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  1. numbersix

    Greetings from NumberSix

    Hi everyone, I wanted to check in, say hello (and I confess, offer a pipe for sale!). :-) A lot has changed in my life, divorce, bought a new house, new car, and have a new girlfriend ;-) Starting over. Kinda from scratch. As you can imagine, life's been very busy, but things are good in my...
  2. numbersix

    Number Six Checking In

    Hey everyone - been wanting to say hi - been some time since I checked in. I hope everyone is well - I really haven't had time to visit the forums much so I'm really behind the times. Lots going on in my life lately. Got a new job last year that has kept me very busy - but it's a great job so...
  3. numbersix

    Have to share this...

    Flying in my backyard. We were jus trelaxing on the deck when I thought I saw a bald eagle off to the side but it disappeared so quickly that I figured it was the osprey we've had hanging around. Then this giant flew right in front of us! Fortunately we had the camera with us (sorry it's a bit...
  4. numbersix

    Backyard Wildlife - all in one pic!

    Hey guys - sorry I've been absent for a while. A new job keeps me plenty busy - add a wife and two *almost teenage* daughters, and I just don't have much in the way of free time lately. I do try to keep up though when I can. Anyway, I thought I'd share a photo I took this morning - a family of...
  5. numbersix

    Checking in...

    I've been absent for a while and I thought I'd give a brief update. My life has had some challenges lately and I've started a new job - all of which have kept me too busy to really participate. The new job is great I must say. More money, which helps a lot. Some of the challenges unfortunately...
  6. numbersix

    A Great Halloween Costume!

  7. numbersix

    Was Copernicus Wrong? Is Our Solar System the Center of the Universe?

    This is so cool that I had to share it here - many thanks to Brian64 for bringing it to my attention. Mind you, this is another "out there" topic, so bear with me. :puffy: I will try to be brief. Basically, scientists have discovered the potentially earth shattering possibility that our very...
  8. numbersix

    Was Reading an Article on Bugsy Siegel When Suddenly...Pipe

    I have a morbid fascination with mobsters, so when I saw this story on Bugsy Siegel, I took a look. In one of the photos I noticed a pipe (Canadian) and some Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco. Now who's pipe was it? The District Attorney's...
  9. numbersix

    41st All-Japan Pipe Smoking Championship

    Thought this was an interesting post. Via Reddit: This was held in Asakusa with 227 participants. Each paid ¥16,000 (which I believe equals about $136 dollars). Includes entry, the pipe and the after-party.
  10. numbersix

    Near-Death Experiences

    I thought I'd stir the pot a little and post another "out there" topic, namely NDEs or Near-Death Experiences. :puffy: I had one (though not technically near death) when I was 7 years old. Of course skeptics will tell you these experiences are all "in the head". However, for many experiencers...
  11. numbersix Pipe Blog - Impressed!

    I cannot believe after all this time (and being a fan of too) I have not checked out their blog. Shame on me!
  12. numbersix

    Compliments On My Pipe Smoke

    Just thought I'd share. One was from a UPS delivery man who, while dropping off a package on my front porch, caught a whiff of my pipe and commented "love the smell of that pipe!" And the other was while I was visiting my folks in DE, a GE repairman was leaving while I was enjoying a smoke on...
  13. numbersix

    Piping on Vacation

    Took a trip to Lewes, DE to visit my folks and enjoyed a pipe at the harbor. Very breezy however and tough to get it lit, but light it I did!
  14. numbersix

    30 Quotes from Carl Jung

    I am a fan of Jung and thought some here might like this. Great photo of Jung with his pipe on this page too
  15. numbersix

    Cleaning Day

    Been a while since I've thoroughly cleaned and polished my pipes. Feels good to have 3 racks of clean pipes to choose from!
  16. numbersix

    New to Me: Peterson Pipe of the Year 2006 Smooth

    Peterson Pipe of the Year 2006 Smooth Just rec'd this beauty from for $165. I've seen these go for a lot more and I've coveted one of these for quite some time but held off due to the price. SP rated its condition a 4.9/5 (and fortunately SP's ratings are very accurate). Very...
  17. numbersix

    What is Your lightest Pipe?

    Here's mine, a Peterson Killarney at 32 grams: Peterson Killarney Stamped: Peterson Killarney Natural 120 London, England Made / A Peterson Product Compared to my pipes with a lot of silver (read: spigots), this one feels like a feather!
  18. numbersix

    How Important is a Pipe Maker's History to You?

    Generally speaking I run my life with strict adherance to reason and logic (however flawed that may be). But when it comes to pipes, I am a romantic at heart. I have a thing for pipe manufacturers that have a bit of history to them. It's why I own several Peterson pipes - I guess I like the...
  19. numbersix

    My Kind of Dunhill

    I am not a Dunhill fanatic, but I do appreciate their history and if I had the means, this would be definitely be found in my pipe rack. :puffy:
  20. numbersix

    A Pipe Smoking Reindeer!

    In a previous post of my trip to the antique store, I picked up a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer book printed in the 1940s. And inside was a pipe smoking reindeer - ya gotta love that!