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  1. aimlesswanderer

    Taking A Break

    Sorry guys, I'm going to bail for a while. Too much animosity around here lately. It doesn't make for pleasant reading. To those members attacking anyone who thinks differently to you, or are adamantly defending brands products or behaviours you feel are under attack, in time everyone will agree...
  2. aimlesswanderer

    Testing out new blends

    I don't have any routines, I just smoke it. If I like it, I keep smoking it. If I think it might work better in a different pipe, I try it. If I don't like it, I figure out what might be the best thing to mix it with to make it smokeable. Tobacco is too expensive to throw away over here.
  3. aimlesswanderer

    The Most Overrated Tobaccos

    My picks of most overrated would include: Anything that my regular supplier doesn't sell. Anything outside of my budget Anything that someone else raves about that I haven't tried yet SG 1792 Flake - that stuff is grim! :nana:
  4. aimlesswanderer

    British pipe tobacco adverts

    I was only a nipper when they were on the telly, but I do remember them
  5. aimlesswanderer

    buying my first pipe.

    Get a cob. Seriously! I learned with a cob and abused the heck out of it while trying to figure out what I was doing. That cob is now half wrecked, but if I'd done to a briar what I did to that cob, I wouldn't have been a happy bunny. Get a cob, stick with it till you feel competent, then go get...
  6. aimlesswanderer

    U.S. Factory Briars Fading Fast

    My meagre array of pipes will probably last me a couple of decades, so I'm not going to be much assistance here.... I might replace my Country Gentleman Cob, as that got horrendously abused when I was learning the pipe (trying to "force" it to stay lit with badly packed damp leaf), but I can't...
  7. aimlesswanderer

    Why Do I Ever Smoke Anything Else?

    I tend to keep going back to Coniston Cut Plug Unscented, although I do smoke the odd bowl of something else in and amongst just to break it up a bit. I could probably stick with CCP U/S, Condor, and something like MacBaren Cube or SG Palace Gate and not get bored oscillating between the three.
  8. aimlesswanderer

    New Parkers

    For those people who are saying that Parker is nothing to do with the Dunhill factory, I'll just leave this link here for where I bought my two last year. I hope this doesn't breach...
  9. aimlesswanderer

    An old friend ...

    I felt the same way when I tried Condor Long Cut for the first time. I have mainly stuck to GH and SG in my few years with the pipe, mainly because I know and love their range of snuffs. I tried Condor LC on a whim, and couldn't understand why the internet seemed to be against the supermarket...
  10. aimlesswanderer

    New Parkers

    I bought two new Parkers last year. Slight seconds. They are my two main briars, were drilled perfectly, and smoke great. They have quite an open draw, and I tend to give them a slightly firmer pack than I do with other pipes. However, I don't have a huge range of other briars, so I can't give...
  11. aimlesswanderer

    Is it evolving or desensitizing?

    I like cheesecake. I like bacon too. If I ate bacon and cheesecake all the time, I'd eventually tire of it. Nothing wrong with wanting change after a while.
  12. aimlesswanderer

    day after day

    It probably depends on the pipe, the smoker, and the blend. The pipe will let you know when it needs a break. After a couple of times of the pipe telling you "Enough!", you'll know how far you can push it.
  13. aimlesswanderer

    The desolation of pipe smoking

    Maybe one day it will disappear completely, but I'll be able to tell people I tried it, and I enjoyed it. The writing on the wall is one of the things that helps to prevent me getting too absorbed in this pastime. I intend to keep enjoying it while ever it's around, but not let it become so...
  14. aimlesswanderer

    The Collective State Of Affairs

    We still all value it differently though, some higher than others. Besides, I like to consider it a virtue rather than a vice :P
  15. aimlesswanderer

    Seeking Suggestions - Best Pipe For A Quick Smoke

    I like the extinguishing trick! I regularly smoke my pipes in instalments, and just set my pipes aside when I've reached a certain level of contentment (even with small bowled pipes). However, I have often revisited pipes to discover they've kept smouldering after I've set them down, and there's...
  16. aimlesswanderer

    Pipeteriosclerosis of the Bowl

    Impressive! Both pics!
  17. aimlesswanderer

    The Collective State Of Affairs

    I want pipe tobacco. I don't NEED pipe tobacco. That simple realisation is enough for me if I get tempted to add more tobacco or peripherals than necessary to my order. However, there are people who genuinely feel they NEED pipe tobacco, and often in large quantities too. I don't judge those...
  18. aimlesswanderer

    Corn Cob Buying Advice

    I let crap build up beneath the inserted stem, and in time it will almost form a regular chamber bottom. I've never really had a problem with tight or loose stems, but there's plenty of info around on how to address it if it doesn't cure itself.
  19. aimlesswanderer

    The "Tobacco Snobs" Thread That Got Closed

    Dave, I doubt I'll get too carried away, as I don't have the funds and my primary tobacco pleasure lies in other products. I've enjoyed the second half of a bowl of Coniston Cut Plug this afternoon, but been dipping in and out of several English snuff blends throughout the day. Snuff is the meat...
  20. aimlesswanderer

    The "Tobacco Snobs" Thread That Got Closed

    I may be guilty internally of a little reverse snobbery. I do have a kind of pride that I can enjoy the pipe so humbly, without "needing" expensive pipes or chasing grail blends. I find it liberating be be this easily satisfied when others spend so much in search of pleasure. I do however try to...