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  1. luigi

    MacBaren HH Burley Flake

    Burley Flake is a good tobacco. I believe all HH tobaccos have minimal additives. I bet there's more "sauce" in this one than in the others but without any it would probably taste too bad to smoke, get moldy or something.
  2. luigi

    Savinelli's Dante

    I was tempted to get one but a silver portrait of Dante was too much for my taste. Had it been carved in the shank insted of glued I would definitely pick up one.
  3. luigi

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2021?***

    Motzek - PuhWapWap in a Stanwell Featherweight 242.
  4. luigi

    Do You Pack To The Brim, Below, Or A Little Above?

    I usually plan to pack loosely and below the rim but then end up above it and almost too tight.
  5. luigi

    Are Many Millennials Smoking Pipes? Also: Seek Tobacco Suggestions

    I smoke them all, the full bent was meant to symbolize a DNA prone to pipe smoking. 😁
  6. luigi

    Are Many Millennials Smoking Pipes? Also: Seek Tobacco Suggestions

    You can't become pipe smoker. You're born pipe smoker or you are not. Since I realized my dna was full bent I have been reborn. 😀 None of my friends smoke a pipe and a lot of people can't hide their curiosity seeing a pipe. Those who pretend they don't care break sooner or later with strange...
  7. luigi

    STG: Skandinavik Mixture

    I tried Skandinavik Mixture, Sungold and Navy. The Mixture didn't pass my expectations, not to mention the vanilla-wannabe Sungold. The last one, once added a generous amount of Perique, is not that bad, it reminds me of Captain Black Original (white).
  8. luigi

    Covered/Capped Pipe Experiences

    I'm using a removable windcap all the time but mainly for covering the bowl to prevent the tobacco or some burnt pieces to fall out when putting a pipe in a pocket. It does help to slow down the ember in windy conditions but it's still not magical and can also quickly turn into frustration and...
  9. luigi

    Flake Does Not Stay Lit; Goes Out Every Minute!

    I've been playing with flakes lately and so far it works best when they are packed "as pancakes", as some members suggest in other threads. I cut a flake in big squares so they barely fit the chamber, put them one over another in several layers and crumble some on the top. Let it dry over night...
  10. luigi

    Who Stirs His Tobacco Towards the End?

    Unless a dottle is mixed with other tobacco stirring is ok. I sometimes crumble some chunks when they don't get lit so easily.
  11. luigi

    [Guns] Let's See What's in the Safe!

    Crvena Zastava in 7x64.
  12. luigi

    Why Don't People Indicate their Location on their Profile?

    Unfortunately these days collecting, storing and selling all kind of personal data has become something normal. Hope next silly ads will include some new pipes or tobacco, I'd love to bite on that. 😄 Until then I prefer to be incognito.
  13. luigi

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

  14. luigi

    Too Wet...Too Dry?

    No doubt for Virginias. What about Orientals or Burley? Every time I bone dry Burley it sucks. Not to mention Latakia.
  15. luigi

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    W. Ø. Larsen Signature in a Peterson Sherlock Lestrade.
  16. luigi

    Whence the Bite

    Gravity fill - a draw will be too open. Dry completely - it will burn even hotter. Use filters - it will take away the flavour. Don't stop trying - you will get bitten again and again. 🤨 Take it as a learning curve. Combine kissing with gently caressing the top with a flame. If it doesn't work -...
  17. luigi

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    La Flor de Rosa. In the US also named Rosa Cuba - for no reason. Tastes like some OTC pipe tobacco. It was under 2$ for a good reason because it's garbage.
  18. luigi

    What Are Your Favorite Virginia / Burley Blends?

    Basically dark fired is burley and so is perique. VaPers are actually VaBurs. 😀 I vote for Solani Silver Flake.
  19. luigi

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2021?***

    MacBaren's HH Rustica in Chris Morgan's Stubby Pot.