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  1. lraisch

    WTT, Hearty English Blends for Lighter Fare (08-02-21)

    I have a number of tins that I would like to swap for blends such as Rattray's Professional or Seven reserve or Samuel Gawith's Squadron Leader. All of these are aged tins and in sealed/new condition. (I also have a couple of assorted open tins with one or two bowls removed if anyone is...
  2. lraisch

    Smoke Rings

    An old observation. Bad men want their women to be like cigarettes, just so many all slender and trim in a case waiting in a row to be selected, set aflame and when their flame has died discarded. More fastidious men prefer women like cigars, these are more exclusive, look better and last...
  3. lraisch

    Schulte's Pipes

    I wonder if anyone else remembers Schulte's pipe shop from Milburn, NJ? They made their own pipes in the store and had hundreds on display and in drawers and boxes at any time. I believe Max was the owners son, who moved to Florida after they closed and became the official Dunhill repair...
  4. lraisch


    I wore my uniform when we were married and my wife has long lamented that she never saw me in a tux. I warned her that it would just be me, in a tux, and not James Bond. Nevertheless, I booked us into a romantic getaway and rented a tux. She has also insisted that I should get a Dress finish...
  5. lraisch

    Royal Twist

    I acquired a box of some assorted old tins a few years ago. Out of the dozen or so in the box were two that I was curious about, but I had no idea of their age or condition. Unfortunately, they all seemed to have been stored badly and were rusted or otherwise compromised. I left the box in the...
  6. lraisch

    My favorite blend

  7. lraisch

    Exploding tobacco

    I have had a number of tins of aged tobacco exhibit noticeable swelling and emit a satisfying woosh when opened, but I never had one pop with such force before! I opened a tin of 18 year old Rattray's 7 Reserve (which is one of my favorites) and saw that the top was swollen but I was startled to...
  8. lraisch

    Question about an Ebay seller

    Has anyone had any experience with an Ebay seller called Great-Estate-Pipes? They currently have a Caminetto listed as an early production piece, but I question that description. While I am no expert, the logo on the stem and the stamping does not correspond with the pipes that I bought new...
  9. lraisch

    Rust never sleeps

    I bought a group of old (20-30 years)tins from a seller on Fleabay. These were listed as no return and several clearly showed some rust in the accompanying picture. However, the ones I was interested in appeared to be in reasonable condition. No such luck. Several tins had obviously been opened...
  10. lraisch

    Did I succumb to TAD?

    I've been laid up at home all month and finally had surgery last week. During all of that time I tried to keep busy, but inevitably found myself reading the forums and following the auction sites where an amazing number of classic old blends have been appearing. The prices that some of these...
  11. lraisch

    How can anyone resist?

    Another Ebay find...
  12. lraisch

    Old Tinderbox Blends

    Does anyone else have fond memories of some of the old English and Balkan style blends from the Tinderbox? I was a regular there, years ago when their stores were more common. I smoked their Burley #2 blend as my mainstay but for Christmas or other occasion my wife would treat me to one of the...
  13. lraisch

    The Hucksters

    An interesting pipe sighting in a movie I was watching tonight. In post WW2 America, Clark Gable is an advertising man who volunteers to speak to a society matron and convince her to endorse his clients product. On his way out the door he grabs a pipe from a rack and says "I'll take a pipe...
  14. lraisch

    A quiet evening

    I like to go to the Skagit valley each spring to take pictures of the tulip fields, but as it was raining so hard this evening I decided to do a still life instead.
  15. lraisch

    Ebay seller

    I wanted to bring this site to your attention. This seller has apparently acquired some old stock from Schulte's pipe store, an old time tobacconist that was located in Maplewood, NJ for many years. I have three of...