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  1. lightmybriar

    (NOT) a $6 Dunhill

  2. lightmybriar

    Margate Madness!

    I absolutely love Margate. Possibly my favorite English blend.
  3. lightmybriar

    Grandma Outdid Herself

    Absolute treasure!!!
  4. lightmybriar

    Buyer Beware: Leftturnvintage On Ebay

    In the 1930s, Dunhill put brindle stems on their Root Briars. The actual “Cumberland” series, which featured a brindle stem, started in 1978-1979, and because of this line of pipes, brindle and Cumberland became synonymous.
  5. lightmybriar

    Buyer Beware: Leftturnvintage On Ebay

    This is what I did. I received an automated response telling me that they aren’t allowed to tell me of the outcome haha. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. lightmybriar

    Buyer Beware: Leftturnvintage On Ebay
  7. lightmybriar

    Buyer Beware: Leftturnvintage On Ebay

    I believe they removed that option recently in cases like these. I can’t find it anywhere.
  8. lightmybriar

    Buyer Beware: Leftturnvintage On Ebay

    I would hope so, but I’m not familiar with the way eBay tracks these occurrences.
  9. lightmybriar

    Buyer Beware: Leftturnvintage On Ebay

    Just a heads up, fellow pipesmokers! This morning I won an auction on eBay for a beautiful 1937 Dunhill billiard. I was astounded to see that the auction ended at $26.00 with free shipping. The pipe was in excellent condition and the photos were fantastic. Every detail, including all the...
  10. lightmybriar

    Sir Walter Raleigh Beheaded Me

    Fantastic writing!
  11. lightmybriar

    Chocolate Aromatic Blends

    C&D Dark Chocolate scratched the itch for me.
  12. lightmybriar

    Deep Cleaning Pipe…without Alcohol?

    I use warm tap water, closer to hot than warm, but not full heat. I use a toothbrush inside the bowl after reaming, and a gun brush and a shank brush inside the airway. If there’s buildup in there, various pointed tools can carefully scrape it away, and last resort is to use a drill bit by hand...
  13. lightmybriar

    Deep Cleaning Pipe…without Alcohol?

    Just as an example, I recently cleaned this pipe for a forum member and these are my results using the above described tools.
  14. lightmybriar

    Deep Cleaning Pipe…without Alcohol?

    I have restored hundreds of estate pipes, some looking more like a tarry clump rather than a pipe, and I now exclusively use water, with better results than anything else I’ve ever done. The trick is to find where the smell is hiding. Usually it is the shank and mortise. Toothbrushes, q-tips...
  15. lightmybriar

    Would McClelland Sell Their Recipes and Methods?

    Am I reading this correctly that they “matched” St. James Flake with a slightly aromatic Latakia mixture?! Very strange 🤔
  16. lightmybriar

    Nomenclature OCD - Is Dunhill so Collectible Because of all that Nomenclature?

    Dating is one of the biggest draws to me. Knowing what was happening in the world at the time of the pipe’s creation is fascinating. Especially considering war era pipes and knowing that the shop in London was bombed. Then there is the added fun of knowing if you have a first year of a...
  17. lightmybriar

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    I just had my first Desvalido cigar and I can’t recommend them enough! WOW!
  18. lightmybriar

    Trustworthy Tobacco Review Co: Orlik Golden Sliced

    Top quality writing and absolutely appreciated. Laughed out loud in public reading this and looked like a loony, and not ashamed for a second.
  19. lightmybriar

    7th And Final Pipe in the Alaska Pipe Set (Alaska Native Themed)

    Pure genius...the ideas, the execution, and everyone involved. Just amazing.
  20. lightmybriar

    Ebay And Childhood Favorites

    I got my kids Beast Wars Transformers toys with the same idea haha. I found a Ninja Turtles set too but it’s a bit pricey. Would love to see it in hand again though!