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  1. toobfreak

    General Discussion

    Food & Drink - Restaurants and at Home - Recipes Too – Share your experiences with food, drinks, wine, recipes, restaurants, etc. General Discussion – Talk about the weather, movies, TV, books, magazines and your favorite color (read: most anything) Maybe I've missed something here?
  2. toobfreak

    Old Ideas Die Hard

    No, I'm not talking about the idea that Frank will get his Chipmunk behind bars and out the door before the advent of Summer, I'm talking about the realization of how few good new ideas are really out there! Be it on television or on the cinema, there is little new stuff to attract me. The...
  3. toobfreak

    Guitar Legend Funeral

    Not many showed much awareness when announced that Alan Holdsworth died recently. I just caught this human interest story that if you don't already know, are a fan or of musical interest, you might find interesting: Holdsworth Funeral
  4. toobfreak

    RIP: Strange Events

    RIP, Bill O'Reilly, I don't know what is stranger, that Fox News canned your show overnight and without warning, the centerpiece of its news federation that built the network over the past 20 years despite being the most popular show they had just because of allegations which Bill firmly denied...
  5. toobfreak

    Not Very

    Was on the phone making an appointment with a dentist's office and she was going down the line: Name? Address? DOB? Insurance? Then she got to asking: SOCIAL? And I answered: Not very. She didn't like that. :mrgreen:
  6. toobfreak

    The Pipe Test

    I was running a thought experiment the other day asking myself what people like about their pipes. I mean, some people go out spending $800 for a Dunhill, BBB or Barling, others swear by Savinellis, Petes, Big Bens, Ascortis, etc., and while a lot of it is antique, collector, and rarity issues...
  7. toobfreak

    RIP Alan Holdsworth

    British guitarist Alan Holdsworth passes away at age 70. He was fairly well known both as a sideman in several big rock bands but also for leading some of his own.
  8. toobfreak

    Last Person Born In The 1800's Dies

    The last person known verified to have been born in the 19th Century (1899) just passed away at the age of 117, and is one of the five known oldest people ever. Interesting reading, especially how she lived against her doctor's advice! She had already lived a pretty full life by the time the...
  9. toobfreak

    Honorable Mention, RIP:

    I don't normally mention deaths like this because most people mainly focus on names they know, famous, household names, entertainers and the like, but I felt this man, probably unknown to all of us, deserved mention for his staggering contributions. Robert Taylor, 85 when he passed away on the...
  10. toobfreak

    The Well Tailored Smoker

    If you smoke a pipe and want to look your best, rather than buy shirts from the store that just sort of fit, you can now download an app into your cellphone that will actually measure you to a tee, 20% better than a tailor they say, and for $69, give you a premium shirt delivered to your door...
  11. toobfreak

    Missing Tags

    Thought some of you might be interested in this: Recovered Dogtags
  12. toobfreak

    Didn't See This One Coming (Another Unexpected Death)

    J. Geils, of the J. Geils band, guitarist, has passed away at the age of 71! Attributed to natural causes. He was the author of several really big classic hits still played often today, left music for auto racing for a while, then came back to music in the '90's.
  13. toobfreak

    Are You Kidding Me?

    Doctor is assaulted and forcibly dragged off airline for not giving up seat: United
  14. toobfreak


    Whenever your day is just going badly, your favorite pipe has cracked, your wife just accidentally caught your best tobacco set out for drying with the vacuum, you can't find your lighter and you haven't a match in the house and no one on your street smokes, the TV has gone on the fritz 30...
  15. toobfreak

    Don Rickles Just Passed Away

    Comedian Don Rickles is dead at age 90. I sure will miss his zany humor.
  16. toobfreak

    Line Expansion

    With the looming FDA, I'm surprised to see some of the expanding lines (perhaps started before the FDA thing), but hear little/no talk of them. Has anyone tried Golden Triangle and do you taste any significant differences between the different Perique varietals? What about the Gurkha blends? I...
  17. toobfreak

    Reality Television

    Used to be that you watched TV to get as far away from reality as possible, but these days I wonder how real many of the reality TV shows are? Does anyone ever watch Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet) or Mountain Monsters (Destination America)? I really enjoy both programs but it makes me wonder...
  18. toobfreak

    The Final Stretch

    The moment is close approaching when I cross the line of that holy grail of grails, that of going into the four-digit post territory! It will be here sooner than you know---- quick! It is still not too late to bump me off the forum! :mrgreen: Surely, this must be one of the great moments in...
  19. toobfreak

    And Now For A Better Topic

    It has really been the dregs these past few days, it seems that the more substantive the topic, the quicker it shorts out across the wires and blows the mains. So I've been really wondering, I see all kinds of bargain blends out there, stuff that SWR, CH and Capt. Black are a step up from! And...
  20. toobfreak

    Happily Bulkin' Up

    Can't believe no one has commented on the bulk sale now going on at P&C. Got their mag today in the mail and they have blends on sale for as low as 68¢ an ounce! Lane as low as $1.62 an ounce. Dunhill as low as $2.73 an ounce. Russ' Blends as low as $1.84 an ounce. Balkan Supreme as low as...