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    Storing Tobacco

    I know we are supposed to store our tobacco in mason jars, BUT, say I bought C&D's 8 State Burley blend and plan on smoking that until it is gone, how long can i keep it in it's original tin once opened? Should I transfer it immediately, or is it good for the next week/month?
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    Another Room Note Thread, With a Twist

    I'm going to be going to a large, outdoor event later this month (Tiki Oasis.) but all smoking will be relegated to small areas away from the action. I would like to bring my pipe with me, but that'll force me to choose between smoking my pipe by myself or hanging out and drinking cocktails with...
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    Clay Pipes

    Bought a few cheap clay pipes on ebay (4 for $12) as "taster pipes," and I'm starting to fall in love with them. The flavor comes through super clean (maybe I need to clean my other pipes better) no matter how I pack them. And the best part is that I can just throw them in the fire I was smoking...
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    My Family "Heritage Blend"

    TLDR: I'm thinking about trying my own blend by soaking Kentucky dark or white burley in bourbon and brown sugar. is this a good idea and how should I? So my father (I have a very strained relationship with him) told a story about his Grandpa Dana. Dana grew tobacco in the Ohio River Valley...
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    Putting Tobacco in Pipe Rack Jar

    I know it's not good for long term storage, but I'd like to put the tobacco I'm currently smoking in the jar that goes with my pipe rack. There's a lid, but unfortunately no rubber ring to create an "air tight seal." About how long will tobacco be okay in there, or should I just put the Mason...
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    Do Casings/Toppings Burn Faster than the Tobacco?

    In my search for a room note my wife would love, I bought a "Chocolate Mousse" from my local tobacconist at his recommendation. He said the the smell was amazing, and it tasted much like it smelled. He was right, my wife enjoyed it, and it had a strong Mocha creme flavor (kind of too much.) At...
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    Austrian/Tyrolean/Porcelain Pipe

    Hello, I just bought this pipe and I'm having a bunch of trouble smoking it. I read elsewhere that these are often garbage pipes sold purely as tourist trinkets, but judging by all the buildup I cleaned out, someone probably used it regularly. Is there a trick to these? Should I pack tighter...
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    Hello from San Diego

    Hi, I've been smoking a pipe regularly as a hobby for a little more than a year. I smoke mostly aromatics, as it keeps the wife happy. I've got a small collection of pipes, including briars, cobs, clay and a Meerschaum. I even just got a porcelain/hunter/Austrian pipe, but I'm having the hardest...