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  1. mackeson

    Do We Really Have it Better?

    I wish this type of community had been around on my first pipe smoking attempts in the early 90's. Would have saved me much frustration and probably increased the enjoyment. I may not have put the pipe down for 8 years.
  2. mackeson

    Thai Cave Rescue of Soccer Team and Coach

    I was on the edge of my seat. I'll admit, I feared it would turn out as a tragedy. I'm glad to be proven wrong and greatly admire all involved.
  3. mackeson

    First try at pipe smoking

    Yup, agred. You will have a combo of bad with moments of amazing for a while. I'd like to recommend slower, drier, etc.. but you will need to experiment to find your own sweet spot. Welcome and good luck! It really is rewarding when you figure out your own perfect zone. Don't give up. The...
  4. mackeson

    What Is The Best Vanilla Aro?

    GH Brown Vanilla!
  5. mackeson

    Shame On PayPal.

    Yup, GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out)
  6. mackeson

    Nording Grade 20 Arrived

    beautiful bird's eye! enjoy
  7. mackeson

    Greetings from Ireland

    Welcome! I would love to visit Ireland someday. The forums are certainly a fun and informative place
  8. mackeson

    New from Ohio

    Welcome from a Coloradoan who is a native Ohioan!
  9. mackeson

    PAD Strikes Again

    Congrats! Smoke in good health and with great pleasure. I have quite a few MM cobs. I find them valuable for pipes on the go, car pipes, and camping pipes. Some folks prefer them all times over any other pipes, and I understand why. They are wonderful smokers!
  10. mackeson

    What Is the Single Most Special Blend, or Tin, in Your Stash?

    I have quite a bit of GH bulks I often smoke. Those would be my favorite "go tos." That being said, I have many tins from GLP & McClellands that I often enjoy. All that being said, to answer the OP, right now I'm a sucker for, and smoke most often, GLP Jackknife Plug. Ask me in a month and...
  11. mackeson

    Time For Virginias

    yea MSO, I go through those cycles also. I enjoy many Virginias like McC #27 and Vapers like Tudor Castle, St James Flake, and Haddo's. Hope you find your summertime tobacco groove!
  12. mackeson

    My Take On Newminster 403

    I've still never tried this one. Thanks for the review.
  13. mackeson

    A Trip To Walgreens

    Yes, yes we were. Funny thing... We were known as the slacker generation with no attention span, the "MTV generation,"(back when MTV played those music video thingys). The new generation has made us look damned responsible. I agree, but even as a college student, I didn't fit in smoking a...
  14. mackeson

    A Trip To Walgreens

    I didn't know they went away, just the selection greatly reduced. At least here in CO. They carry Grablows and MM pipes. The tobacco selection used to be a bit bigger 10 or so years ago with the Walgreens house brand (which seems to have gone away), but they do still have a couple choices. On...
  15. mackeson

    R.I.P. Margot Kidder

    A definite childhood crush. Along with Carrie Fisher and Linda Carter. RIP Ms. Kidder :crying:
  16. mackeson

    Difference Between Westminster and Quiet Nights

    You really can't go wrong with either. They are quite different though. I like both, but find myself smoking Westminster much more often. Maybe because I've smoked that one much longer. In the evening, very early morning, or when it's cold out and I'm in the mood, Quiet Nights really hits...
  17. mackeson

    Thoughts On This Preben Holm?

    Beautiful! I'd be thrilled to own that pipe, weather comfortable to hold or not, I would definitely have a place for that one in my rotation. Funny how we all have such different tastes in pipes. ex. I would NEVER own or smoke a volcano shape **IMO that is the ugliest/ clunkiest shape I've...
  18. mackeson

    Westminster vs Maltese Falcon. Taster's Fatigue.

    I totally agree. I'm a big GLP fan, but really don't like Maltese. I absolutely love Westminster though. Great all day smoke IMO
  19. mackeson

    Advantages of Pouch Tobacco

    Drum is yummy in a pipe. I know.... Heresy.
  20. mackeson

    To Cake or Not to Cake

    I don't cake much, but I don't go nuts about it either. I gently scrape my pies after each smoke with a pipe tool to get the tobacco bits out and then use a bristled cleaner to do the dual duty of absorbing and scraping. I get cake eventually, and clean them with a reamer and alcohol when they...