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    Free Sample - Wilke Sweet Street (08/28/21)

    Wilke Pipe Tobacco - Sweet Street (2 ounces minus three bowls) as per tobacco reviews: Toasty, nutty, earthy, woody burley with sugary black cavendish plays a support role. The rich rum topping takes a very small lead over the toasty nougat, followed by the chocolate and vanilla. Preferably...
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    Electric Vehicles

    With the push toward more and more electric vehicles, has the increased demand on power plants (not necessarily environmentally friendly) that produce the electricity been taken into consideration? Also, I thought LPG powered trucks and other heavy equipment was was a good, clean alternative to...
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    Free Shipping

    Not sure where to put this: has free shipping special ends soon. Promo code 'dad'. I ordered 2 ounces to see if it would give the special to any amounts purchased. It took off the $7.85 shipping fee, so zero cost shipping!
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    Reverse Calabash

    I don’t understand calabash vs reverse calabash. Are there any cut-away drawings that explain what happens to the smoke in both pipes?
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    If you remove a stinger from a production pipe that you like the looks of, does that ruin the pipe?
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    Brigham Pipe

    I saw a picture of the Brigham 2020 Pipe of the Year. It's very pretty.
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    Dorisco Mixture

    I read a review of this on TR just recently. I remember I tried it many years ago. If I recall correctly, it was a pleasant smoke. I don't know why I didn't keep it around. I'll have to revisit it. My tin had the design on it like on TR, not the design currently on SP.
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    Pipe You Really Like

    What if you found a pipe you really, really like the looks of (bowl, stummel, and shank) but the stem is the only thing you don't particularly like about the pipe (material, color, shape, etc.) Would you take a pass on the pipe? Buy the pipe and just use it as is? Buy the pipe and have a stem...
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    Meerschaum Pipe Prices

    It seems to me since I started smoking way back when, that meerschaum pipes have risen in price faster than briar pipes have. It's true that I wasn't aware of artisan briar pipes until about 10 years ago. It's just an observation with no facts to back it up. 😁
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    Has anyone used granular Perique to add to their blends? I've only used ribbon form. I wonder if the granular form works well.
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    Pipes and Cigars Sale

    I got an email from P&C stating they had a sale on some tobaccos. When I checked the Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic 1.4 ounce pouch, it said msrp $8.09 on sale for $5.94, $5.35 a pouch if you buy three or more. I went to my account on P&C and in my 'saved' section, the SWRA pouches were $5.35 a...
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    Pipe Tobacco Companies

    Do tobacco companies (specifically pipe tobacco companies) declare how much of their sales are in Europe, Asia, USA, etc.?
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    Does anyone know what the first review on Tobaccoreviews is (was)?
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    How do you pronounce Vauen?
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    Lepeltier Pipes

    Has anyone tried Lepeltier clay pipes. I had their basic design, the "burley" quite a few years ago. I broke it fiddling around try to enlarge the draught (spelling?) hole. While the tobacco chamber was a touch small, I really enjoyed it. Knowing then what I know now, I should have used it for...
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    Grandfather's Tobacco

    This was brought up kind of like a side bar in another thread, and it made me curious. My grandfather only had Prince Albert pipe tobacco, and King Edward cigars. I don't know when he started but he smoked until he passed in his early 80's. I believe he only had two pipes, the "pot" shape for...
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    Sale: Famous Smoke Shop

    I don't know if is technically a "sale" didn't know what else to call it. The free shipping promotion ends on July 12, 2020 at 11:59 PM EDT. No minimum purchase required
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    Meerschaum and Briar Quantity

    I was wondering how long the world's supply of meerschaum and briar is thought to last.