobacco...
  4. briarfriar

    1839 Book Claims Urine was Used in Tobacco

    If you read enough, you learn things you didn't want to know. A book from 1839 titled "A Paper: Of Tobacco--Treating of the Rise, Progress, Pleasures, and Advantages of Smoking, with Anecdotes of Distinguished Smokers," by the improbably named Joseph Fume, offers the following: This actually...
  5. briarfriar

    My L.J. Peretti Haul

    My haul from a visit to L.J. Peretti in Boston, USA last week: An ounce each of various English, Balkan, Oriental, and Cavendish mixtures. A very special shop. You can tell by the aroma that greets you upon entering.
  6. briarfriar

    The Pipe Den's Sue Marshbanks Dies in Crash

    The wife of The Pipe Den’s owner was killed in a car accident on the eve of their golden wedding anniversary. Read all about it here.
  7. briarfriar

    Masonic Lodge Bans Cigars

    On November 19, 1799, Independent Royal Arch Lodge 2 of Free and Accepted Masons, meeting at 87 Nassau Street in Manhattan, banned the smoking of cigars “under any pretense whatever” in lodge. No mention of pipes! This lodge remains very much at labor, and will reach its 261st anniversary this...
  8. briarfriar

    One Doctor Explains What Not To Do

    Read all about it here.
  9. briarfriar

    Archaeology of Clay Pipes in Virginia

    Read all about it here.
  10. briarfriar

    Gawith Hoggarth’s New YouTube Channel

    Two videos posted thus far. Click here.
  11. briarfriar

    B&M Opens in Old Town Alexandria

    If you’re familiar with Old Virginia Tobacco Co., there’s a new store on King Street in Alexandria, and it sounds like a beauty. News story here.
  12. briarfriar

    Nat Sherman Returns as Metropolitan

    I didn’t see anyone mention this yet, but it seems the tinned Nat Sherman mixtures have a new life under the brand name Metropolitan. I don’t know who makes them.
  13. briarfriar

    Tommy Lascelles’ Potato

    If you watched previous seasons of “The Crown” on Netflix, you might have noticed Tommy Lascelles, who served as Private Secretary to several monarchs. In his diaries, he mentions this tobacco storage tip.
  14. briarfriar

    University of Chicago: Study of Smoking in Pre-Colonization North America

    The study can be read here, but a press release from the university should suffice. Click here. Excerpted: The study looked at two pipes — one from the period before indigenous people had contact with Euro-Americans and one from after. The post-contact pipe dates to around the end of the 18th...
  15. briarfriar

    U.S. Department of Defense Regulations on Tobacco Sales Get Tough

    Read all about it here.
  16. briarfriar

    Icosahedron Shape Bowl!

    It's possible the pipe on top has been sold already, but these beauties were available from LJ Peretti. An icosahedron is a 20-sided Platonic Solid. Made by Nick Johnson. $300 each. (I have no connection to any sale of any pipe.)
  17. briarfriar

    County in NY Seeks Smoking Ban in Private Homes

    Hardly surprising. Local news here. National Review here.
  18. briarfriar

    St. Cloud, Minnesota Shop to Close

    Not in my neck of the woods, but an interesting business. Click here.