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  1. ace57

    When Did This Forum Become The Show Off Forum?

    Wow been away for a bit and now we show off? Never new we pipe smokers had to. Some are asking why are the old members leaving, well IMO it has a lot to do with that this site now belongs to only 6 or so members and they just can't stop patting each other on the back. seems like if one of the...
  2. ace57

    Green Bay,WI B&M????

    It's not a big store but it is nice, They have alot of books but do sell some tins, pipes and have in house blends that are good. It's a one way street and not much parking in front but there is a big paid parking lot across the street that is free if you are under a half hr. In front it's just...
  3. ace57

    Green Bay,WI B&M????

    05venturer you can stop looking, I live by Green Bay and we have just one B&M store. The kind that you are looking for anyways. You will fine it here ( The rest just sell OTC and RYO and on a good day have 3 cobs and 2 Dr.G's for sale.
  4. ace57

    How Long Does A Smoking Pipes Order Take?

    3 Days to Wi. :puffy:
  5. ace57

    Last Captain Black Question - I Promise

    I had some CBW that I got and it was sealed, when I opened it up and that was one hour after I paid for it, well it was dry dry dry.
  6. ace57

    Olive Wood?

    Well now You told me LOL all is good.
  7. ace57

    Olive Wood?

    (Yep, Olive wood, though I've never owned one, makes for a good pipe.) If you never owned one how can you say it makes for a good pipe? Man I wish I was that good.
  8. ace57

    Welcome Home

    Teddy now that's good stuff. :rofl: Just a good mix up welcome home anyways.
  9. ace57

    Welcome Home

    Welcome home Teddy, it was nice to hear that she gave you a milkshake. When some of us came home we got spit at in the airport. Glad to see things change for the better.
  10. ace57

    I've Been Sick

    Puffy, I hope you get feeling better soon.
  11. ace57

    How Much Do You Smoke?

    I smoke 5lbs every 3 months so 20 or a bit more lbs a year. :puffy:
  12. ace57

    Amazing Video of Russian Meteor Explosion

    That's just amazing.
  13. ace57

    Blending Your Own?

    Bigvan, now that is some funny stuff. :rofl:
  14. ace57

    The Bucket of Shrimp

    :worship: :clap:
  15. ace57

    R17 Saint Valentine Day Rose Pipe

    Super job. :clap:
  16. ace57

    Pipe Carving Hobby

    That looks nice. Thanks for the youtube link, good job. :clap:
  17. ace57

    My First Falcon Pipe

    I have 6 and I am one that bites down on a stem with out any bad things to the stem, I like them.
  18. ace57

    No Joy in Smoking

    Get a real pipe and give it time. I smoked cigs for 40 years and now just the pipe and will never go back.
  19. ace57


    Zippo's work just fine, that's all I use and yes you can use a plain Zippo to light your pipe but like Rothnh said send it in for the pipe insert it will work better for lighting your pipe.