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  1. agnosticpipe

    Old Peterson With Some History and um... an Unusual Finish

    Ok Peterson fans, time to get pissed at my click bait title. Although it is true, there is some history behind this pipe, but I'm not sure what it is. I can't seem to resist buying these type of pipes, so bear with me. This Pete seems to be a rather old pipe from the Dublin&London series. It's...
  2. agnosticpipe

    Bong Like Pipe for Tobacco?

    Saw this little gem on eBay the other day. I've never seen anything like it for tobacco smokers. Dual purpose? cray
  3. agnosticpipe

    Hey, Wake Up! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Break out the Black Frigate and fire some up ya scurvy bunch! Don't make the Captain of the Black Frigate come over and set ye straight!
  4. agnosticpipe

    A Tale of Three Boles

    When I first started on this forum years ago, I was all about old low grade pipes. Over the years I eventually started going for more high grade pipes. High grade British pipes, high grade Italian pipes and US pipes, etc. I found that I didn't enjoy smoking some of them because of the styling...
  5. agnosticpipe

    Neat Little Mystery Pipe with a Strange Button

    So I picked up this no name little apple shape pipe because it looked interesting and it was cheap. It wasn't until I got the pipe that I realized it had a button on the stem that I'd never seen before. The pipe had absolutely no stampings on it anywhere, but the stem has a little yellow square...
  6. agnosticpipe

    F.S.- Some Sorta Nice Pipes: Castello, Thorpe, Sasieni, Brebbia 5/23/21

    My wife fell and broke her back and a couple of ribs about a month ago, so I'm going to have to sell some pipes to cover some of the bills coming in. These pipes are all in smokable shape and reasonably clean, but you should plan on cleaning them to your on specifications. All prices include...
  7. agnosticpipe

    Interesting Old Pipe, Ever Heard of It?

    Bought this a few weeks ago because it looked interesting. Looks to be rather old, and maybe unsmoked? Footed cutty shape with a largish metal tube/stinger that is secured with a pin that goes through the tube and stem. The shank has a small crack in it and has been sort of repaired with a fancy...
  8. agnosticpipe

    A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

    I recently came across this pipe, which is probably a basket pipe, but was taken by the stamping. The first "good" pipe I got was in1983 and came from a small tobacco shop in Long Beach CA, called Hiland's Tobacco Locker. It was a fun place and I got most of my early pipe education from them...
  9. agnosticpipe

    Ooo, Nice Ferrari!

    Yeah, I know it's not what you were expecting. But if you know me, you probably figured I would never own a Ferrari anyway. Up until now that is!! Came across this little number on eBay, and figured I'd never get a chance at a Ferrari for $13, so I scooped it up. Looks to be a half decent pipe...
  10. agnosticpipe

    A Gothic Medico Pipe Restored.

    This is the second Medico pipe that I've found that is interesting. I posted few months ago about a Medico Crest Artisan pipe I found interesting and rather non-Medico like, but recently I came up with this little gem. Just says Medico, Real Briar, and has an F on the stem which I figure stands...
  11. agnosticpipe

    Nice Birthday Today, In Spite Of Nasty Old World We're Living In

    Life in general has been rather crappy this year. But once in a while there is a bright spot that makes us feel better. Today was one for me. It is my birthday today (74) and thanks to a generous forum member I was able to acquire this nice set of Peterson Mark Twain pipes at a very, very fair...
  12. agnosticpipe

    Question For Older Smokers Here. Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

    My wife and I have been on Medicare for many years, but we've been thinking about switching to Medicare Advantage to gain coverage for Dental, Vision, Hearing, etc. But our primary doctor warned that we might run into the problem of finding doctors close by that will accept the Advantage...
  13. agnosticpipe

    What Ya Got Going for Halloween?

    Just getting a few things lined up for tonight for sitting on the porch around the fire pit.
  14. agnosticpipe

    Sasieni Four Dot Restoration, and a Question

    I won this auction for an old Sasieni Four Dot Natural "Victoria" on eBay for $28 mainly because it was in poor condition I guess. I like a challenge from time to time and this looked to be one. I've included some before and after pics. However, I have a couple of questions about this pipe. I...
  15. agnosticpipe

    Dicey Looking Tilshead Pipe, and I Wasn't Even Drunk When I Bought It!

    I have one other Tilshead pipe that is rather small for one of these pipes, but a wonderful smoker. When I saw this I had a hard time understanding how it could come from the boys at Upshall pipes. It has a LOT of flaws, and also has a replacement stem, that was very poorly done. Well I always...
  16. agnosticpipe

    Fire Up Your Pipes With Some Black Frigate ya Scurvy Dogs!

    I can't believe no one has made comment about it being "Talk Like a Pirate Day" today! Seriously guys, you're slipping. So break out the rum and load up some Black Frigate or something equally Pirate like and start swearing! Times-a-wastin!
  17. agnosticpipe

    Crazy Looking Medico! What's the Story?

    I picked this up from eBay, mainly because it was cheap and I'd never seen one before. I always considered Medico pipes to be what we used to call "drug store pipes". Usually something to be avoided as a rule. This is the first one I've ever owned, and this is really an odd one for me. I can't...
  18. agnosticpipe

    Interesting Pipe Rack, But Who Made It?

    One of my granddaughters husband found this pipe rack at a yard sale in N. CA a few months ago and he just sent it to me a few days ago. Looks like solid oak and just needed a little clean up, and while doing so I noticed a stamping on the lower back. I see a crown, Made In England, and...
  19. agnosticpipe

    Ashton Wanna-Be

    Yeah it looks a little like an Ashton pipe, and for all I know might be just as good! Oh wait, it's made in France, so probably not even close. Stamped Wessex, Hand Made, France with Hand Cut on the cumberland stem. I guess that Wessex pipes have been made by a few pipe makers over the years...
  20. agnosticpipe

    Oxygen Just As Dangerous As Tobacco!

    Next time someone starts going on about how bad tobacco is for you, I'm going to show them this! nana