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    What Is Your Standard For Deep Cleaning A Tobacco Pipe?

    The method I use is a hot al. Retort system. Pipe cleaners, flushing or bracer is better than nothing but the hot al. Sanitizes used wood, removes gosting when changing blends, opens pores of bowl. The only problem is that make sure your fire insurance is paid up.
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    Hey from PA

    Welcome from w. New York.
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    Tobacco trades and sales

    I wish that this section would loosen up on rules re tobacco trades and sales. Well understand pipe area should not become another e bay.
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    Smaller Pipes...

    I also have changed my taste for smaller size because of hand held logs of the past. Don’t mind frequent refills, find that less flavor change results.
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    Identify Shank?

    Don’t smoke it outside a blue bird might land on it.
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    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome from W.New York enjoy!
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    Show Us Your Unusual Pipes Here!

    Cats Paw pipe made by husband and wife team in Vermont?
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    Where Do You Dump Your Ashes?

    I use an old China spittoon that is tapered inside, pipe knocker on edge, side clean out but most ends up in my lap, crotch of leather chair or rug. My fire insurance is payed up.
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    Lightning a Pipe While It's Upside Down

    We have enough forest fires already to try this in the wind. As far as indoors, all my clothing have enough burn holes already.
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    Mega Meer

    It looks like the pipe was smoked in the case because it has top and side openings. Has silver inlayed band with loop for fancy thread attachment to original cherry long stem.
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    Mega Meer

    Check this one from my pile. XXXl meer estimate age 100 plus years old. 3 in. tall , 4 long shank 2. Made in Dresden. Ment to be smoked in case. Must have taken mucho years to color.
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    eBay has its way

    Recently sold item and couldn’t locate same to ship. Wanted to refund, then the fun began. Called help line and a very courteous but heavily accented person related that we could send them a gift card refund which was declined by us. The next step was to have buyer request refund. Finally when...
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    Adaptor Query.

    I like the balsa, they seem to give a better draw but use on several loads are rough.
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    Having Lighters Just To Look At

    I have a collection of fine looking lighters because most do not work well for the pipe. Many damaged the rims of my pipes or pooped out. Good old matches are best indoors and zippo side draft out.
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    Magnum Pipe

    Bought from the Bay because I recognized the last name of local maker. Only photo was from a distance with no measurements. Did I need two hands, use it for a paper weight or refit with a hooks hose. The wall of. Bowl is 1/2 inch, 3 1/2 tall, 2 1/2 wide. Upon smoking it was great, the stem...
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    New Meer Arrival

    Best carving work I have seen in long time for a modern pipe. Enjoy!
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    Newbie to the Site

    My buddy said he was a grouch but makes fine light weight pipes.
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    Newbie to the Site

    Have you visited Vesz shop at the Royal York hotel in Toronto? Buy all the Calich used wood you can find, the best secret in Canada.
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    Newbie to the Site

    Welcome from N Y. You had to mention taxes no better here, the only thing that made me feel good is that our Gov, went down in flames for fondling the ladies.
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    Found Gold

    Left wants at local antique shop, call this am resulted in this gem. XL Danish Karl Eric. Price $5, did I commit larceny?