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  1. tzinc

    Best Smelling Tobacco

    My wife doesn't like the smell of pipe tobacco I smoke English/Balkan/Oriental blends. Once in a while when it rains or snows I want to smoke on the porch what tobacco smells good to non-tobacco people? I don't care about the taste in smoking I will smoke it in my old cob.
  2. tzinc

    Can I Use the Savinelli Filters in Other Pipes?

    The Savinelli balsa wood filters are very malleable they pretty much fit my other non-filter pipes pretty well with a little squeezing is there any reason not to use these filters in other non-filter pipes?
  3. tzinc

    English/Balkan/Oriental Flake etc?

    All my favorite English, Balkan, and Oriental blends (Black House, Presbyterian etc) are in in ribbon form are there any English, Balkan, Oriental blends that are worth smoking in the other cuts? Such as flake, cake, coin, plug, ready rubbed etc.
  4. tzinc

    Do You Smoke Outside Your Home/Yard?

    Do you smoke outside your home/yard?
  5. tzinc

    How do Others View your Pipe Smoking?

    Capitalized important words. Please see Rule 9. How do others view your pipe smoking? -Family and friends... -Stangers... Etc...
  6. tzinc

    What is Your Holy Grail Pipe?

    Mine would be an unsmoked Dunhill Canadian.
  7. tzinc

    Pick One Pipe & One Blend as Your Best of the Best

    I will go with my 1963/64 Dunhill Prince and some Black House.
  8. tzinc

    Since it Doesn't Look Like I Will Ever Get to Try Penzance

    Since it doesn't look like I will ever get to try Penzance can you recommend something that might be similar and is available? How does Penzance break down? Is it Latakia heavy? Is it more of an English or Oriental etc?
  9. tzinc

    Tingling on My Tongue?

    Lately when I smoke after several puffs I get a tingley sensation on my tongue. It's not really tongue bite nor does it come from extreme heat any ideas?
  10. tzinc

    What is a Danish Blend

    I have come across Scottish, English, Oriental and Balkan blends and I think I have a grip on what they are more or less -but what is a Danish blend? And what are somr examples of Danish blends.
  11. tzinc

    Looking for a Cheap but High Quality Pipe

    Looking for a cheap but high quality pipe - any recommendations?
  12. tzinc

    Tobaccos Similar To Black House and Presbyterian

    Would love some recommendations what Tobaccos are Similar To Black House and Presbyterian thanks!
  13. tzinc

    Want to Try a Scottish Blend...

    I have been smoking English, Oriental and Balkan blends for the most part. I would love a recommendation for a Scottish Blend to try it seems that Scottish Blends contain Cavendish and the others do not is that correct?
  14. tzinc

    What is the Difference Between Rusticated and Sandblast

    Not sure what the difference is between rusticated and sanblast?
  15. tzinc

    Packing a Pipe...

    So I checked out the different approaches to packing. 3 pinch made sense but when I pack the pipe too tight for the 3rd pinch it seems hard to light and stay lit. I find if I loosen the tobacco in the pipe it seems to burn better. Are there any downsides to have the tobacco packed loosely?
  16. tzinc

    Is There a Difference Between Using 70% and 99% Alcohol to Clean Briar Pipes?

    I have bottles of 70% and 99% isopropyl alcohol can I use either to clean? I would prefer not to use drinking alcohols.
  17. tzinc

    Anyone in Toronto Ontario?

    Any clubs in Toronto Ontario. I live in the downtown area. Thanks!
  18. tzinc

    What Would be the Most Important Factor in Getting a Dunhill?

    I am completing my rotation have room for 1 more. Thinking of getting a Dunhill. What would be the most important factor for you: -Your BIrthdate Pipe -A particular general time (say before 1980 or the 60s etc) -Unsmoked -A particular shape and/or finish
  19. tzinc

    If There Were No Nicotine in Pipe Tobacco...

    Edit: Rule Nine. Capitalization of important words. (Also changed tense of verb.) If there was no nicotine in pipe tobacco would you still smoke. Or would you smoke less? What about other people would there be a decline in pipe smoking.
  20. tzinc

    Deeming Day?

    I just got into pipe smoking can someone explain to me what deeming day is and what is going to happen. Thanks.