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  1. orlandofurioso

    Castello Early Production Question

    Folks, Could some one enlighten me ; when did Castello ( established 1947 ) switch from ebonite stems with an ivory inlaid bar to Acrylic ones with the acrylic bar ? Much obliged :)
  2. orlandofurioso

    Grenci Pipes

    Greetings to you all ! Is there a way to distinguish the Domenico pipes from the Vincenzo ones ? The nomenclature looks to be about the same.
  3. orlandofurioso

    Carnauba Wax

    Friends, Just recently I purchased one of these to try out : One of many trail and errors to find out what works best for me and my pipes . I'm full well aware so much has been said about carnauba wax before. Yet...
  4. orlandofurioso

    Dunhill White Dot Size Through The Decades

    Friends, It deprives me from my sleep ; is there a webpage, -site ( whatever ) that gives a clear insight regarding the different sizes of the Dunhill white dot ? I own Dunhills from aprox. the same period showing differences in dot size. I appreciate them being hand drilled etc. but that does...
  5. orlandofurioso

    Mappin&Webb Pipes

    Dear friends, Someone offers two Mappin&Webb pipes for sale. M&W are London jewellers and I cannot find info whatsoever about the firm selling pipes. Any educated guesses would be appreciated .
  6. orlandofurioso

    J. Samuel Weingott " The Making Of a Pipe" . Interview by Frederick A. Talbot . The Windsor Magazine 1899

    To whom it may concern : Also :
  7. orlandofurioso

    Stem Logo Restoration

    It is just a triviality, but I felt like sharing :) Suppose you restored the stem logo of your pipe by filling it with whatever material. Like liquid paper, Crayola etc. and it just looks too white and you feel like giving it an extra touch to make it look a little more "seasoned " , or...
  8. orlandofurioso

    Tsuge Pipe Shank Repair

    Gentle folks, This is a lovely 1979 C graded Stuge Ikebana . The acryl shank extension looks to be nibbled by mice :) If so the little critters chipped off quite some . I contemplate filling the damage with CA glue, or epoxy resin. UV light might eventually cause some yellowing. Please share...
  9. orlandofurioso

    Acrylic Pipe Stem Cleaning With Baking Soda

    Greetings to you all, We are full well aware ( are we ? ) that cleaning acrylic pipe stems with alcohol is not agreeable. How about a paste from baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate ) and water on a pipe cleaner ? Please share your opinions .
  10. orlandofurioso

    G. Huybrecht Pipe

    This is an UNSMOKED G. Huybrecht London Castle pipe and it is on its way to me. I'm so very, very chuffed .
  11. orlandofurioso

    Help Dating a Dunhill Pipe Rack

    Dear friends, The little notch headed brass screws neatly tightened in the same horizontal position and the lovely ivorine ( celluloid ) looking Alfred Dunhill LTD. inlay . I liked it so much I could not refrain. My gut feeling tells me it is from the thirties,but this could be wishful thinking...
  12. orlandofurioso

    Sasieni Patent Eight Dot "Haslemere" Pipe.

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) This very legit Sasieni patent was shipped to me by Jud. She did not come mean, but I suspected so much potential. Gents was I right, she's now halfway the clean up and already so outstandingly pretty : Original stem, no tooth marks, moderate...
  13. orlandofurioso

    Barling 1903 Bulldog

    Barling 1903 bulldog : Isn't she lovely ? Please share your educated and appreciated thoughts.
  14. orlandofurioso

    Barling's Make Quiant Pipe

    Just recently sold on Ebay for $415,00 : Just out of my reach
  15. orlandofurioso

    Cased Barling's make YOW straight prince with silver band

    My most recent acquisition is this cased Barling's make YOW prince, made for "Finlay & Co LTD " The silver date letter is so faint, it is near to unreadable. Maybe some of you experts ( Jesse ? ) can help me a little, while I'm awaiting the ordered (much better than the current one )...
  16. orlandofurioso

    Dunhill Pipes Without a Date Code

    Dear friends, Meanwhile I treasure a few Dunnies ( from their better period ) that are not stamped with a date code, or suffix number. Amongst them is a 365 Shell, I mentioned before in a different post, with an original so called twin bore mouthpiece. Who can enlighten me ? The dating of...
  17. orlandofurioso

    BBB HM Queen Victoria carved pipe

    Dear friends, As it happened I'm the very lucky winner of this BBB pipe :
  18. orlandofurioso

    Dunhill bowl height

    Dear friends, For this New Year I wish you all the very best ! Just recently I acquired this Dunhill Root 41032 pipe , imho it is in very nice condition and I did not pay too much . I only wonder; the seller described the bowl height to be 45 mm, in real life it appears to be 40-41 mm...
  19. orlandofurioso

    Evolution of the Dunhill White Dot

    Greetings to you all, There is a very nice 1955 Dunhill shell briar for sale on the Bay. The knowledgeable seller claims the mouthpiece is accomodated with an cellulose white dot, so to speak a transiton between the ivory - and the acrylic ones Dunhill introduced in the early sixties. Owning...
  20. orlandofurioso

    Burn marks on the bowl

    A many good morrows to you all ! About burn marks : I know how to deal wirh burn marks on the rim, but how to remove them if they are present on (for instance) the front of the bowl ? We do not want to alter the shape of the pipe, so sanding and filling is possibly not an option on a smooth...