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  1. hiplainsdrifter

    Sam Gawith Flake Inconsistentcy

    Given the current hubub over Gawith products and their limited availability, I thought it would be interesting to revisit the topic of inconsistentcy of their blends. Newbies pining after a tin of FVF may be unaware of the issue. And of course it makes me chuckle about a similar thread about...
  2. hiplainsdrifter

    Christmas Cheer In Stock

    I have a tip on just two tins of 2016 Christmas Cheer at a B&M. Prefer them to go to someone that doesn't already have some cellared. PM if that's you.
  3. hiplainsdrifter

    Tupperdore question for the cigar snobs

    I have a small tupperware that I use for cigar storage. I have been buying up some sticks and it is pretty full at the moment. I a using a Xikar Propylene Glycol jar for humidification. Would it be better to move my stash to a larger container or is the smaller container better? I only smoke...
  4. hiplainsdrifter

    Recommend an 'incense' blend...

    I am looking for a white whale blend. I prefer naturally sweet tobaccos so usually smoke Virginia flakes/VaPers. I am not crazy about latakia athough I enjoy it occasionally. I am looking for a blend that has natural sweetness (no casing/topping), and has a very fragrant incense-like room...
  5. hiplainsdrifter

    That $#!t's Stupid But then, I think any tamper other than a random twig or a finger is stupid.
  6. hiplainsdrifter

    Blend(s) you will hate losing the most?

    This thread will probably read like a shopping list for the tobaccapolypse, but I am curious what blends people will be most disappointed to lose if this whole FDA thing goes down. Cheers!
  7. hiplainsdrifter

    Restoration advice please

    Hey all- I recently acquired a nice Comoy bulldog, a pipe that I have waited several years to find in my price range. It is in good shape overall with only a few deep toothmarks to complain about. I feel comfortable with de-oxidizing the stem as I have done that before. However, I would like...
  8. hiplainsdrifter

    New Ebay rules?

    Are you other vintage tin buyers/sellers used to seeing this? • The value of the item is the collectible packaging, not the content itself. • The value of the packaging is higher than the current retail price of the content in the package. • While the package has never been opened, the...
  9. hiplainsdrifter

    How Would You Repair This Stem? (an ISPD Tragedy)

    How did you celebrate ISPD? I bet not like this. My wife accidentally swiped my pipe rack with her jacket, sending this pipe and two Taylor Ashtons flying into the metal dog bowl. Fortunately both of the Ashtons are perfectly fine, but this beautiful vintage Chacom Straight Grain Canadian...
  10. hiplainsdrifter

    Where did Brian Ruthenberg Go?

    Just swung by his website- it no longer exists. Same for his Facebook. Has he retired?
  11. hiplainsdrifter

    Different pipe makers and the weight of their pipes

    Ever notice that some pipe makers consistently make lighter pipes than others, regardless of dimensions? E.G. Ferndown or Cavicchi- love the look of their pipes, but they are consistently heavy, usually well over 50 grams. Compare to Brian Ruthenberg- even his large pipes are usually under 50...
  12. hiplainsdrifter

    What blend would make your cellar complete?

    For those who have a cellar, but aren't really buying much right now, what blends do you feel would complete your cellar? For myself, I feel like I have plenty of good tobacco to last me the rest of my life, but there is always one more out there I want. Here is my current most wanted list...
  13. hiplainsdrifter

    A Brace of Chacoms

    [/url][/img] Just picked up these two beautiful 'estates', a Canadian and a billiard. Both have been smoked only once or twice. Both are Chacom straight grains. Both have impeccable drilling and draw. Chacom has never really been on my radar before, but that has definitely changed. These...
  14. hiplainsdrifter

    Expensive Pipe Tobacco...

    This one was originally listed for 200.00. That's 100.00/oz. For tobacco. I would love to have some of this in my cellar as it is the best Balkan I have tried, but it is pretty well out of the picture for me...
  15. hiplainsdrifter

    What is the BEST American Virginia blend?

    Looking for you nominations for your one (1) best American tinned Virginia blend. I have a cellar full of awesome English/Euro Virginia blends, but only a few American. VaPers are OK for your nomination, but nothing with latakia. My favorite thus far are some of the older vintages of...
  16. hiplainsdrifter

    Al Pascia- amazing tobacconist from Italy!

    I just place my first order with Al Pascia, and I am seriously impressed. On Sunday evening, I ordered a pipe. On Tuesday at lunchtime it was on my doorstep. Impeccably wrapped for protection, and even done up with a bow! This is seriously impressive customer service, and I will definitely...
  17. hiplainsdrifter

    Smoking in the wind

    I know that smoking a pipe in the wind is not great for achieving a good smoke, and hard on your pipe. But, I live in a windy place and I can't smoke indoors, so it is inevitable. Anyone experienced with smoking a pipe in windy conditions? Any tips for lighting and achieving a relatively...
  18. hiplainsdrifter

    Iwan Ries IRC Slices

    Just enjoyed my first bowl if this flake- pretty darn good! The presentation reminds me of something from MacBaren. Anyone know if Iwan Ries rebrands this stuff or is it a unique blend?
  19. hiplainsdrifter

    Germain Special Latakia Flake is Back!

    I have seen notifications from Iwan Ries, Pipes and Cigars, and Smokingpipes in the last two weeks, although they have been sold out by the time I saw them. I did snag a few tins from my semi-local B&M. From what I understand, dealers are getting only a few tins each. I wonder if Brown Flake...
  20. hiplainsdrifter

    Travelling to Mexico- bring cigars or buy them there?

    What's it like trying to go through airport security and customs with a handful of stogies? Would I be better off to buy some down there? I have heard that they like to push counterfeit Cubans on unsuspecting tourists.