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  1. gwtwdbss

    The Old Cajun Strikes Again ~ What A Guy!

    A wonderful package arrived today from LA today. Bradley knew I was having a bit of trouble acquiring Mulberry wood for a shape 91(or was as Ed found a source the other day). Being the gentleman that he is, the Old Cajun pulled this beautiful Mulberry off the rack and sent it to me. It is an Ed...
  2. gwtwdbss

    First Ingo Garbe ~ Liverpool ~ From Neat Pipes

    I was hesitant to post this one in fear of being touted as one if the Sinister Six as a known member of the notorious six owns a Garbe Luverpool as well. However, I decided I would as a thank you to one if our fine sponsors This is my second pipe from them and I am very pleased...
  3. gwtwdbss

    Rad Davis Seven Day Set ~ Double Mahogany Blast ~ With Matching Neal Yarm Stand

    Hello all, as promised here are the pipes together along with with stand. I wish the pics would have turned out a bit better but you can get the idea. The lightning wasn't the best in the house and the its been raining off and on all day so I didn't not want to take pics outside for fear of...
  4. gwtwdbss

    A Beautiful Gift From Neal Yarm ~ Pipe Not Included

    I mentioned yesterday on another thread that I purchased a Neal Yarm pipe stand. He sent me an email later that he was throwing in a single pipe stand to celebrate his 60th birthday. Today he send me some pics. This one is made of black palm and briar burl with a mahogany base. I think my new Ed...
  5. gwtwdbss

    Rad Davis Seven Day Set, Pipe # 7~ Double Mahogany Blast Capped Rhodesian

    The day is finally here. My Rad Davis seven day set is complete. It took quite a while but it was certainly worth the wait. Dimensions are: Overall: 1 7/8 x 5 1/8 Bowl: 13/16 x 1 5/8 Weight: 53 grams The stem is cumberland with an inlay of spalted tamarind. Here are links to the...
  6. gwtwdbss

    My First Morta ~ Crafted By Ed James ~ Smooth Bent Dublin

    I just received a much anticipated email from Ed. I am in the process of commissioning a couple of pipes from him. My first Morta is shined up and ready to go! I am extremely pleased with the way this one turned out. It is 5 3/8" long, bowl is 2 1/4" tall, 1 3/4" wide at the rim, chamber is...
  7. gwtwdbss

    Happy Birthday Russ!

    On this day, in the not so distant past, one of the finest men to grace our hobby was born. Happy birthday buddy!
  8. gwtwdbss

    Feels Like I just Won The Lottery

    Hi all. Yesterday 50 tins of my beloved BCDF was shipped to me. This pushes me to My initial goal of 100 tins but after yesterday's acquisition I am going for 300+. First 5 PM'd get a tin for $14 shipped priority mail. I am losing money in this offer but it is something I have to do.
  9. gwtwdbss

    Rad Davis Seven Day Set, Pipe # 6 ~ Double Mahogany Blast Calabash

    Rad made my day today with the completion of my first Calabash. This will be also be my first Rad with a 2014 date stamp. It couldn't have came at a better time as my break starts tomorrow and I will be home to receive this one. I am certainly looking forward to adding this beautiful piece to my...
  10. gwtwdbss

    Latest Jerry Crawford ~ Tan Blasted Bent Brandy

    Jerry finished the commission I placed with him about 3 - 4 weeks ago today. I love this shape and even though the briar was a bit stubborn on the blast, I think it was nicely done. Jerry, certainly is pleasure to work with. I really enjoy his craftsmanship and eye for detail.
  11. gwtwdbss

    Do On To Others As You Would Have them Do Onto You.

    It must be that time of year again when we all are stir crazy and have cabin fever. Rest assured that winter is almost over and it is time for the green grass to grow, an springtime, butterflies, and laughter. Let us always be mindful that this is Kevin's website. Not ours. I humbly ask that we...
  12. gwtwdbss

    New Profile Pic, Don't Be Alarmed, Still The Same Ole Me (Chris/gwtwdbss)

    Hey all, I changed my profile pic from Rush's Fly By Night - Owl album cover to an actual pic of my ugly mug. I am sporting some new Gucci specs in this one as the LASIK I got in my early 30's is beginning to wear off after about 10 years or so. I am 20/25 without glasses. Nerdy as they may be...
  13. gwtwdbss

    My Second Castello Old Antiquari ~ This One From Marty Pulvers

    As mentioned in a previous thread Castello Old Antiquari, I have been eyeing Old Antiquari's lately. When Marty Pulver offers you a fantastic deal, It's best to go with it. This one will be for Va's of course. Thank you Marty
  14. gwtwdbss

    March Is Almost Here...Don't Forget The Wind Cap!

    Hey all, I just wanted to throw this out there since March typically known as a windy month. This little $1.44 insurance policy can save your pipe(especially one that has not been broken in yet). If you are an outdoor smoker like me, this little device can surely protect your briar on those...
  15. gwtwdbss

    My New Castello Old Antiquari,, & Penzance

    Thanks to I have located a beautiful Castello Old Antiquari. I have been in the market for an Old Antiquari for some time but have yet to find one I truly liked on the estate market. I saw this one on the website the other day and really liked the lines and look of this one. As...
  16. gwtwdbss

    My First Phillip Trypis ~ Compliments of Smokeybear

    Wow, what a wonderful gift of a lovely Rhodesian. The pipe is approximately group 3 in size and my first Rhodesian. I always heard Rhody's smoke great and I have had a commission in with Rad Davis since before he took ill. Well my wait to try this shape is over thanks to Smokeybear. I can tell...
  17. gwtwdbss

    RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    God Speed Plutarch Heavensbee One of my favorite Actors. Herion is just deadly :/
  18. gwtwdbss

    Friends Are Important In Life

    I have an ill friend down in LA. Seems like the most influential chaps in my little circle are becoming sick Lately. I just wanna spread a little love and thoughts his way. Sending him a little Murray's Nightcap. If you all know a friend that is feeling down, It may be a good idea to send a...
  19. gwtwdbss

    Let's Keep Rad Davis In Our Thoughts And Prayers

    Guys, Some of you may know that Rad had a heart attack last week. Rad is one on the nicest guys in the business and a superb carver. Let's raise a bowl to his speedy recovery and send some well wishes his way.
  20. gwtwdbss

    I Just Made Mrs Jones Day ~ Easter Weekend 2014

    I am really looking forward to this trip. She has had Zip-lining on her bucket list for as long as I can remember. It will certainly be a fun weekend for just the two of us. Staying at: