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  1. Parsimonious Piper

    Cob Tuesday Origin

    I did a forums search (and Google and Duck Duck Go) and couldn’t find any non-humorous answers. While I expect any number of those here, does anyone really know the origin of cob Tuesday?
  2. Parsimonious Piper

    Pipe by Lee 1-Star Bent Billiard Cleanup

    I collect Pipe by Lee, who graded their briar 1-5 stars. I have one 5-star and lost an auction for a 4-star. Most of the pipes I see and own are 3-stars, with a handful of 2s. I’d begun to wonder whether they actually made any 1s or if they’d all simply been burned out and tossed…until I found...
  3. Parsimonious Piper

    Black Finish?

    Got an estate with the finish sanded off. I think it used to have a black gloss/enamel type finish. Can anyone recommend a shop that can redo that type of finish?
  4. Parsimonious Piper

    Pipe by Lee Bent Billiard Cleanup

    Picked up a nice little Pipe by Lee bent billiard in decent condition. Here are the pre pics: Medium oxidation on the stem and a few dings in the bowl. Some light chatter. Rim had some caking but no char. Pretty badly roughed up around the edge. Reamed the bowl and gave it a salt and...
  5. Parsimonious Piper

    Sir Toms In Hendersonville, NC

    If you’re ever within a reasonable drive of Hendersonville, drop in to Sir Toms Tobacco Emporium. Small but nice selection of pipes, and one cabinet of tobaccos at reasonable prices. Snagged a tin of Balkan Sobranie, and they had a good selection of Rattray’s. Not a road trip destination like...
  6. Parsimonious Piper

    Go-to Blend For Curing Tongue Bite?

    Anyone else have a blend they turn to when the tongue starts to get sore? I’ve recently found that following a bitey bowl with a pipeful of C&D Byzantium—no VA or Burley, just Latakia, Orientals, and Perique—is soothing to the mouth. Seems to smoke cool and dry every time.
  7. Parsimonious Piper

    “Pipe by Lee” 3-Star (5-pt) Dublin-ish Cleanup

    Looked for a Lee Dublin a long time before being gifted one by a forum member. Then last week I picked up this banged up Dublin—not quite a billiard, but not as much forward cant as I expect of a Dubli—for $14 incl. s/h. The rim was charred and chipped pretty badly, stem fully oxidized…it even...
  8. Parsimonious Piper

    “Pipe by Lee” 2-star Billiard And Bent Billiard Cleanup

    Finally got around to cleaning a couple more estates I bought. The first is a small billiard I paid <$10 for. The before pics show why. The pipe was quite black with grime, and the stem a lovely oxidation gray. This was obviously a well (ab)used pipe—the stamped stars are almost completely worn...
  9. Parsimonious Piper

    More Forum Generosity

    I need to give a shoutout to @trubka2. A while back I posted in the repair section about a Briarlee pot I’d cleaned. He commented that he had a Briarlee Dublin he’d send if I were interested. Turns out it‘s actually a Pipe by Lee—the main brand I collect, to which Briarlee was a second. The...
  10. Parsimonious Piper

    Pipe Bends Defined?

    So an Oom Paul is a full bend, and a Prince is 1/8. Is there anything approaching concensus re the definition of 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4? Pics to visually show them? I keep a spreadsheet of my collection, and have a column for stem shape and my OCD is kicking in. Just got this pipe and don’t know how...
  11. Parsimonious Piper

    Briarlee Rusticated Stubby Pot Cleanup

    I collect Pipe by Lee pipes for my regular rotation, but one of their seconds lines—Briarlee—had a line of compact pipes called Strollers, perfect for, well, strolling. I picked up this short pot, a nose warmer 4” in length, with thick walls surrounding a substantial chamber roughly 3/4” in...
  12. Parsimonious Piper

    Raleigh Triangle Area Pipe Smokers March Meetup

    Sunday, March 8 2-5pm Apex Cigar Lounge 1510 N. Salem St. Apex, NC 27502 Drop in and share a bowl or three.
  13. Parsimonious Piper

    “Pipe by Lee” Bent Apple Cleanup

    Got this one in rough condition. Stem badly oxidized, bowl in desperate need of reaming, etc. A long OxyClean soak and much sanding/micro mesh, reaming and rim scrubbing later…
  14. Parsimonious Piper

    Raleigh Triangle Area Pipe Smokers February Meetup

    Sunday, Feb. 8 2-5pm Apex Cigar Lounge 1510 N. Salem St. Apex, NC 27502 Love to see you there.
  15. Parsimonious Piper

    “Pipe by Lee” 2-Star Straight Bulldog Light Cleanup

    Gotta love it when an estate arrives looking better than expected. Light chatter on the stem greatly reduced with just a little heat and micro mesh. No oxidation, so the gunk covering the stars just buffed off. Had to scrub the rim for a while, but the rest of the bowl was in good condition.
  16. Parsimonious Piper

    Gold Coast Billiard Cleanup

    I’ve been building a collection of Pipe by Lee pipes for a while, and came across this Gold Coast—a PbL second maker—on eBay. I’ve never seen one at a show or store, so I snagged it. Other than a dirty stinger and a bit of surface grime the only real question was the rim. I managed to get it...
  17. Parsimonious Piper

    Straightening A Threaded Stem

    I’ve got a billiard with a crooked stem…threaded metal tenon w/stinger. How do you straighten that?
  18. Parsimonious Piper

    “Pipe by Lee” 3-star Lovat Cleanup

    Picked up a Lovat in pretty rough condition. Rim caked over. Let some Murphy’s Oil Soap soak in and scrubbed it off with cotton pads, only to discover the rim was charred underneath. Had to sand it down. Got most of it off, but stopped short because I was running through the stain and wanted to...
  19. Parsimonious Piper

    “Pipe by Lee” 2-star Bent Carved Bulldog Cleanup

    Another Pipe by Lee, this time a 2-star. The bowl and rim were grimy, but otherwise ok. Murphy’s Oil Soap, a toothbrush, and some cotton pads did the trick. The stem was lightly oxidized, but a Magic Eraser didn’t get it all, so I soaked it in OxyClean before hitting it with 600 grit wet...
  20. Parsimonious Piper

    “Pipe by Lee” Bulldog Cleanup

    Picked up a Pipe by Lee bulldog in pretty good condition. The rustication and rim needed a little cleaning with Murphy’s Oil Soap. Otherwise the stummel was in good condition. Some light chatter on the stem that came out well enough with a light Bic treatment. As seen in the previous pic and...