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  1. bootlegbonvivant

    New nosewarmer Ryan Alden

    Enjoying first break-in smoke with Penzance and a side of Macallan 15yr 20170126_183757 by Shaun Dollins, on Flickr
  2. bootlegbonvivant

    Early Birthday Present

    My new birthday present came today and I just couldn't wait to open the box. I'm sitting here smoking this monster of a pipe and enjoying the living hell out of it! Definitely not a clencher, lol. Meet my Poul Winslow EG Slipper
  3. bootlegbonvivant

    Lanier Pipe Smokers Club

    I'd like to officially introduce the community to Lanier Pipe Smokers Club. Our first meeting was yesterday, 2/12/12. We had 6 people total for our first meeting and it was a lot of fun and conversation. I also will have an email group set so that I can send updates and possibly photos through...
  4. bootlegbonvivant

    Can't Pay $400 For A Dog Turd

    I'm sorry, but this one gets the ugly pipe of the day from me... Nording
  5. bootlegbonvivant

    Attention NE Georgia Pipe Smokers - NEW club starting up!

    Along with Nmbigfoot02, Cyndi and I have been working on starting up a pipe club in the Buford/Flowery Branch/Gainesville area. We have secured a location, this location DOES allow indoor smoking, and available adult beverages. Can you believe it? There is a catch, however. Ideally, I was...
  6. bootlegbonvivant

    The French Invaded!

    PAD got the best of us as Cyndi really needed/wanted a new quality pipe and I celebrated with a pipe because I had just received a $4.50 raise at work. Meet our new Butz Choquin Mirage pipes! Mine is a shape 1789 seen here: And Cyndi's new Butz Choquin Mirage shape 1310.
  7. bootlegbonvivant

    Stanwell Rubberized Pipe?

    Gonna get the freak on with this one! I wonder if it bounces when you drop it... Edit: Added picture, Bubba
  8. bootlegbonvivant

    1948 Stanwell Freehand

    I'd received this pipe from, I think, portascat a few months ago, but cannot find the picture that was posted at the time. After some investigation and information received from Baskerville regarding Cyndi's Stanwell volcano, I found out that this pipe also had a patent number dating it to 1948...
  9. bootlegbonvivant

    Bowls per Tin

    I was thinking and out of curiosity, has anyone calculated, or followed how many bowls of tobacco a 2oz tin of tobacco will fill? I understand there are factors such as bowl size and how a person packs, but that's not that important. Just an average.
  10. bootlegbonvivant

    Coming soon from this pipesmoker

    I just received my order from Pipe Maker's Emporium. 2 pre-drilled briar blocks, 1 non-drilled block and the assortment of leather dyes. And, Arthur, you were right, they have some of the best service. Placed my order on Sunday, late night, and received my package today. That's right, I'm about...
  11. bootlegbonvivant

    Day of antiquing (pic heavy)

    We spent the afternoon checking out the once-a-month antique mall and a few other shops. Sad thing is, someone in the area cleaned out some of the vendors and their pipes. Apparently, most of them were good pipes as well. Oh well, we say and continue on. By the end of the day, we ended up with...
  12. bootlegbonvivant

    How does this pirate enjoy his tobacco?

    In my brand new La-z-boy recliner with Mac Baren HH Acadian Perique in my Catini fan pipe and a glass of 9yrs. 9 mos. old Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon, straight from the barrel (55.6% alc) oooooooooo yeeeaaaahhhhh! :puffy: Only thing that makes this better is being able to enjoy it after...
  13. bootlegbonvivant

    Okay Guys...

    No more suggesting tobacco for awhile... :nana: I just placed a $300 order for my next round of baccy. Also, just got my 8oz bag of Penzance from Cup O' Joes this afternoon. :puffy:
  14. bootlegbonvivant

    Whoa, I changed color!

    500 posts already?!
  15. bootlegbonvivant

    New Restorations (Pic Heavy)

    These are all pipes that I've been working on lately and had finished. The last three pipes, the Danmore, Calabash, and the MacDonald's pipes were all of the set I received in March from the mid 60's to mid 70's. Mauro Armellini 302 Mauro Armellini 704 Kaywoodie Standard 805...
  16. bootlegbonvivant

    Soothing the TAD

    Last weekend, I came home with an 8oz bag of Bill Bailey's Best Balkan and Solani's 779 Gold Label. Tonight/this morning, I have now officially bought more tobacco than I have ever bought at one time. And, these are blends I've never tried. So here goes the adventure! Btw, I didn't plan out any...
  17. bootlegbonvivant

    Favorite Tamper

    If you have a pic of it, show it. But where did you find yours, or did you make it? I have a full briar tamper made by Pipa Croci from Denmark that I bought from Smitty's Cigar & Tobacco in Gainesville, GA. Cyndi is trying to find something she likes that doesn't cost too much, or have me make...
  18. bootlegbonvivant

    Meerschaum help

    I found this pipe in an antique store this past weekend while out with, Cyndi. It's a gorgeous piece, just doesn't have a stem. Looking at it, it seems like it had some kind of cap, but I'm not sure what would be the best to repair it. Any thoughts? Fred, I'd seen the links you posted on the...
  19. bootlegbonvivant

    Memorial Day

    Just wanted to take a moment to give a pipe salute to those who are doing military service and those who have in the past. With all of our problems in the U.S., we're still citizens of a great country. The blood sweat and tears of those lost or fallen is remembered by many, including me. Happy...
  20. bootlegbonvivant


    While my lovely wife and I were smoking a pipe today, Cyndi found this article and sent to my email. Very interesting as I've only used matches a few times and never really paid any attention to the dynamic changes in my smoking experience between lighters and matches. I know many of you have...