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  1. seanv

    Ennerdale Flake

    How do you prefer to prep the Bosun Plug? I have some jarred and I'm itching to try it
  2. seanv

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2021?***

    MB Burley Flake in a Savinelli Punto Oro 615
  3. seanv

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2021?***

    GH Best Brown 2 in a small Chacom Prestige
  4. seanv

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2021?***

    About to fire up some half and half in its dedicated cob
  5. seanv

    Christmas In October

    @ben88 is the man
  6. seanv

    The Lee Hidden Screw Stem

    Thanks for the info. You post about these pipes often and it has sparked my interest. I would like to find a Lee pipe and restore it back to life.
  7. seanv

    What tobacco can replace SG FVF?

    Hoping for a release soon. Thanks for the heads up
  8. seanv

    My Sunday Pipe Project Dr. Grabow Omega

    Looks good. Nice work
  9. seanv

    Rattrays pipes

    I have a Marlin shape 1. It is a very good smoker
  10. seanv

    Something For Me to Think About

    That's not a bad thing. If you know your favorites and enjoy them that's great, but sometimes it is nice to toss in a new blend from time to time.
  11. seanv

    Is This Damaging?

    I'll be watching for a recommendation as well
  12. seanv

    Does tobacco that has been well stored for more than 20 years get better?

    Lots of good points in this thread. I choose to store my tobacco in 1 oz portions in small jars for this very reason. I'll likely smoke a 1 oz portion quicker than a full 2 oz.
  13. seanv

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2021?***

    Drying out some Chelsea Morning. I bought this tin and jarred it in early 2019. Very excited to try it today. I'll be smoking it in a patent era Brigham pot shape that is used for English blends.
  14. seanv

    Fury v Wilder 3

    Great fight. Wilder got away from the jab and started throwing haymakers. Fury took advantage. Wilder will be back and will mow through most competition for the next year or two. I think Usyk beats Joshua again and then defeats Fury next year. This is good for the sport and very exciting for...
  15. seanv

    Fury v Wilder 3

    Frank Sanchez can box. Wow. He has been on my radar for a while now. That wasn't exactly thrilling but it was a clinic. He neutralized his opponent and nearly finished the job. I'll be watching what's next for him.
  16. seanv

    Fury v Wilder 3

    Wilder looks ready. He is coming in heavy though. He will need to be fast and athletic as usual. He needs to jab and box and not throw random haymakers. Pick the shots. Fury needs to keep the pressure on and be patient on the big shots. Keep the jab going and look to set up the big shots. Lay...
  17. seanv

    Fury v Wilder 3

    He needs to use his size to tire out and bully Usyk. Box inside and wear him down. The size difference between these two is huge. Easier said than done however as Usyk is a technically sound as anyone in the sport.
  18. seanv

    Another Small Batch Coming Soon.

    I might grab 2 tins but likely not. I'm holding out for some other stuff at the moment.
  19. seanv

    HU Director's Cut

    I would think that HU needs KK more than KK needs HU so it's probably a too bad if you don't like it situation
  20. seanv

    New Sales/Discounts....

    Good to know but I am good It was off their site this am when I logged in to buy some Granger 🎃