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  1. Jaylotw

    pipe tobacco language

    I get where you're coming from. My favorite tasting note was always "nuances of toast and maraschino cherry skins." It just sounded like BS to me, until I really started to key in to certain flavors like the grassy/citrus notes of certain VAs, and then from there it was like "this one is more...
  2. Jaylotw

    How Many Bowls are Sufficient to "Try" a New (to You) Blend?

    If it's awful, like Borkum Riff Whiskey, I know within the first couple puffs. Almost every other blend, it takes just a bowl or two before I decide if I like it. But really, I enjoy almost every blend I come across and each one I tackle with the idea that I'll figure it's nuances out as I go...
  3. Jaylotw

    What's the worst blend you've tried?

    Borkum Riff Whiskey. It's horribleness lives in my head like a gremlin. Once, at a music party, a fellow musician was smoking a pipe. He was new, and had a pouch of Borkum Riff Whiskey. I tried it, and it was miserable. I told him that that's why he doesn't like smoking a pipe much,he's...
  4. Jaylotw

    Native Brook Trout

    I am indeed! I've got 9 aquariums, ~100 fish. The cichlid in my avatar just died recently, but his kids are doing great.
  5. Jaylotw

    Native Brook Trout

    I think we'd get along.
  6. Jaylotw

    Native Brook Trout

    That's the magic right there!
  7. Jaylotw

    Native Brook Trout

    Don't let them bother you. I don't look like a hardcore guy, my equipment is old and beat, my tackle boxes tangled and disorganized, yet I live, eat and breathe to fish and do quite well. I see dudes in $43,742 worth of Orvis gear get skunked and whine about it, dudes who's only goal is to...
  8. Jaylotw

    Hunting 2021

    I'm much more a fisherman, but I may get after some ducks this fall. I love some wing shooting. The only problem is that it coincides with the steelhead run, and y'know, steelhead. I say this every fall.
  9. Jaylotw

    Native Brook Trout

    Are the most beautiful thing in nature. Elk County, PA. Caught on barbless hooks and released. Him and 17 others. My girlfriend, who holds a PhD in freshwater ecology and has spent countless hours sampling fish, has finally begun to understand my obsession with these fish. It's the places...
  10. Jaylotw

    Do you Love to Smoke Your Pipe?

    Yes, I love it. Well, nearly every smoke I love. I was a heavy cigarette smoker for years, and built up quite a nicotine addiction and tolerance, so I do occasionally find myself puffing some DFK shag like a freight train, just for the nicotine I still crave-those smokes, I don't love. I just...
  11. Jaylotw

    On Hold with the IRS

    One of the musical instrument distributors I used to have to call played Jerry Seinfeld standup for their hold music, it was nice. The other played Yngwie Malmsteen. That was awful. I knew a kid when I was young, who's dad, I swear this is true, had whole albums of hold music. It's what he...
  12. Jaylotw

    Open Tins Question

    It's fine, smoke it. If it's too dry just breathe through the unlit tobacco in a loaded pipe, then decide if you wanna rehydrate.
  13. Jaylotw

    Public Piping; Where Do you Do it?

    I smoke everywhere that isn't at work or indoors. I get a lot of smiles and grins when at red lights,a lot of "my grandpa smoked a pipe..." And once in a blue moon someone will ask what blend Im smoking. I used to be self conscious about it. I didn't want to look like a hipster douche. Now I...
  14. Jaylotw

    How Many Blends Do You Have Open at One Time?

    Unless it's something I'm buying a tin of to specifically to cellar away (like OGS, and Chelsea Morning to name two) I want that blend available for me whenever I feel like it. So I jar it up. I've got plenty of room for jars. Stonehenge is a good example, I've got several unopened tins in...
  15. Jaylotw

    How Many Blends Do You Have Open at One Time?

    I open and jar all new to me blends, and so I have 50 or so jars to choose from that I dip into when the mood strikes. Some get smoked more often than others. I also cellar mostly bulk, so I don't have many tins in stock. Tinned stuff almost always gets jarred up immediately in my house...
  16. Jaylotw


    Now there's a Ween fan. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, @WNCLEE28466 try Abingdon or Quiet Nights!
  17. Jaylotw

    RIP Norm Macdonald

    His moth joke might just be the greatest joke ever told on television. RIP
  18. Jaylotw

    And Now For Somethin Just Slightly Different

    Yeah I like that, a lot actually. I'm not into those green Petersons, but this is something different entirely. Unique.
  19. Jaylotw

    Do You Like the Taste of a Really Good Cigar?

    I like a cigar. I like a pipe. Smoking tastes nice. I like perdomo cigars, haven't had a bad one yet. Only had the Connecticut wrappers, though, across three or four blends. And those Hemmigway Best Sellers, whoever makes those and whatever they're made of, I like them. I've had plenty...
  20. Jaylotw

    MacBaren HH Rustica

    I think it tastes like an IPA hangover. One of the few blends I smoked and said...meh... If anyone missed this and wants to trade for ~2oz, hit me up.