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    Conclave Of Richmond Pipe Smokers and Sutliff Tobacco Pipe Smokers' Gathering

    October 1-2 2021, in Richmond, VA - the 33rd annual CORPS Pipe Smokers' Gathering at Sutliff Tobacco! Info is on our web site: and our FB page: Yes, tables are still available! The first day - Friday - is social day - factory...
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    Chance Whittamore - Great Estate Pipes on eBay

    FYI: I received a (return)call from Chance Whittamore, master pipe restorer, and eBay seller Great Estate Pipes. If y'all have been looking on his eBay page for new pipes for auction/sale, well, he had a home disaster, unfortunately. But he and his family are ok! His house flooded -...
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    Savinelli quest

    for some time, I've admired a few Savinelli pipes on, particularly the Punto Oro models, and just wondered what y'all's experience with these pipes is. Yes, I know the Savinelli history, and really like the classic shapes - well, a few of them (I'm an old fuddy-duddy about pipe...
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    Comoy 80 pipe

    I lusted after a pipe that Great Estates Pipes (on eBay) recently had at auction - a Comoy Royal Comoy shape 80 - a straight regular bulldog with taper stem - which was somewhat longer and larger than the typical 80 and a superbly appealing pipe. (I would like to insert a picture, but haven't...
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    I don't want to seem like i'm bragging here, but I'm just happy as can be. I've saved, sold, traded, scrimped and saved more and finally come up with the means to get a new Dunhill Root Briar in my favourite shape - wanted an ODA/6117 but hey, I'm not rich, so a gp 5 - a 5117 straight...
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    The Conclave Of Richmond Pipe Smokers (CORPS) is hosting a PIPE SMOKERS' GATHERING, Saturday, 29 September 2018! in Chesterfield, VA (Richmond, VA area). It will be a smaller, more subtle pipe show than our past 30 (yea, we hosted the Expo for 30 years!). Admission $5. Tables $35.00! Yes...
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    Dunhill Oil Curing Again?

    I bought myself (hey, it was Christmas) a new (made in 2016) gp4 Shell bamboo 5103. Because of things beyond my control, I've just fired it up tonight. Darn nice pipe! Now, I know that Dunhill stopped oil curing - what, about 1969 or so, but being one of the fortunate (thank you God) that has...
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    End of Dunhill Tobaccos

    Does anyone have any idea of when the last will be produced/available in the US? What a damn shame that BAT would think of killing off a world-wide seller, for generations of pipe smokers. They have enough revenue to have a small section that doesn't make extreme profits quickly.
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    Chance Whittamore - Great Estate Pipes help

    Has anyone heard from Chance Whittmore lately? He has no pipes on ebay - hasn't for a few weeks. Before this happened, I sent a few pipes to him for him to sell for me - and have heard nothing. 'Hoping someone knows.....
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    Join us for a fun pipe-smokers' night on Tuesday, 21 May, at Extra Billy's BBQ 6:00pm - on the patio - for a great pipe smoking time! We meet monthly (usually the 3rd Tuesday, but check our web site and Facebook page - Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers) for info. Extra...