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  1. fhb2532

    First Online Order

    Just got in my first online order. One tub of CH, one tin of OGS (100gr), and One tin of Autumn Evening (50gr). Total time, 11 days, 9 days for my MO to get there by 1st class mail, and 2 days for piority mail my goodies to get here. My e-tailer , Great service from Rich, but...
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  3. fhb2532


    Nanny strikes again! I was just notified that my senior apt. building is going SMOKE FREE. Does anyone have data to refute the secondhand smoke and the ventilation won't help studies that they use. Frank
  4. fhb2532

    In today's mail

    Thank's to Duke who had Daveinlax send me the reamer he won and to Dave who added some baggies,Dunhill EMP,McB Vintage Syrian, PS Proper Eng, Lane Crown Achievement, McC AM Pipe. He also sent a tin of SPS Field Master, a SmokingPipes T-shirt, a cube keychain, and a Brotherhood of Briar Lapel...
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  6. fhb2532

    anyone try this for storage?

    While walking thru the kitchen app. dept. of a local big box store I saw the "Food Saver" Would this work as a way to vaccum store tobacco? any coments?
  7. fhb2532


    I've asked Greg about this anyone else care to comment?
  8. fhb2532

    2nd win

    2 days in a row 2 grabow Vikings
  9. fhb2532

    1st ebay win

    1st ebay win eight grabows with stand
  10. fhb2532

    Dr. Grabow

    What are the differences in grabow pipes? the prices are so close, how do I choose?
  11. fhb2532

    It just ain;t FAIR!

    I just got back from my local B&M here in Michigan, I 9we0 LOSE AGAIN. tHE NEW ANTI-SMOKING LAW IS BAD ENOUGH BUT IT GETSA WORSE, IN ORDER TO SERVE FOOD OR DRINKS AT A CIGAR EVENT the local B^M has to register as a cigar bar, so you can smoke cigars in the store BUT NOT PIPES! So now I guess I...
  12. fhb2532

    Free at last!

    In the "What are you smoking?" thread Cortez says he's retired atlast. How many members are retired, what did you do, how do you like retirement, and what do you do to keep busy? For me I became disabled/retired 8 years ago. After a few years health problems I regained my interest in...
  13. fhb2532

    IT goes on!

    Found this in local news (Fixed Link - Bob)
  14. fhb2532

    Tobaccos Rembered

    Try to remer the house blends or smaller blenders from years gone by, adethey still out there..Cas in point,Uhle's from Milwaukee, WII have fond memories of "Bisops Move". Anybodyelse with smokey memories?
  15. fhb2532


    Thanks to all my new friends this site is great