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  1. Jaylotw

    Native Brook Trout

    Are the most beautiful thing in nature. Elk County, PA. Caught on barbless hooks and released. Him and 17 others. My girlfriend, who holds a PhD in freshwater ecology and has spent countless hours sampling fish, has finally begun to understand my obsession with these fish. It's the places...
  2. Jaylotw

    MacBaren's Royal Twist First Impressions

    Oh lucky me. Not only do i have the morning off, but my SPC order arrived this morning! Two tins of Royal Twist. Of course i couldn't resist, so ill give my first (as I smoke my first bowl) impression: This is damn good, and I'm already pissed I only ordered two tins. Its not as spicy as...
  3. Jaylotw

    Getting Bored

    It’s not that exiting anymore. Not that it ever was that exciting, but lately I’ve found myself just kind of, I dunno, underwhelmed? with the whole experience. I smoked some 20 year old McClellend Anniversary to see if it would perk me up and get me back into it, but the whole thing just...
  4. Jaylotw

    Modern George Washington

    Thought you guys might find this kinda neat. Photorealistic recreation of what George Washington would look like if he was alive today
  5. Jaylotw

    Phrases, Words and Mispronunciations That Bother You

    I’ll start “Ree-See’s Pee-Sees” Caucus Be That As It May “Ick-specially” Synergy, Synergistic Prospectus Eatery Turquoise Tremendous Infotainment That’s all I’ve got for now. Feeling especially grouchy today and taking my anger out on language.
  6. Jaylotw

    I’m Ashamed

    I’ve been pronouncing it “Gra-BAW” and not “GRAY-bo.” I watched a video of the Grabow factory and was a little ashamed of myself. Please hold my pipe-smoker credentials for review. Thank you.
  7. Jaylotw

    Who Else Loves Old Gowrie?

    Old Gowrie is my favorite blend, of all time. I popped a tin for New Years and had a few smokes from it, and as always it ticks every box for me. For those who haven’t tried it, Old Gowrie is a broken flake of mature and fruity VAs, dark fired and some Perique. Back in the day, people swore...
  8. Jaylotw

    Packing For A Trip

    Yeah...I’ve got 12 blends. Five pipes, cleaners, tools lighters...three shirts, a pair of pants and enough undies to last me a month. Anyone else pack like this?
  9. Jaylotw

    Any Aquarium Keepers Here?

    I always had a tank growing when my girlfriend and I bought our house I had to get one...and then another...and then another...and then three fully stocked tanks at once...and now? It’s a hobby/chore/zen-achieving pastime. here are some pics of a few of my 8 tanks. The one of the...
  10. Jaylotw

    Rattray’s. When Did The Labels Change?

    Just ordered these two tins, different labels on em...anyone know when the change happened?
  11. Jaylotw

    Moldy Kendal Cream Flake

    Dammit! Moldy streak runs right through all of the flakes. Definitely fuzzy, nasty mold, and not sugar bloom. I sent an email off to the retailer, we’ll see how it plays out...
  12. Jaylotw

    Habana Daydream

    I’ve been really enjoying this one lately, just ordered a pound. I find the cigar leaf to be upfront in a really nice, creamy meld with just a hint of Latakia backing it up. The cavendish really sands off the burrs on the cigar leaf. Supposed to be some Perique, too, but I can’t detect it very...
  13. Jaylotw

    Sixpence...Did They Forget the Booze?

    So I just cracked a tin of Sixpence, one of my favorite GLPs...and was a little stunned that the boozy top note was nowhere to be found. Not even a hint of a hint. That, really, was my favorite part! Now, I understand the nature of top notes...they dissipate with time and exposure etc...but...
  14. Jaylotw

    A Good Oriental Forward Blend?

    Anyone have any good Va/Oriental blends to recommend? I’m looking for something where the oriental flavors are pronounced...something more than a “condimental” addition, and preferably without Latakia. Orientals are still the one leaf that I don’t get, at least not as clearly as the...
  15. Jaylotw

    How Important is Nicotine to You (After Quitting Cigs)

    I’m sure this has been asked a million times before, but I’m interested in everyone’s perspective because up until two months ago, i didn’t smoke a pipe necessarily for the nicotine as I was smoking cigarettes and getting massive doses of it. I smoked a pipe for taste, generally, with the nic...
  16. Jaylotw

    Irish Flake and a Drive

    I feel like telling a story. I spent most of my morning outside at a farmer’s market. Since this pandemic hit, things have been uncertain and today we tried a new thing-a drive through market. My boss and I thought it would be a shit it turns out, people were so happy, so excited...
  17. Jaylotw

    Back of the Cellar Finds

    Just did a little shufflin’ of my tobacco cabinet and took stock of things on this rainy morning. I’ve tended to stick to 15 regular rotation blends in the last 5 years or so, as a result some things have sat unnoticed I guess I’m generally aware of what’s stashed in there, but today I suppose...
  18. Jaylotw

    Good Source of Covid19 Info, Updated Nightly

    In a few threads here, the discussion on COVID has mentioned how hard it is to find a reliable source of info. There’s a guy on Imgur who does nightly posts, compilations of news, maps and general info-all the latest stuff with no drama or sensationalism in an easy to digest format. Here’s...
  19. Jaylotw

    C&D Yorktown

    After a bit of time with this, my first straight VA ribbon tobacco, I’m beginning to see it’s merits. Ordinarily, Big Bunches of Bright VAs Bring Bad Bite for me, and this blend isn’t any different...the first 1/4 bowl seems to be bitey and hot, although I’m willing to admit that I can smoke...
  20. Jaylotw

    Farmer’s Markets and Covid19

    I’m new around here, and I generally hate making statements such as these, but I want to get the word out that, as far as we know right now, farmer’s markets will still operate in some fashion or another during the outbreak, as the USDA as said that the markets are an essential element in the...