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  1. glassjapan

    Recommend Me a Coffee

    There are lots of great coffee roasters out there. Most will roast on the day they ship and you'll get it within days of roasting. These are the ones I use the most: Specialty Coffee Roasters | Online Coffee Subscription | Coffee Education - Quality Coffee...
  2. glassjapan

    Songs with the Greatest Opening Lines

    "Heard of a van....that's loaded with weapons. Packed up and ready to go."
  3. glassjapan

    Songs with the Greatest Opening Lines

    "I couldn't say where she was coming from but I just met a lady named Dinah-Moe Humm. She strolled on over said look here bum I got a forty dollar bill say you can't make me cum. You just can't do it!"
  4. glassjapan

    RIP Perique 🪦

    How dare you come in here with the facts and truth. Don't you know this is a Perique topic?!?! Okay, all kidding aside, thanks for that info. And for those who haven't watch it yet, you want know about Mark Ryan? He explains everything from his side of things in dealing with Uncle Sam, the roll...
  5. glassjapan

    Brown Sugar Flake?

    I was pretty underwhelmed by BS Flake. I was hoping for more orientals. And it didn't seem richer than FVF or BBF with age on it. But I was probably expecting too much at the time. Almost every review and comment written about it, loved it.
  6. glassjapan

    Heartbreak Hotel (Title Added by Bob)

    Forklift blades leave a distinct calling card on freight. I should know, i've done plenty of it. And that is not blade damage. But it's cool, believe what you like.
  7. glassjapan

    Heartbreak Hotel (Title Added by Bob)

    Go back and look at the pictures. The box is barely dented on one side. Yes, the tins are all smashed to shit, but the box isn't. That tells you something. But hey, some folks want to give SP a pass for packing those tins with prayers and unicorn farts for protection, good luck with your next...
  8. glassjapan

    Heartbreak Hotel (Title Added by Bob)

    For any vendor to just stack multiple rows of tins inside a box with no bubble wrap, butcher paper, no protection whatsoever, they're asking for damages. This is totally on SP for not even trying to protect the contents. If you've never been around the transportation business, packages get...
  9. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening To? (August 2020)

    What an awesome version. Thanks for posting that! Bela just keeps getting better as he gets older, and Billy is no slouch either.
  10. glassjapan

    Unsmokable Samuel Gawith

    You said that it seemed like it had reached maximum drying but won't stay lit. I'd wager it's still too wet . If your area is high in humidity, sitting out tobacco doesn't do much good when it comes to SG and even McClelland flakes. Some SG flakes can be downright saturated with moisture...
  11. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening To (July 2020)

    Listening to some Jimi ~ Songs for Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts. Can't rave about these recordings enough! I always considered Band of Gypsys the finest work Hendrix ever released. Groovy Children has 5 hours from the 4 shows at the Fillmore. Awesome stuff!
  12. glassjapan

    Scottie Piersel on the Way

    Congratulations! The one commission I had done with her is easily one of my favorite pipes. I'm sure you'll be loving yours!
  13. glassjapan

    Good News For Genesis Fans But....

    I wish them good luck. But without Peter Gabriel I've got zero interest. It would have been nice to see/hear Supper's Ready or The Knife.
  14. glassjapan

    Number Of Pipes Being Listed On eBay Is Exploding

    I keep an eye on treasurepipes on eBay. Always seems like a who's who in the pipe making world week in and week out. But whether it's more than in the past few years I couldn't say. Maybe pipe smokers as a group are getting older and passing on. I'd like to think not.
  15. glassjapan

    Online Sales

    In the U.S., buying Cuban Cigars has been illegal for over five decades. People purchase them online from Europe and Asia every day. I'm not talking about questionable boxes from your sister's husband's niece who's dating a Cuban person down in FL. Actual LCDH vendors. When customs confiscates...
  16. glassjapan

    Daughters and Ryan Favorites For Pipes?

    You may still might be able to pick some up. It's been since 10/18 since I bought some though. D & R was still selling their Blender's Bench tobaccos but not online or in their catalogs. It could only be ordered over the phone. You had to first fax a copy of your driver's license for proof of...
  17. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening Too. (Feb 2020)

    Listening to the Goat Rodeo Sessions ~ Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan and Yo-Yo Ma. NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
  18. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening To ~ Nov. 2019

    Listening to some King Crimson ~ Starless and Bible Black.
  19. glassjapan

    Best 3 Songs Ever (In Your Opinion)?

    Three great picks!
  20. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening To ~ Oct. 2019

    Listening to The Black Keys ~ Chulahoma (The Songs of Junior Kimbrough).