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  1. mawnansmiff

    Anyone Else Collect Antiquarian Or Rare Books?

    I've been a casual collector of antique dictionaries for quite some years but more recently I've branched out into other books, the older the better. That said, I don't just buy any old book, it has to interest me and be of an educational nature. My oldest book thus far was printed in London...
  2. mawnansmiff

    Thinking Of Giving Up Drinking Alcohol?

    What led this guy to these extremes is beyond me but it still made me chuckle. Perhaps he had a screw loose? If so, he certainly nailed it. Kilogram of nails, screws and knives removed from man's stomach - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  3. mawnansmiff

    RIP Alan Lancaster Bassist For Status Quo.

    I saw Quo in their heyday when they were a proper rocker's band before they went chasing the charts. Astonished Alan Lancaster was only 72, I thought he was much older. I'll be playing my double vinyl Quo Live from circa 1976 later tonight. Status Quo bassist Alan Lancaster dies aged 72 -...
  4. mawnansmiff

    RIP Michael K Williams. The Wire & Boardwalk Empire Star.

    Very surprised to hear of this guy's demise at 54. I loved his character 'Chalky White' in Boardwalk and the no holds barred drug robber in The Wire, both very powerful characters. I'll toast him tonight with my 10PM bourbon shot. The Wire star Michael K Williams found dead - BBC News...
  5. mawnansmiff

    Just Discovered A New Bourbon.....Anyone Here Tried It?

    I just went on to Amazon to see what bourbons were on special offer and spotted one I've never see before so perhaps it's a recent addition to their lineup. It's a Jim Beam product called Legent and is 47% ABV. Mind you at £44.73 + £5.95 delivery (70cl) it might be a while afore I try it...
  6. mawnansmiff

    This Has to be the Most Frivolous of Frivolous Law Suits.

    Is this guy for real or is the story an early April Fool joke? For starters, the story says the guy's parents never authorised the picture's use but later states the band promised to cover his genitals with a sticker.....something doesn't add up there. Plus, the guy did further similar photo...
  7. mawnansmiff

    I Just had to Share this Whacky News Story!

    This story to me epitomises eccentric British humour. I wonder if he'll be visiting Gropecu*t Lane on his travels! I love the town of Dull in Scotland paired with Boring in Oregon. UK's rude place names to be toured by man on moped - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  8. mawnansmiff

    Questionable Picture From The Olympics.

    Does anyone else see a woman's muff at 16 seconds on this BBC clip? I saw this on their website this morning but have just now seen it shown on the midnight news on TV. Am I seeing things :( Your thoughts guys please. Tokyo Olympics: Capturing the perfect moment - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  9. mawnansmiff

    RIP Jackie Mason 1928-2021.

    I never knew this guy was a rabbi in his earlier years :oops: Not seen anything of him in years so I assumed he had already gone. Jackie Mason, rabbi turned comedian, dies aged 93 - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  10. mawnansmiff

    Sad Events In Miami.

    Read about it earlier and now seen footage of the building collapse in Florida on Sky News at midnight BST. Jaw droopingly mad to watch but I was much heartened to watch the emergency folks rising to the task and risking their own by rummaging through the rubble looking for hidden survivors...
  11. mawnansmiff

    Man With 38 Wives & 89 Children Suffers From Hypertension. Really?

    I should imagine he suffered much more than just hypertension. Ziona Chana: Head of 'world's largest family' dies in India's Mizoram state - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  12. mawnansmiff

    Unfortunate Christian & Surnames.

    Whilst doing some more genealogical research into my family I stumbled upon this poor chap..... Name: Wellington Boot Age: 32 Estimated Birth Year: 1869 Relation to Head: Son Gender: Male Father: William Boot Mother: Louisa Boot Birth Place: Sauston, Cambridgeshire, England...
  13. mawnansmiff

    When Is $20 Worth $18.9m?

    This beauty looks more like a medallion than a coin. I remember once reading how it was illegal to own one of these but never had it explained to me why this was the case. I believe the same applies to the feathers of a bald eagle. US Double Eagle gold coin sold for record $18.9m - BBC News...
  14. mawnansmiff

    Where are We Flying to Today?

    I see today is National Paper Airplane Day in America. How long this has been going on I wouldn't know but it sounds quite a hoot. We used to design and make all kinds of paper planes as kids, I recall one kid called Jeremy somehow managed to always get his planes to fly the furthest and one...
  15. mawnansmiff

    RIP Jim Steinman. Dies Aged 73.

    The man behind Meatloaf bows out. What a talent he had, will be sadly missed. Jim Steinman: Tributes paid to 'the Wagner of rock' - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  16. mawnansmiff

    RIP: Joseph Siravo, Star Of The Sopranos & Jersey Boys Dies Aged 64.

    I recently bought The Sopranos boxed set so have that pleasure to come. Joseph Siravo: The Sopranos and Jersey Boys star dies aged 64 - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  17. mawnansmiff

    RIP: Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh.

    Aged 99, Prince Philip passes at Windsor Castle. Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  18. mawnansmiff

    First Superman Comic Sells For $3.25 Million: Bargain Or Bull?

    Originally selling for 10 cents in 1938 (when many thousands were printed) some guy has just splashed out $3.25 million for the comic marking Superman's debut. Did he get a bargain or was he bamboozled? $3.25 million could buy one heck of a lifestyle, though I suppose the buyer already has one...
  19. mawnansmiff

    So, Who has been Hoarding All the Tomato Ketchup, Then?

    US restaurants face ketchup packet shortage amid Covid pandemic You can forget toilet rolls, ketchup is the new unicorn. US restaurants face ketchup packet shortage amid Covid pandemic - BBC News Regards, Jay.
  20. mawnansmiff

    Anyone Recognise Their Town Here?

    "British photographer Daniel Freeman travelled more than 25,000 miles (40,000km) across the US to capture scenes of small towns lit only by streetlights, shop fronts and moonlight." Photographing the "endless diversity" of America by streetlight - BBC News These photographs have a certain...