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  1. vespertillio

    A Mother Load has fallen Into my lap and I think I need help.....

    Have you ever had one of those days when things seem to go right? It has been a while since I've posted but I usually check in once or twice a week to keep up with my fellow brothers. Life has been extremely busy as of late but it has not stopped me from at least checking in from time to time...
  2. vespertillio

    Bulk Magic Erasers Cheap on Amazon

    I know a lot of folks use these for restores and touch ups here and there. I'm in no way affiliated with Amazon but thought folks may be interested in these. Cheers all.
  3. vespertillio

    Interesting New Find on Craigslist

    Every once in a while something gets posted on CL that is quite interesting and I just wanted to share my recent find. A few folks in the office have taken to the pipe recently and I been looking for a rack or other method of storing some 'office' pipes and tobacco. I checked CL and was lucky...
  4. vespertillio

    What do you guys think of this Dunhill?

    So I'm always looking for a birth year Dunny and lo and behold this comes up on the bay: it certainly is striking. I wish it had been an estate though. I'm thinking it will go pretty high. what do you guys think would be the upper price...
  5. vespertillio

    Finally got Some Jars! My First Jarring Session.

    After reading about jarring and cellaring a bunch here, I finally broke down and bought some small jars yesterday. I usually have one tin open and two tobacco canisters open but thanks to TAD I have an abundance of tobaccos I wanted to try. I usually waited until one was finished, but I think...
  6. vespertillio

    A Shout Out for Sparrowhawk

    All, You may have seen Sparrowhawks post about receiving a plaque form Missouri Meerschaum that they accidentally put in with his order. As he didn't need it, he offered it up to the forum. I happened to have an old Diplomat 5th Ave. that I had received in a bulk purchase that I had been wanting...
  7. vespertillio

    What A Man Did With This Tree Trunk Will Blow Your Mind!

    This is truly amazing work. Can you imagine what this gentleman could do with a pipe? Especially with 4 years to do it? Either!
  8. vespertillio

    Need Help and Wisdom From the Forum Please.

    I know this is way off topic from the usual general discussion items here but I could really use some wisdom here and I consider everyone here a friend. If there is one thing this particular forum and website has taught me is that everyone looks out for each other and in this case I’m truly...
  9. vespertillio

    The Next Time Someone Says 'Huge' in an Ebay Listing, I'll Believe.

    I love my Nording pipes but I also love 'sitters' and none of my Nordings will just sit. So I've been searching for a little while and once came up on the Bay and I won. The seller described it as huge, but as most Nording pipes are usually a little large I assumed that while it was a little...
  10. vespertillio

    Stonehaven Sighting in Denver

    I just picked up some Stonehaven here in Denver. I'm not sure if they ship but it's worth a try to call. I didn't see how much they had but try not to go overboard. Hopefully many will be able to get some. Cheers All. Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop (303) 781-7662
  11. vespertillio

    Up on Briarbid: Penzance for Stonhaven

    Hey all, I just put up an 8oz bag of Penzance on Briarbid. I'm looking to trade for an 80z bag of Stonehaven. Hopefully someone may have a stockpile and they can spare a bag. Thanks all.
  12. vespertillio

    Get your Penzance!! I per customer. Cheers all.
  13. vespertillio

    One for My Alma Mater...(A Little Pic Heavy)

    I never was one to go for yearbooks or class rings from schools. However I had to go up to Fort Collins, Colorado a few months ago on business and I stopped in a local B&M. At the time, I saw a beautiful meerschaum carved in the shape of a rams head which was quite stunning. Now there was a pipe...
  14. vespertillio

    Placed My First 4Noggins Order. Woohoo!

    I've been buying a tin here and there the past few months locally but I decided to finally make a bulk online order. I know a lot of folks here like 4Noggins so I bit the bullet and did it: 1 Cornell & Diehl DaVINCI 2oz. 1 Cornell & Diehl MISSISSIPPI MUD 2oz. 2 Dunhill: NIGHTCAP 50g 1 Dunhill...
  15. vespertillio

    PAD Gone Wild

    Well the postman graced me with a few pipes this weekend and I don't think I could be happier. First up was one I have been trying to find for quite a while now and I finally found it. A Savinelli Da Vinci series Bombard. I originally tried to track down a rusticated but when this beauty showed...
  16. vespertillio

    A GBD Meerschaum or Not?

    Hey all, I was checking Ebay and saw this auction for a GBD meerschaum. Upon closer inspection I really didn't notice any distinguishing GBD markings except for the box and pouch. The rest seem to point to a generic meerschaum made in Turkey. The look up of auctions with the name Hayim Pinhas...
  17. vespertillio

    Some new to me estates and a Dunhill Dating Question (Pic heavy)

    I while ago I won an action on the Bay from across the pond. It took a while and the package made it. One of the estates was a Dunhill 114. I'm trying to date this but I can't quite make out the year stamp after the patent number. I took some pics and was wondering if anyone here can make it...
  18. vespertillio

    Anyone know this Ebay Seller?

    About a month ago I won this auction: Still no pipe. I've sent a few inquiries but no response from the seller. He had a pretty good feedback of over 95% now today it's down to 89%. I'm assuming an emergency happened and he hasn't...
  19. vespertillio

    My New Baby!!!

    I received a wonderful pipe over the weekend. I've loved the 999 shape for a while now and when I saw this beauty I just had to have her. I'm not sure how old she is yet, but I do know she smokes like a dream. I just had to share with you folks. :-)
  20. vespertillio

    Dunhill Gift Set - Anyone ever see one of these?

    Hey all, I’ve been on a quest to find some older Murrays Dunhill blends but the ones on Ebay are always priced pretty steep. I saw this set and decided to give it a shot. The seller really didn’t mention any specifics and the pics were a little hard to see to get any detail. I ended up getting...