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    New Sales/Discounts....

    Instead of just posting a new thread for every sale/discount; figured I’d just start a Sales thread to let folks know about recent sales: Smokingpipes has 20% off Sutliff Crumble Kake tins Tobaccopipes has 15% off MacBaren And EA Carey has 20% off all tins I believe SP ends on the 12th, TP on...
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    WTB:Captain Black Black Sea [09/30/21]

    Looking for some tins of Captain Black Black Sea (sealed tins only).
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    Tobacco Trader Los Angeles???

    Anyone ever do business with them? Good/Bad?
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    SmokingPipes hacked???

    Went on and everything is written in Chinese??? Anyone else seeing this?
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    WTB: Ye Olde Signe (09-09-21)

    WTB: Four or five tins of Ye Olde Signe. Possibly more if price is right.
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    Intractable Dogs...

    I’ve noticed an over abundance of unruly dogs since the beginning of the Covid shutdowns last year. Lots of dopey people getting pets while they were at home, without investing the time to train them. I’ve an idiot down the street who decided a Cane Corso would be a good idea, and it’s broken...
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    My Commission from Frank Thunder Pipes

    Commissioned a piece with Frank Johnson (aka Frank Thunder Pipes); and it arrived today. I was already familiar with the quality of his work, as I have one of his pokers that a guy on another forum was selling. Pulled the trigger, and worked with him to design my own personal piece. It does...
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    MacBaren HH Latakia Flake

    My revised thoughts on HH Latakia Flake, as something, I wasn’t sure what, was bothering since I first tasted this blend.(*More on that later) Opening the tin, I’m greeted with the familiar, almost regimentally standardized aroma of English (true English) blends. That deep, rich, intoxicating...
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    HH Pure Virginia 2015 vs 2020

    Just my review/comparison between some 2015 vintage HHPV I’ve had cellared, and a box I just received via SP discount sale, which is 2020. Both exhibit that sun tea tin note, though the 2015 is much more subdued. I’d say it has more of a straight tea aroma, versus the sweet tea/southern honey...
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    Theme Parks/Amusement Parks

    After a one year hiatus; I’ll be venturing out to theme parks again. My first trip will be Kings Island next weekend (Though it’s a little disturbing hearing of the various brawls and fights a few days ago. Sounds too much like the 2018 nonsense at Six Flags Great America, my home park). Was...
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    For Fellow Petenuts

    While perusing the Interwebs, saw this listing and immediately I was taken aback. Has this pipe been misstamped? I collect 05 and it’s derivatives (XL11, 05s, 305, XL315) and this is definitely NOT the normal 305 shape.
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    Lane RLP-6

    Though not new to me (I’ve smoked it since at least 2001), figured I’d give my impressions, and share some of my initial impressions from some years ago (taken from my personal blend notes. These observations have evolved over time, and Im constantly re-evaluating and re-examining blends)...
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    Mac Baren Latakia Rolls

    Just purchased a few tins of this limited release and popped a tin yesterday. The tin note greeted me with that peculiar aroma of the Dark Fired Kentucky; which alarmed me, as I’m not a big fan of DFK (I usually cut some Virginia into HH Old Dark Fired). Nice coins, a bit on the moister side of...
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    Hello from the People’s Republic of Illinois

    Been a pipe smoker since my late high school years (around ‘91/‘92). Im more than a bit sarcastic (see my thread title😉). Favorite blends are Frog Morton Across the Pond, Murray’s era 965, Pease Maltese Falcon, And McConnell Original Oriental. Love to use Captain Black to build carbon cake...