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  1. Bowlsmoker67

    Rattrays pipes

    Thinking about purchasing a new pipe. Possibly one from Rattrays , does anyone have any experience with them ?
  2. Bowlsmoker67

    All Day Smoke

    What's the smoothest / tastiest all day burley Virginia blend that's ribbon or shag cut that's a non aromatic
  3. Bowlsmoker67

    Smoking Times

    How many times a day do you smoke a pipe and what's your go to tobacco ?
  4. Bowlsmoker67

    Perfect Morning Smoke

    Smoking ratrays marlin flake , perfect morning start.
  5. Bowlsmoker67

    C and D

    Enjoying some exhausted rooster from c&d in a new corn cob
  6. Bowlsmoker67


    Does anyone have a review on rattrays old Gowrie or marlan flake ?
  7. Bowlsmoker67

    Royal Twist

    Tried a tin of Mac Barens royal twist , stuff is amazing. Burns cool , tastes amazing and stays lit through the whole bowl. Hoping smoking pipes gets more in soon !
  8. Bowlsmoker67

    Luxury Navy Flake

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) What's everyone's thought on Pete stokkebye luxury navy flake ?
  9. Bowlsmoker67

    Royal Twist

    Has anyone tried macbarens royal twist
  10. Bowlsmoker67

    Favorite Pipes

    What's everyone's favorite pipe at this time ?
  11. Bowlsmoker67


    Title changed for clarity, same with o.p. What's everyone's favorite Va-Per?
  12. Bowlsmoker67

    New Member

    From upstate NY
  13. Bowlsmoker67

    New Member

    Hello , loving some haunted bookshop