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  1. mp31guitar

    Peterson Pipes

    I was looking to get a Peterson Donegal Rocky 314 but the new way they are rusticating these pipes is awful. Just my opinion, remember everybody has one.
  2. mp31guitar

    Stanwell 2010 POTY

    I was looking for the email to Stanwell because I wanted to see if they would bring back the 2010 POTY shape. After a little research I found Stanwell is owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group so I emailed them. Also, thanks Russ for your reply. Here is the email I received Dear Mr Poter Thank you...
  3. mp31guitar

    Email For Stanwell

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with the Stanwell company? The pipetorium email doesn't work.
  4. mp31guitar

    Savinelli Bings Favorite

    I straightened the stem on my Bings Favorite. I took a hair dryer and heated up the stem enough to straighten it then held it there while I dipped the stem in cold water. I bought this pipe from smokingpipes a few weeks ago and haven't gotten around to smoke it yet. Lately I've been enjoying my...
  5. mp31guitar

    Does Anyone Know Why Smokingpipes Quit Selling Stanwells

    I do all my tobacco related shopping with Smokingpipes and was just wandering. I remember when they stopped, just don't know why. I'm a big fan of Stanwells. I've also been out of touch with the forum and pipe news in general.
  6. mp31guitar

    My Smoking Spot

    Cause we all love to see pictures of pipes.
  7. mp31guitar

    What Does Stanwell Registration Era Mean?

    I'm asking because I recently bought a Stanwell Old Briar Registry Era billiard marked h68. I was just curious how old it might be. Thanks for any help.
  8. mp31guitar

    Where Can I Find Meerschaum Falcon Bowls?

    I'm asking because every time I go to the they're always sold out.
  9. mp31guitar

    Going To No Tobacco Class At Work

    A few of us who use tobacco are required to take no smoking classes to quit before our insurance increases 25 percent. I can give up the cigs but I like to dip Skoal straight while I work. I'm a contractor and most of our work is outside. I dip all day and I hide it where no one can see it and...
  10. mp31guitar

    Can't Find The Box Pass Thread

    I've tried searching for it. Can someone please help? Thanks
  11. mp31guitar

    My Collection Has Grown A Little (Pic Heavy)

    It's been a while since I posted a picture of my collection.
  12. mp31guitar

    Can Anyone Explain The Spigot To Me

    I'm looking at a couple of Pete's but can't decide on a System Standard or the same pipe with a spigot. I've never owned a spigot.
  13. mp31guitar

    Looking For That Perfect Vanilla Flavor

    A week or so ago, a member posted about looking for more vanilla flavor. I mainly smoke Altadis Blue Note and love it. But, sometimes I want more flavor too. So, I went on a vanilla shopping spree. I went to smokingpipes and Iwan Ries. Here's what I got. Maybe y'all can give me some feedback on...
  14. mp31guitar

    FedEx No Longer Ships Tobacco Products

    I was just checking out an order at Iwan Ries and noticed in the shipping that it said FedEx no longer ships tobacco products. It may be old news to you guys but I just found out. It's just gonna get harder and harder to get tobacco. Meanwhile, you can smoke all the other stuff you want to...
  15. mp31guitar

    A Dream Coming True

    I found out yesterday that about the middle of January I'll be working in Meredosia IL for thirty days. We'll be working 5 days a week with the weekends off. While talking about it we decided we'd ride up to Chicago one weekend and I'll get to visit Iwan Ries a place I've dreamed of visiting. I...
  16. mp31guitar

    How Discerning Are You About Choosing A Pipe?

    I'm the type of pipe smoker that can look for days and weeks online to find a pipe that I like. I have even gone into a B&M and spent all day deciding on a pipe to buy. You can even put 10 pipes of the same make in front of me and only one will look better than the rest to me. So, how many of...
  17. mp31guitar

    Devil Anse By Eric Paulson Arrived

    I got it in the mail yesterday and just fired it up. I highly recommend an Eric Paulson Devil Anse if you are looking for one. The price isn't bad and the draft hole is right at the bottom of the bowl. I love this pipe.
  18. mp31guitar

    Eric Paulson Pipes

    I just orders a Devil Anse pipe from Eric. I just happed upon his site and was looking at what he has. When I saw the Devil Anse I had to have it. The price wasn't bad either. Do any of you guys own any of his pipes? If so, how do you like them?
  19. mp31guitar

    Tired Of The BS

    No, this isn't an "I'm leaving post". I just wanted to rant a little bit about how stupid people are. Kids are getting suspended from school for using their hands as pretend guns and I just read where a kindergarten in Michigan is banning the game tag and all running related games. When does it...
  20. mp31guitar

    Dr. Grabow Is Bringing Back The Adjustomatic

    I just got a letter in the mail from International Pipes & Accessories (makers of Dr. Grabow pipes). I ordered a pipe directly from them about a year ago and I'm on their mailing list. It says, thanks for buying our products through our mail order service. When you buy directly from us you save...