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  1. Patrick_Green

    SmokingPipes Badges & Benefits?

    So I just realized smoking pipes gives badges for all kinds of things. Im trying to figure out what badges exist, and if there are any benefits to obtaining them. Plus it might just be fun to see what badges everyones gathered over the years. As for me I have none this far... Either that or I...
  2. Patrick_Green

    First Impression: Balkan Sobranie

    Upon opening the tin I am greeted by the usual smokiness of a latakia heavy english blend. The latakia is definitely the meat, while the Virginia and Oriental are the potatoes. The first 1/3ed of the bowl was a latakia bomb, made my nose tingle a little uncomfortably. But as I got down to the...
  3. Patrick_Green

    Balkan Sobranie

    Called around a bunch of obscure shops looking for this and some of the more hard to find esotericas... No luck on the esotericas... But I did find this Balkan Sobranie which is evidently really hard to find. Would people buy this above retail price? And might I use this to trade for some rare...
  4. Patrick_Green

    First Impression: Esoterica Margate

    What an amazing English Blend! Up until now I had only tried bulk english blends, which have always been my favorite. Margate being my first Tin elnglish just raised the bar well beyond the reach of my bulk english blends. The latakia is very prevalent in the tin, and I expected the flavor of...
  5. Patrick_Green

    Rubbing Alcohol Reacts With Vulcanite?

    Just got an old pipe in the mail. Seemed to have some plaque on the stem. Tried rubbing alchohol and the stem turned a whitish yellow and smelled like it was burning. Definitely some kind of chemical reaction. Have I just ruined the stem? Idk if I want to put that in my mouth now... How do I...
  6. Patrick_Green

    What Do You Do For a Living?

    I thought it be cool to get to know everyone a little better. So what do you do for a living, or what did you do if you're retired? I use to work on tug boats as a deckhand. I thought I would make a career out of it and become a wheelman one day. Well I settled down with a beautiful woman and...
  7. Patrick_Green

    Trying straight tobacco types

    What I mean by straight is unblended. I want to review all the tobaccos I've been enjoying, but I know too little to discribe the flavor of each type of tobacco in a blend. Does anyone know where I can get just straight tobacco types? I want to try stand alone: Black Cavendish Perique...
  8. Patrick_Green


    Anybody know about these pipes? Just got one on ebay for 6 bucks. Looks like im the only person who bothered to bid on it. I thought it might be morta, but wasnt sure. Here are some pics:
  9. Patrick_Green

    Ummm What?

    What do I do with these brownie bricks. I was told to just crumble them but they are waaaay too moist.
  10. Patrick_Green

    Eldrich Pipes

    These are the most Unique pipes I've ever seen. Beautifully crafted, and Lovecrat inspired. What do you think? I assume there is a lot of paint, and glue used. Do you think these are safe to smoke? For more information visit:
  11. Patrick_Green

    Profile Edits for Newbies (Signatures, etc.)

    I noticed the old thread for profile edits was out of date. I was having a lot of trouble myself but I figured it out! For mobile: Go to your profile and you will see this above it: After clicking this a drop down menu will appear, and you will see: From here select your edit of choice...
  12. Patrick_Green

    C&D's Visions of Celephïas

    Disclaimer: I am new to pipe smoking, and this is my first review. Critiques are welcome. Upon opening the Tin you are first greeted with pleasant grape scent. I ordered a fresh tin, and found it dry enough to smoke after letting sit for about 45 minutes. My first puff was a blast of flavor...
  13. Patrick_Green

    Tounge Bite

    Hello everyone, I am new to pipe smoking, and am currently working on avoiding tounge bite... I make sure to let my tobacco dry before smoking, and attempt to keep moisture out of the pipe. I also have been experimenting with packing methods to avoid my packing being too tight. I like the...
  14. Patrick_Green

    Howdy from Texas!

    Hi there, I am Patrick from the great state of Texas. I am new to pipe smoking, started with a cheap cherrywood pipe, and fell in love. The same day I got my cherry wood I went out and got a nice Italian Briar from my local tobbacoist. I knew Id be smoking a lot and cherrywood just wouldn't...