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  1. shaintiques

    My New Custom Huber

    This is my new @david.s.huber.pipes This was a custom order. I sent him a limited stem rod I picked up in Chicago and he graciously used it though I’d say it’s outside what he normally uses. I’ve wanted a Huber pipe for years. For me when I have a custom pipe made I like to have a good...
  2. shaintiques

    New York Pipe Show 2020

    Anyone know any details? Date?
  3. shaintiques

    Why Does a Pipe Smoke Hot?

    Why does a pipe smoke hot? And what I mean is the smoke itself is hot. The other night I smoked two bowls of Escudo back to back in two different pipes. The second bowl smoked hot. I smoke slow, slowly sipping. I smoke escudo more than anything else. But for some reason this one pipe I own...
  4. shaintiques

    Cigar Ink Pens by Shane Kimbro

    One of the coolest things I saw at the Mule Town pipe show were these pens. Shane makes pens that look very realistic and then showcases them in a box to match. You can see his stuff at
  5. shaintiques

    Show Off Your Bulldogs/Rhodesians

    From day one of my pipe smoking journey I have loved bulldogs and rhodesians. I have trimmed down my pipe collection a good bit but these made the keeper cut and are some of my favorite smokers, especially the olive wood and the big saucer by Ryan Alden. So top left Ryan Alden, below it Scottie...
  6. shaintiques

    Got to Meet Pipe Maker Jody Davis

    One of the highlights of the Mule Town Pipe show was meeting Jody Davis. Jody is a high end pipe maker but also a musician with The Newsboys which is a band that I have followed since college. He is super down to earth and I really enjoyed hanging out with him a little and chatting. Here is a...
  7. shaintiques

    The Free Pipe Project 2019

    I know it’s late in the year to start this and I’ll do another next year but wanted to give a shout-out to everyone who has donated to the Free Pipe Project. When I started this many years ago I never thought it would have reached so many. Lately the project has been mainly focused on getting...
  8. shaintiques

    A Big Thanks To The Community

    I want to thank everyone who has donated to the Free Pipe Project over the last four years. With your generosity we have been able to send out hundreds of pipes and many pounds of tobacco to new smokers and our military men and women. I don’t post as much as I used to and don’t always personally...
  9. shaintiques

    My Old Pal Chubby Rhodesian

    I just acquired this beautiful vintage pipe as a gift. I met a lady with an amazing collection of pipes that belonged to her father. I'm looking to buy the collection. After meeting her and looking through all of the pipes she gifted this pipe to me. All of the pipes ere made before 1948. This...
  10. shaintiques

    Hiram, Georgia Pipe Event

    Hey everyone. D.D. & Co. Smokes Lounge is hosting a pipe event this Friday night the 27th from 6-10pm. They will have catered food, a raffle, and silent auction. If you are anywhere near the area it is worth the trip. It is a great shop full of great people. They have a nice selection of Pipes...
  11. shaintiques

    Something To Share

    When going to a pipe show I like to take a tin of something special to share. This year at Chicago I’m bringing a tin of McClellands Navy Cavendish from 1989. It’s still sealed. I plan to open it at the swap meet. If any of you guys are there come to my table and I will give you a bowl. Should...
  12. shaintiques

    What is your dream B&M?

    We all have shops that we love, but if you could have a shop in your area that was everything you could want. What would it look like? What would make it awesome?
  13. shaintiques

    So I Got a Laser Engraver

    It is a small one but seems to work pretty good. I'm planning to use it on pipes, but wanted to ask if anyone has experience with these. Should I wax the pipe and then engrave or engrave and then wax. I'm not sure if it will matter, but wanted to get opinions. I'm working on a project right now...
  14. shaintiques

    Pipe Show Feedback: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

    Hey guys as one of the new Masters of the Pipe I've been tasked to get your feedback about pipe shows. We want your input on how to make pipe shows the best experience that they can be, so with that in mind tell me: 1. What do you like about pipe shows? 2. What do you not like? 3. What would...
  15. shaintiques

    Luna Spain Very Unique Pipe

    Just restored this sweet pipe I picked up in Chicago. Can't find any info on it though. It is marked Spain. Luna with a crescent moon on the shank.
  16. shaintiques

    The Free Pipe Project 2017

    The Free Pipe Project started many years ago in response to the overwhelming generosity I received from the pipe community. Since then we have been able to serve over 200 new pipe smokers sending out pipes, tobacco, and all kinds of other pipe related goodies. Since being featured on the Pipes...
  17. shaintiques

    Broken Pipe Ed James

    Just read online that Ed James died, our ejames. Not sure about the circumstances, in any case such a sad loss. He was a true craftsman of pipes and tampers, and he and I have been sending stuff back and forth for years. Good bye Ed, may you have many blessed heavenly smokes.
  18. shaintiques

    Let's See Your Tobacco Jars

    Here is mine. Got this back when I first started smoking. Thought it looked like Barliman Butterbur from The Lord of the Rings.
  19. shaintiques

    My New Dagner Rhodog: A Review

    I have been wanting a Dagner since I first met Jayson and the gang in Chicago two years ago. I started following them and then had the chance to meet them again at an event in Atlanta. We started talking about the Free Pipe Project and last Veterans Day they sent me 22 pipes to give away to...
  20. shaintiques

    New York Pipe Show Carpool

    Was wondering if anyone is driving over from the Philadelphia area? I have a buddy who wants to come to the show and stay for the JR Cigar event after. Anyone making that drive?