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  1. cjgoh

    My New "Claw" Meer from Altinok

    Hello Pipers, Just got my "Claw" meer from Altinok. Check out the YouTube link and let me know what you see. I don't wanna comment, but all I think I'll say is: I was the Eager Beaver, I took a chance, and Sinan Altinok is a Businessman.
  2. cjgoh

    Making a Meerschaum Online Purchase via Western Union Money Transfer

    Hi Pipers, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on whether buying a Meerschaum online by way of money transfer Western Union? Like, is it safe? Is it reliable? The pros and cons, etc. Much appreciate any input on this.
  3. cjgoh

    Has Anyone Purchased from Altinok Meerschaums?

    Well, after having made a 'come back' on pipe smoking & threw away my cigarettes, I've gradually warmed up to smoking Meers for all the good that has been said about them. So, I went and purchased one from Altinok on the 8th of February, 2013. I was informed that the pipe will have to be carved...
  4. cjgoh

    A Pipe Come Back (a newbie but not quite)

    Hello everyone! I'm CJ all the way from Singapore. Thought I join Pipesmagazine after reading one or two informative articles, and also, there aren't any dedicated Pipe or Pipe Smoking Forums where I'm at.