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  1. musicman

    OGS, SPC Balkan/English sampler, SPC Plum Pudding, Paladin Black Cherry, Dunhill/Light English sampler, (9/8/21)

    Lot #1-SPC Balkan/English sampler of five 2 oz tins including: Plum pudding, Mississippi River, Potlatch, Hood Canal, and Seattle Evening. Purchase dates 2/20, 6/20, and 7/20 $60.00 Lot #2-Two 100 gram tins of Orlik Golden Sliced. 7/20 purchase date, 4/20 production date. $25.00 Lot...
  2. musicman

    FS: Dunhill/Peterson EMP, Standard Mixture, Bengal Slices Black and White, War Horse Bar (8/15/2021)

    So, I just took possession of the vast majority of a fellow forum member’s cellar. He is currently paring back on his pipe smoking due to a health condition. However, the cellar contains a number of blends in quantities that I will never smoke through, as I am only an occasional...
  3. musicman

    How to Pack Cellar for Moving Cross-Country.

    Hi all. I am moving from Tucson, AZ to Cincinnati, OH in about 4 weeks. Among other logistical challenges is the problem of how to move a not huge, but also not insignificant cellar (maybe 20-25 pds). The cellar is generally packed in a combination of unopened tins, canning jars, and mylar...
  4. musicman

    Broken Castello

    So, I bought this estate Castello 75 Sea Rock G from a forum member back in May. It was a fantastic smoker with a huge chamber that would last 90+ minutes. A couple of weeks ago, I was smoking it in my car on the way to go for a hike. I finished my smoke, then ran a pipe cleaner through. I...
  5. musicman

    B & M Shops, Cincinnati, Ohio

    So, I've just accepted a job in Cincinnati, OH, so now begins the crazy, logistics intensive process of preparing a house to sell and moving my entire life there from Tucson, AZ. We should be there around September 15th, and I start at the end of September. Any advice on good B and M's in the...
  6. musicman

    Rich’s in Portland OR

    This past week I travelled back to Portland OR (the town I grew up in) to see my parents for the first time since this COVID stuff started. It was amazing to be back in that very green place after a year and a half straight in the Sonoran desert! One stop (maybe more of a pilgrimage) I was...
  7. musicman

    Watch City Rouxgaroux

    So, tomorrow is April 1st, so it's Rouxgaroux day at Watch City! Great blend, and a must try for anyone who enjoys a good VaPer. Anyone have any idea what time it will drop? Last fall's drop went ridiculously fast, so to get this will require advance planning. Last but certainly not...
  8. musicman

    G. L. Pease Fillmore

    I have for some time been curious about G. L Pease's VaPer blends. I am a big fan of his VaOr blends, including Cairo and Embarcadero, but I had not tried any of his VaPers. So, last fall when I was placing an order from Watch City (for either Rouxgaroux or Simply Voriental, I don't remember...
  9. musicman

    Another One Bites the Dust

    I was up in Phoenix the other day getting my second Covid-19 vaccination shot (My wife and I are educators), and I decided to swing past my favorite tobacconist in the area, Ye Olde Pipe and Tobacco Shoppe, to pick up a few things as it was the best shop in the state of Arizona, in my opinion...
  10. musicman

    Video of the Mars Perserverance Rover's Descent and Landing

    As an astronomy buff, and general science nerd, I thought this video, which NASA just released, was really cool!
  11. musicman

    Briar Dedication for Lakeland Blends

    A recent thread on pipe dedication, along with the recent Gawith drop, has me thinking: For those who smoke Lakelands out of briar, how do you dedicate pipes to these blends? I currently have one briar I dedicate to stronger Lakelands, and I use it to smoke Bosun, Coniston, and Dark Flake...
  12. musicman

    Gawith Drop Now!

    Many long out of stock Gawith, Hoggarth, and Co blends are currently in stock at SPC. Get 'em while you can! They'll go fast (Bosun plug went out of stock and disappeared from my cart while I was finishing my order). Enjoy, all you granny panty sniffers! :LOL:
  13. musicman

    MacBaren Navy Plug-SPC 20th Anniversary Special Release

    So this just appeared this morning at SPC. Anyone have a chance to try it pre-release? Jiminks, perhaps? I'm a fan of Navy Flake so I'd likely enjoy a plug version, but I wasn't planning on making any more purchases this holiday season because I've pretty much maxed out the TAD budget lately.
  14. musicman

    The Great Conjunction

    If you have any interest at all in astronomy, physics, or just a curious mind, I'd encourage you to look to the SW portion of the sky tonight 30-60 minutes after sunset to see the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. A conjunction, in astronomy, is when two celestial bodies appear from...
  15. musicman

    Any Idea When the Next GH and Co Drop Will Be?

    It has been something like 11 months since the last major Gawith, Hoggarth, and Co drop. Having never tried these tobaccos, I was lucky enough to score some Bosun Cut Plug, Coniston Cut Plug, as well as Dark Flake and a couple of others back in January, and really enjoyed pretty much everything...
  16. musicman

    Diego Maradona has Died

    One of the greats. One of the most loved and hated footballers of all time. 60 years old, and dead from a probable heart attack.
  17. musicman

    Simply Red and Rhythm and Blues

    are currently available at Watch City.
  18. musicman

    Happy Anniversary to Me!

    Well, I joined this forum and began participating in conversation with you fine folk exactly a year ago today. I also began cellaring tobacco on the same day, with the receipt of an order from P & C. I did my first cellar inventory last night and found that I've cellared about 11.5 lbs in the...
  19. musicman

    Basmatica Drop Right Now @ KBV

    Samsun and Delilah too.
  20. musicman

    Amazed by the Generosity of Forum Members

    I am constantly amazed by the generosity of all of you wonderful people. A week or two ago, I posted my thoughts-kind of a review-on Samuel Gawith St James Flake, based on my recent purchase of a box in the latest drop. The consensus from many forum members was “yes, this is a great blend, but...