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  1. papipeguy

    New Pot Shape Commission

    I decided to go a bit "old school" with my latest commission from local pipe maker, Jason Zeiner. I asked Jason for a classic pot shape with a full saddle stem. I let him run with it from there and, in my opinion, he knocked it out of the box. I'll collect the pipe at our next club meeting later...
  2. papipeguy

    Standard Tobacco Enters Into Agreement With STG

    Standard Tobacco and Scandinavia Tobacco Group's US subsidiary, Meiers & Dutch, have entered into a sales agreement for the trademarks of SToP's John Cotton, Bengal Slices, Murrays and Dobies pipe tobacco blends effective March 14, 2019. We are sure that M&D, through Pipes & Cigars, will...
  3. papipeguy

    Jason Zeiner Morta Bing

    Jason Zeiner is a pipe maker and member of our Lehigh Valley Pipe Club here in Bethlehem, Pa. He showed us his latest creation at our meeting tonight. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures but the pipe is a thing of beauty and engineering.
  4. papipeguy

    POY From B&M

    This is the 2018 POY from our local B&M. Made by Juan Urquiza of Bethlehem, Pa.
  5. papipeguy

    Pipe Club of London 2019 POY

    My PCoL 2019 POY Just arrived. Very nice looking piece with a very cool tamper and a note signed by Armellini Mauro (with affection). I'm very happy with this year's pick.
  6. papipeguy

    MWSMOKER's Kaywoodie Contest Pipe

    I had completely forgotten about this event until mwsmoker (Bob) PM'd me. The Kaywoodie Flame Grain is a lovely pipe. Bob really upped the ante by including 2 tins along with a beautiful personal hand-written note. Though it's been said thousands of times that the folks here are among the most...
  7. papipeguy

    New Morta Rhodesian

    I got this pipe yesterday from Bethlehem, Pa maker Juan Urquiza. Juan is a very talented maker and a member of our local pipe club. The unfinished morta works beautifully with the Cumberland stem.
  8. papipeguy

    My Daughter's Halloween Costume

    My daughter did herself up as a cartoon for her office Halloween costume day. Have to admit that she has some talent.
  9. papipeguy

    Smoker's Oasis

    We went to a wedding in Staten Island, NY this weekend. The Hilton knows how to cater to their smoking customers. Situated in a nice garden with an enclosed space at the rear for when it rains. I made good use of this space.
  10. papipeguy

    New B&M POY 2017

    This is the new POY from our local B&M, New Tobacco Village in Whitehall, Pa. Elegant and classy design is what the shop wanted and I think Jason delivered on all counts. The maker is local carver Jason Zeiner. This is my 2nd POY and 4th overall pipe from Jason.
  11. papipeguy

    A Surprise Gift From My Daughter

    This was a very welcome surprise from my daughter. Peterson XL90 in blue with a yellow stem. Looking forward to breaking it in tonight.
  12. papipeguy

    Decent Afternoon At The B&M

    I stopped by the B&M for my weekly box of cigars just as th UPS man was dropping off some boxes of C&D blends. I felt compelled to lighten the load a bit.
  13. papipeguy

    Works For Me

  14. papipeguy

    2017 POY- Pipe Club of London- Pictures

    The PCoL 2017 POY is made by Mastro de Paja. The 4 month wait was certainly worthwhile.
  15. papipeguy

    Two New Ferndown Pipes- Pictures

    I got these 2 beauties last night. Their maiden voyages will be tonight.
  16. papipeguy

    Amorelli Chicago Slow Smoke Pipe- Pictures

    The United Pipe clubs of America made the slow some competition pipe available to members who won't be at the show. I got 9 of these for some of our local club members. $50.00 for an Amorelli is a steal in my book.
  17. papipeguy

    Presbyterian- The Drink

    Since my post on Rusty Nails I got to thinking if there are any drinks that share a name with pipe blends and the only one I can think of is Presbyterian. Scotch (or any other whiskey) with equal parts of ginger ale and club soda. Anyone got any other drinks that share names with blends?
  18. papipeguy

    Rusty Nail

    My traditional drink on Good Friday is a Rusty Nail. Blasphemous? Undoubtedly. Delicious? Absolutely.
  19. papipeguy

    GQ Tobacco- A New Dawn

    I got this in a email this morning. A New Dawn When i started GQ Tobaccos 3 years ago, i never expected legislation to go the way it did. I built GQ Tobaccos to offer the Traditional Tobacconist experience online. From custom hand mixed blends, to small batch productions from some of the worlds...
  20. papipeguy

    Pipe Smoker's Laws

    One of our pipe club members posted this on our FB page. It took all of 3 minutes to adopt these as ur club by-laws.