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  1. SuitedAJ

    FS: Esoterica / Dunhill 9/14/2021

    Oh hell yeah! Me please!!
  2. SuitedAJ

    ***What Are You Smoking, September 2021?***

    Oooh jeally on the Rattray's EP! I've tried to find a tin of that forever to no avail! I saw I missed a big drop back in March from Top Hat Tobacco but alas I was too late. Enjoy!
  3. SuitedAJ

    Dunhill, Corallo, Il Ceppo, S&R and the latest from Dave Neeb just posted 9/5/21

    I meant specifically, you had 5 listed and the one I've circled in red in particular caught my eye lol
  4. SuitedAJ

    Brigham Non Systems

    I feel completely the same. Out of curiosity, do you have any photos of your old non-systems? I'm always curious to see what other styles and models were out there :)
  5. SuitedAJ

    Brigham Non Systems

    ...and a new baby joins the fold!!! :D
  6. SuitedAJ

    Brigham Non Systems

    I believe they may still have one left that's partially rusticated! It wasn't my style—I prefer smooth polished briar, but if that's your thing, I think it was about $150!
  7. SuitedAJ

    Brigham Non Systems

    I got into pipe smoking a bit over ten years ago, but in earnest, I consider really getting into it maybe two years ago now... When I first started, I had the pleasure and benefit of highly knowledgeable staff at our best local tobacconists here in Victoria, BC: Goodfellas Cigar Shop. At that...
  8. SuitedAJ

    FT - Various Blends (Tilbury, Margate, Stockton, ABF, etc…) 8/04/21

    Did that Margate go in the end...? I'm sure interested too if not!