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  1. mcitinner1

    Has Ebay Shut Down the Selling of Sealed Tins?

    I haven't been around much. I didn't find anything when I searched here or on the Bay.
  2. mcitinner1

    Member List

    I'm learning how to use the new website still. What magic click is needed to see the full list of member names please. 😕
  3. mcitinner1

    First Time On New Site

    No comments yet. Just want to know where to log out.
  4. mcitinner1

    Is Dunhill Really Going to Stop All Tobacco Production?

    I know that everyone has said Dunhill is stopping production, and I see that several of the blends are unavailable online, but some of them are still very available. I've been buying Dark Flake to stock up.
  5. mcitinner1

    Woke Up to the Third Snow of the Season

    Just 4 inches. Not much compared to a lot of you guys, but already the 3rd snow this month. Here 30 miles west of St Louis we don't have winters like we used to. Not since the winter of 81/82 when we had 20 inches in one day. It's Black Frigate and coffee for breakfast.
  6. mcitinner1

    Another Ebay Account Hack?

    While waiting for a buyer based in Italy, to pay for a tin of 40th, I noticed that the address shown in the details was in Michigan. I messaged her to see if I needed to reimburse some of the shipping fee, and she replied that the Michigan address was wrong, and she lived in Italy. She is...
  7. mcitinner1

    I Used to Post Pictures - Now I Can't

    Using the instructions Al has put up in the sticky, when I right click for the drop down menu, I'm SUPPOSED TO GET, "copy image location", but that option is NOT THERE. Like my title says, I used to do this all the time. I don't want to start using Imgur or any other picture posting/storage service.
  8. mcitinner1

    Dash Cams

    I've been researching dash cams and watching YouTube video from dash cams, for weeks. I just pulled the trigger on one finally, and I don't want to go into what brand you think is best, I would just like to hear about your experiences with your dash cams, if you have them.
  9. mcitinner1

    Haven't Heard From Jay For A While??

    I wasn't here much for a couple of weeks because of the kidney stone thing, so I'm wondering if you all know what's happening with Jay? mawnansmiff...
  10. mcitinner1

    My Carter Hall Has Been Perfect Lately

    I had a large kidney stone removed, and then my prostate reamed out on 12/21, so lately I haven't felt like smoking much, and when I do, it's been a quick bowl. My tub of Carter Hall is usually what I reached for, and it has been great for me. :puffy:
  11. mcitinner1

    In the News

    With yet another hideous mass shooting today, I'm coming to realize I don't want to look at the news anymore. I have never thought of myself as a wimpy person. Actually kind of gruff and curmudgeonly. But for quite a while now, when I see these shootings or bombings reported online, I get a...
  12. mcitinner1

    @ Blend Tobak, Russ When Will Samuel Gawith Blends Be Back In Stock?

    Just wondering when we can expect to see SG blends back available at P&C. I've noticed another sponsor was re-supplied of a hot item twice in the last few weeks.
  13. mcitinner1

    P&C Customer Appreciation Week

    You can't click on the banner... I guess we have to wait for an email?
  14. mcitinner1

    The Word i and the Art of Proper Grammar

    The two do not co-exist. Zen and Rule Nine. The folks typing on phones, are mostly the culprits here I think. :mrgreen: Edit: And now I notice that auto correct, won't let me type a lowercase I in the body of this post. Go figure.
  15. mcitinner1

    Smoking Indoors

    Usually this subject is about guys who smoke outside when the weather isn't too cold. Well this week it's way too HOT. In my area west of St Louis it's been near 100 degrees all week. Thankfully I do most of my smoking indoors anyway. :mrgreen:
  16. mcitinner1


    I see a new member with the name Granger lurking. I wonder if he smokes Granger like I do sometimes. :mrgreen:
  17. mcitinner1

    Smoking Pipes 20% Off Peter Stokkebye

    Email sale.
  18. mcitinner1

    Pipe Babe Katy

    I am quite impressed with this woman's photos on the front page. I wish we had the option to see all of her tattoos. :wink:
  19. mcitinner1

    Challenge: Which is Which

    Today I had a senior moment, again. I opened a 250g box of St James Flake, and three boxes of FVF. Then I put all four of the bags in a vacuum sealed bag. Guess what I forgot to do? Mark the St James. Now my challenge is to open a bag of each and compare them to other opened bags, and try to...
  20. mcitinner1

    What's Good About P&C

    Yesterday P&C started sending apology emails that included a $50 bonus code to use at check out. :clap: