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  1. brewshooter

    In Stock - Lane's 1-Q

    Pretty much everywhere, get it before it all gets snatched up!!! :wink:
  2. brewshooter

    Brian Levine on Oom Paul?!!??

    So, our own Brian Levine is being interviewed on the Oom Paul radio show?!?!? Downloading it now.
  3. brewshooter

    A Pipe for Those Dark, Moonless Nights

    Well, I thought I wanted the Dracula pipe in the straight billiard, but when I saw this one I decided I liked it better: Dracula Pipe So many of the examples I've seen don't have a well defined black ribbon in the stem like this one. I have to decide what sufficiently evil blend to smoke in it...
  4. brewshooter

    Cheers Lads!

    Woke up early and took the motorcycle out to run a few errands. My Belgian Dubbel is kegged and in the lagering fridge and later I'll take the kids to the pumpkin patch and out to dinner. Right now, a little HRH Penzance, the King of English blends, in the new Storient PM2012 pipe and a mug of...
  5. brewshooter

    So many good blends, so little time!

    This post was prompted by my recent cracking of a tine of Rattray's Black Mallory. I know it gets decent reviews, but doesn't get a ton of mentions on a lot of threads. As I smoked it I found myself REALLY enjoy it and I began to ask myself, what other lesser known blends are out there for me...
  6. brewshooter

    Sharing the Love!

    Had a guy, okay technically two, ask me to take a hit off my pipe this weekend. I was at a homebrewing festival in Northern California and a club member asked if he could try it out. Normally I might say no, but he's a friend. He mentioned afterwards that he used to smoke a pipe and got heavy...
  7. brewshooter

    Pipe Tool Pick!

    Okay, never seen a poll on this. Just for fun, what's your preferred pipe tool, Czech tool, nail or special tamper? Personally, I'm a nail guy. I have several Czech tools, but the cheapo Chinese made nails are all I ever use.
  8. brewshooter

    A Perfect Pair of Petes!

    I told myself that, one day, they would be mine... ...and here they are!
  9. brewshooter

    Thanking the Sponsors...Whoops!

    Well, I ordered a couple of pipes last night, one from Cup O' Joes, never used them before, and another pipe from In my haste, I forgot to thank them for their sponsorship of this site!! Figured I'd post this as a reminder to others. There's usually a little comment section...
  10. brewshooter

    Stop me before I kill again!!!

    Kill my wallet that is. So, I've had a little money saved up for a while now and the Christmas shopping is all done. I've been wanting to add a nice meerschaum to my collection for quite some time. I have a cheap, sub $100 meer, that I enjoy, but I was looking for something nicer. There was a...
  11. brewshooter

    Is My Stem Repair Safe?

    Okay, I did a little research on this and I think I'm probably fine, but figured I'd double check. Yesterday, while tossing the ball with the kid, I had the grand idea of smoking a little 1776 Tavern in my relatively new Peterson. I don't know why I didn't grab one of my cobs. I just didn't...
  12. brewshooter

    New Peterson Silver Spigot

    Finally had to pick up a silver spigot and in green no less!!!!
  13. brewshooter

    Curse you Lawrence!!!!

    So, my latest order came in, a new lighter, some Blackpool and And So To Bed to add to the cellar and 4 oz of a mixture I've never tried, but heard so much about from a certain someone on this forum. So, add me to the list of 1-Q fans. Similar to Captain Black, quite mild. Even thought I...