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  1. rcstan

    Dunhill score on the 'bay

    I haven't been eBaying in quite some time but I found this I was expecting the worst, one pic and low BIN price ($85). This is what arrived and I put on the workbench Monday These are post-restoration pics, and it's been smoked a few times. Yes, I took them...
  2. rcstan

    First Peter Heeschen ..... Estate

    I finally upgraded my collection with an estate Peter Heeschen blowfish from SPC. What a wonderful pipe it is! Smokes cool, balances well in the hand. The draw is a bit open for my taste, but manageable. The stem accent has a couple of surface/stress cracks, but they flow with it. No...
  3. rcstan

    My Passat Received a Mortal Wound

    Yesterday afternoon. Parked in the usual spot. 5 minutes after I got back home from work. I usually sit in the car and finish my bowl, but this time I didn't. The black car plowed into the silver car which hit the green Passat that slid half a car's lenght into the Jeep in front ( 1 parking...
  4. rcstan

    My First New Savinelli Trevi 320KS from 4noggins

    .....arrived safely yesterday. It's been a while since I bought a "new" pipe. This is sort of an early birthday present to myself. The chubby Author is one of my new favorite shapes. I have another Sav I bought from SPC as an estate. I ordered 500 g of GH Ennerdale Flake for the cellar. As...
  5. rcstan

    Low Country Pipe and Cigar AKA Visit

    On a short vacation to the coast of SC/NC which ended Thursday, I had the pleasure of visiting Low Country Pipe and Cigar in Little River SC, the storefront for SmokingPipes.Com . Our hotel was literally a few blocks down the road so I paid them two visits in the three days we were in town. The...
  6. rcstan

    BULK Grouse Moor .... No More

    On the 6th of January of this year I have bought from SP what I believed to be their last bulk pound of SG GrouseMoor. Checking the website about a week ago I noticed that GrouseMoor was no longer in their bulk listing. About 15 minutes ago I placed an order for 8 tins of GrouseMoor with Smoking...
  7. rcstan

    Gawith Hoggarth & Co Best Brown #2

    This is the first blend I actually bought a fairly large quantity ( a 500 g box and a 50 g tin ) based solely on descriptions from their website and the few reviews to be found on the 'net. I could not have been more pleased with my decision. In the tin, there are rough cut flakes, about 1 mm...
  8. rcstan

    Empty tins ....

    .... what to do with them? Aside from the little "old style" ( rectangular rather than squarish ) empty tin of Erinmore Flake which comes in handy to carry other baccy sometimes, I have accumulated 14 other empty metal tins that just sit here and take up space. Should I eBay / Briar Bid them or...
  9. rcstan

    My first listing on BriarBid

    I put up a Pete Donegal Rocky 150 Bulldog w/Sterling that hasn't seen action in quite a while. Will swap for bent Petes in similar condition, or select tinned baccy. I've done some trading here when it was an option. I also maintain...
  10. rcstan

    PAD strikes at B&M .... two Italian pipes !!!!

    I had a couple leftovers from a lot I got on the 'bay ( the one with the City DeLuxe Colossus if you remember that post ) that I cleaned up .... these guys didn't sell so yesterday I went to Pete's Tobacco here in Anchorage. I had bought a Preben Holm-era Ben Wade from them about a month ago...
  11. rcstan

    City deLuxe Colossus .... new to me

    Fished "the big one" off the 'bay in a lot of estates. Not much cleaning needed, just a scrub of the stem with Magic Eraser and some baking soda, finished off with Denicotea Mouthpiece Polish and a bit of coconut butter and olive oil. Previous owner or the 'bay seller had done a decent cleanup...
  12. rcstan

    New addition to the Peterson Family : Pre-Republic Shamrock 268

    From the 'bay. It required a Magic Eraser treatment to the stem, followed by an application of Denicotea Mouthpiece Polish and some Coconut Butter and Olive Oil. I have no idea why this pipe didn't make the "cut" to be a Peterson. By today's standards, it would have been an Aran .... the tenon...
  13. rcstan

    My First Freehand ... and a question

    Picked it up yesterday on the way to work from my favorite local B&M here in Anchorage, Pete's Tobacco. No major cleaning required, just an alcohol wipe, stem scrub and a light waxing of the outside. I know it's Danish and did some poking around, appears to be from the 70s. Any more info would...
  14. rcstan

    TAD / stock-up for the winter arrives

    The last two weeks I've been putting together a "squirrel away for the winter" and beyond list. I've ordered these from SmokingPipes, 4noggins, Mars Cigars and Smokers Haven. Today, the last of it finally arrived, so I thought I'd get it all together for the world to see. Andy the cat decided to...
  15. rcstan

    My new Peterson African Meerschaum ....

    ..... arrived yesterday afternoon from Marty Pulvers No markings to make it a Pete other than the "K&P Petersons" on the collar. Beautiful pipe. It is a System. Very heavy due to the material, heavier feeling than my XL90. It was as clean as I keep the rest of my pipes on the rack. Broke it in...
  16. rcstan

    Tell me about Margate

    I am wanting to pull the trigger on some of this blend. Reviews put it right up my alley. How does it stack up to some other "heavy" Englishes I have tried and enjoy, such as SG Commonwealth, GLP Westminster, Lancer's Slices? I understand it's in that class....
  17. rcstan

    WTB Meerschaum push-pull teflon fittings set

    Need a standard size set to replace the fittings on a newly acquired meer "with issues". I've tried ordering from places, and they either sell them by the dozen or rip me on shipping. Thanks in advance :puffy: Edit: Moved to Pipe Repair and Maintenance, L.
  18. rcstan

    New Pete broken in

    I found this pipe online at Premier Estate Pipes. Looked good and the price was right ( $65 ) so I made it mine. Peterson Donegal Rocky, shape XL 90, a big bent billiard. Hallmark shows "V" ( took a while to figure it out as the stamps are rather weak ) for 2006. A new old stock, pre-carbed...
  19. rcstan

    Samuel Gawith Commonwealth Mixture

    As part of my latest TAD order, I included a 1 oz of Samuel Gawith Commonwealth Mixture. The product description is : “This blend of 50% heavily steamed Virginia and 50% Cyprus Latakia, gives honor to the Tobacco Lords of Glasgow & the Commonwealth of Virginia. Made in England.” In the bag, a...
  20. rcstan

    Straight Perique experiment

    A couple months back I bought a half an ounce of straight Perique to salvage blends that were otherwise unsmokable. Too much of it in blends and it bothers me, especially in English-style mixtures ( such as Nightcap .... some guys swear by it, it just wasn't my cuppa ). Tonight I decided to try...