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  1. mechanic

    Radice Poker

    I have a radice poker sand grain im sell pretty cheap but i have yet to figure out how to post pics i can load the in my.album but how do i move the to my selling post any help greatly appreciated.
  2. mechanic

    SP has Samuel Gawith

    I really enjoy the tin of 1792 i snagged nice smooth cool smoking tastey blend but i dont see why people get so pissy blaming hoarders and such it would be in my rotation if was available all the time but it is what it is peopele need to put there big boy pants on and enjoy what they can when...
  3. mechanic

    Sam Gawith Flake Inconsistentcy

    Does it taste the same or just color diffrence?
  4. mechanic

    Canada Bans Importation of Tobacco

    Dark net get anything anywhere im sure tobacco is on there if it comes down to it the might have unobtanium who knows. I dont like the whole crypto currency thing.
  5. mechanic

    Breaking in a Pipe

    I loaded my 8320 with odf and havent done any thing more load and smoke very happy it had a light charcoal looking bowl coating from factory
  6. mechanic

    Free Tobacco

    Click bait lol
  7. mechanic

    1792 WOW

    Smoked my first earlier enjoyed it very mic
  8. mechanic

    Citrus full va bulk

    Are there anything close to ogs type flavors available in a bulk flake ive got 507c but i really enjoy that ogs citrus but want to buy bulk and not have 10k tins stacked about.
  9. mechanic

    Desirable Tobacco Sampler 3-27-19

    <p>I was gonna purchase but at that price has to be a scam proablly just lane limited stuff when something sounds to good it usually is if it would have be western union payments only would have got me.
  10. mechanic

    What Is Everyone Drinking Tonight?

    3 fingers of monkey shoulder neat
  11. mechanic

    Pipe Room

  12. mechanic

    Pipe Room

    I have a pie safe im starting to put my jars in looks pretty cool to me has that antique vibe
  13. mechanic

    Samuel Gawith

    Just got a tin of 1792 in mail today some very tasty stuff.
  14. mechanic

    Hello from upstate NY

  15. mechanic

    New Rossi 8320

    Im very pleased with it smokes great, looks great and for 53$ shipped very budget friendly.
  16. mechanic

    New Rossi 8320

    Yes thats it just got in mail from smoking pipes today. Thanks for putting the pic up i couldnt get it to show.
  17. mechanic

    New Rossi 8320

  18. mechanic

    Samuel Gawith

    You hoarders are why i dont have any b&m near me that can stock the good stuff because yall bought it all before they could buy any. Lol
  19. mechanic

    Samuel Gawith

    Did you have to climb over them to get into the store maybe the b&m owner is one of these hoarders?