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  1. onepyrotec

    My Latest PAD

    Other than having a case of PAD I have no excuses. I picked up a couple of Ebay unknowns last week for some unknown reason. :lol: First to arrive is an unknown metal pipe. I have never had one but it caught my eye. I have already contacted R.Santia t make a replacement cob bowl for it and it...
  2. onepyrotec

    Dracula 999 Before And After

    Many thanks to Ryan - Lonestar for taking the time several months ago to modify my Dracula 999 for me. Since Peterson did not offer this model blasted, there was only one way to get it...make it. I just got done (finally) staining it and hitting it with the buffer. IMHO it turned out pretty...
  3. onepyrotec


    Does anyone have any of the old PBS VHS tapes of MATINEE AT THE BIJOU that they would be willing to trade-sell-loan? Please send a PM if you have the tapes...I'll make it well worth your while. I saw the full set of tapes listed on EBAY once and failed to bid on it. Still kicking myself all...
  4. onepyrotec

    Tell Me What This Tobacco Is

    I'm looking for a few brave souls who really know their tobaccos and are up for a challenge. I have a handful of tobaccos (6) that I have no idea what they are and want to see if a few different pipers can try them and see if they can come to a conclusion on what they might be. These tobaccos...
  5. onepyrotec

    Three Nuns & Last Known Perique

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, I have looked and did not find the answer I'm looking for. After reading Kevin's blog (several times) I am left with the same question. Kevin concluded that he was given a tin of Three Nuns from 1998 that still contained Perique in the blend. My...
  6. onepyrotec

    Happy Cob Tuesday

    Smoking my favorite cob today with Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River.
  7. onepyrotec

    Halcyon II Wax ?

    This question is for anyone who has purchased the Halcyon II wax. How full of the solution is the jar when new? The new jar I purchased is just over half full. Is this normal? I sent an email to the seller last week, but have yet to hear back.
  8. onepyrotec

    More Praise For Norwood Pipe Repair

    I can't say enough good about Norwood Pipe Repair. After the last work I had done, it was a no questions asked that I'm a customer for life. The speed & quality of the service is second to none. I had an old figural briar that had a broken bone screw and missing amber stem. The pipe isn't...
  9. onepyrotec

    B.F Paris ~ Thoughts & Opinions Please

    I'm just curious if anyone has any type of information on this pipe & maker. I'm also thinking about having a new stem cut for it so thoughts & opinions on type of stem, short - medium - long, and what color would look "right" for it.
  10. onepyrotec

    What are You Smoking? February 1, 2014

    Opened a pouch of John Bull Royal English and loaded up a MM MacArthur cob. :puffy:
  11. onepyrotec

    A Little More Bragging From A Proud Papa

    I'm not sure if anyone remembers or if I even mentioned last year when my youngest daughter won the title of Miss Douglas County Outstanding Teen...which is the teen division of the Miss America organization. Last week her term of service was up and she had to crown this year's winner for...
  12. onepyrotec

    Rocky Mountain Air Purifier

    Has anyone ever used a Rocky Mountain Air Purifier? I'm just curious if they are as good as they sound. :-) I was going to purchase a CT-500 smoke eater from, but they are having supply issues so I opted for the SUMMIT model from Rocky Mountain Air which should give decent...
  13. onepyrotec

    Thank You Santa's Helper

    I'd like to give a quick & heart felt thank you to my Santa's Little Helper from Canada. :D Although I didn't sign up for the "Secret Santa" I came home from a 20 day work trip to find a tin of Klondike Gold & nice card sitting on my desk waiting for me. Thank you!
  14. onepyrotec

    I Was Caught Off Guard Today

    I was caught completely off guard today and my mailbox exploded from some totally unexpected packages. I will leave names out but have thanked the gentlemen responsible privately. Little backs story...I woke up Wed. morning to find out a pipe broke between the walls in the that...
  15. onepyrotec

    D.I.Y. Stem Repair

    Question for the D.I.Y. guys/gals. For anyone who has repaired a hole in a stem, what did you use and did it end up matching when finished? I did my first hole repair after a nasty bite through when I hit a bump while driving and clenching the pipe in my teeth. It is functional but does not...
  16. onepyrotec

    Removed Oxidation and Polished ~ Picture Heavy

    I spent the afternoon today polishing pipes & stems that I had removed the oxidation from. For various reasons I did leave some flaws in both pipes & stems on occasion. I really wish I would have taken a few more "BEFORE" pictures and had better lighting. IMHO the pictures don't tell the...
  17. onepyrotec

    Few Estate Pipes W/Question

    I picked up these little pipes & rack today when I stopped in to see my friend who owns an antique consignment shop. Left to right is a little Yelo-Bole that needs a bit of polishing, a little Peterson that needs minor stem polishing, and a Sir Allred that needs minor stem polishing. Question...
  18. onepyrotec

    Peterson Dracula question

    Simple question for those who know the "Dracula" line of Peterson pipes. Was the 999 model ever made in the sandblast version or only smooth? T.I.A.
  19. onepyrotec

    Norwood Pipe Repair

    I cannot let this happen about Norwood Pipe Repair without saying anything about it. I have a Meerschaum pipe which I just purchased that I wanted a gold band placed on the end of the shank. The pipe didn't seemed finished to me without it. Anyhow, I mailed it to Norwood last Friday before I...
  20. onepyrotec

    PAD has a Death Grip

    I was looking to have Mr. Baki carve something for me, then Deniz URAL showed me this pipe. There was only one thing left to do once I realized it was nicer than what I wanted to begin with. :puffy: