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  1. condorlover1

    Pipe Stud Needs to Fix His Web Site!

    Anyone else notice the thing is slow and doesn't load?
  2. condorlover1

    Dutch Ovens Anyone?

    This just appeared in a U.K Newspaper. They already make anti-gas underwear and the company is called 'Shreddies' which is probably the worst name ever for a company after 'Nimrod' or 'Turd Guard'. After the recent thread about 'underwear' I thought it was time to look at bedroom emissions...
  3. condorlover1

    Anyone Know Anything about this Pipe 'My Little Friend'

    Anyone know anything about who made this pipe? It is probably early 20th century. Probably was not owned by Tony Montana from the film Scarface. It is made from meerschaum, the case has no makers marks and as you can see is very small but is a pipe as opposed to a cheroot or cigar holder. Any...
  4. condorlover1

    Briarville Has Moved Again!

    This just landed in my in-box so I thought I would post it here just so everyone got the message! Due to our expanded growth and more opportunities to go fishing!, We are moving Labor Day Weekend and will be set up in our new shop in Ellijay, Georgia on September 8th. With our move we will be...
  5. condorlover1

    Limited Edition Pipe Tobacco and Tins

    I have been looking at all these various numbered limited edition 'special' tins of tobacco which I always buy a few of each to try and the rest get recycled for Secret Satan Xmas gifts. With all these crazy deeming regulations I am really surprised someone hasn't thought of bringing out a...
  6. condorlover1

    Cutty Pipe Thread Anyone?

    I have noticed over the last year or so the number of fans posting on here about their meerschaum 'cutty' pipes. Both myself and Dave seem to get an endless stream of questions about the care, maintenance and general queries about allowing one of these pipes into your home. Does anyone want a...
  7. condorlover1

    Cascadia Pipe Co Plug Tobacco - Weezel & Condor Do a 'Top Gear' on Tobacco!!

    I just received the latest Pipes and Cigar bathroom reading magazine. I happened to be rather fond of the Spillman Drive gang having met most of them in real life whilst involved with Standard Tobacco Company of PA. That being said they very rarely come up with something that catches me on my...
  8. condorlover1

    Happy 4th of July People!

    Well its that time of year again. The day you celebrate Independence from Great Britain and your great journey to American exceptionalism and all that good stuff. I wish one and all a safe and happy celebration. On the other hand I will be sulking over the loss of the colonies and reminding...
  9. condorlover1

    Looking to Buy a Calabash 6/20/21

    I am looking to buy a calabash pipe, the type with a white bowl as smoked by Sherlock Holmes. It has to be cheap and cheerful and can be beaten up since it is for my local gardener in Florida who expressed a desire to acquire such a pipe. He is a dedicated cigarette smoker and probably unlikely...
  10. condorlover1

    Kaywoodie Flame Grain - How Old is This Thing?

    Any idea how old this pipe is? I am curious as I received it as a gift. Probably will never smoke it but its the thought that counts. It has the most amazing 'stinger' I have ever seen. Thoughts gentlemen?
  11. condorlover1

    A Heart Warming Christmas Story Updated for 2020!

    With all this gloom and doom a friend sent me this rather amusing take on the traditional Christmas Story. After you have read the first paragraph it becomes so easy to see that in the modern world with all the 'me-too' social media that we as a collective society would probably do the...
  12. condorlover1

    Quick Question for Snuff Takers on The Forum

    I have a container of Navy Sweet Scotch Dry Snuff. Do you sniff this stuff or dip it? Any thoughts? I purchased it to add to some fire proof pipe tobacco and I was curious if I had purchased the wrong thing. This is not invite to talk about snuff but my question is framed in a similar vain to...
  13. condorlover1

    Old Cutter Top Tin of Tobacco You Have Enjoyed!

    Over the years I have thrown up the odd 'cutter top' tin I have shared with a forum member who generously shares with the rest of the community. I know Papipe (John) and myself cracked open a 1912 can of cube cut pipe tobacco the summer before last and smoked it with a few glasses of genuine...
  14. condorlover1

    Back in Lutz Florida!

    A little while ago there was talk amongst a few fellow Florida smokers of getting together. I am back in Lutz so if anyone wants to get together for a bowl and even a beer I am open to saying 'Hi'!
  15. condorlover1

    Swapping Computers & Retrieving Password

    I am buying a new Mac. I have Pipes Magazine saved but I don't remember my password. How do I retrieve it so I can set it up on my new Mac?
  16. condorlover1

    SG Cannon Plug Is No More!

    It seems some 'wing nut' at SG has decided to discontinue manufacturing Cannon Plug. I guess the young ones running the place have decided that we need more flavored twists and less Rose Geranium. I am hoping this is a temporary thing and if anyone knows anything different please chime in...
  17. condorlover1

    War Horse Ready Rub Seems to Be No More!

    Just checking around and it seems P&C no longer carry War Horse Rub Your Own. You can buy the Bar and the Green but it seems the original horse has been taken to the knackers yard. Anyone know when this happened?
  18. condorlover1

    Ludwig Hartmann Meerschaum Pipes

    A forum member posted a really nice Ludwig Hartmann meerschaum pipe set with cigar holder. More importantly the gentlemen also posted two pages of a Ludwig Hartmann catalogue showing off some of the meerschaum pipes he manufactured. I thought it would be interesting to see who else collects...
  19. condorlover1

    A Bit of Meerschaum Color During Lock Down!

    I thought the forum would interested in the progress I have made coloring this meerschaum pipe during our 'Nation Lock Down'. The first picture was taken about ten days ago when I decided to smoke this pipe aggressively since it had been sitting around for years. I reamed the pipe and put in a...
  20. condorlover1

    Home Delivery During The Recent Unpleasantness

    Just a thought. If Hooters did home delivery during this pandemic thing do you think they would be called Knockers?